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  1. Silentchaos Augur

    Yeah, I don't get it. DPSing on a pal is already extremely mana taxing and the returns are very low.
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  2. Axxius Augur

    "Corrected"? Are you going to claim that the hate override on it was an error?
  3. NoRedeem New Member

    Was the duration of Brace For Impact corrected also? No mention of this.
  4. shadowgod Augur

    What about all the mobs you made immune to mez in the heroic Storm of Sorts ? before only naga mobs were immune now every goblin is immune.
  5. NoRedeem New Member

    Reference Post

  6. sojero One hit wonder

    Vito parse was 180 hits per second over 182 seconds
    another was 87 hits per second over 307 seconds, half the graph shows no hits so really bad emotes :( that was the lowest i could find and the 180 was the highest

    don't think you want my 1.3 gb log file.... might have to archive that one

    will do some parse compares for burn vs non burn, ie when its used because its not very accurate to do it out over time vs just the burn time, when it will actually be used.
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  7. mackal Augur

    they overrode the hate to -60k, by them saying corrected I assume the intent was to make it 13450 hate, but instead it lowered your hate. So instead of corrected to 13450 (which is A LOT) they corrected it to 1000. (I'm sure if they had it at 13450 they would of realized how high that was and probably have lowered it, but since it never worked right, no one noticed)
  8. sojero One hit wonder

    ran a couple parses with bst, ranger, zerker, bard

    580 hits in 22 seconds (26 hits / sec)
    864 hits in 21 seconds (41 hits / sec)
    494 hits in 12 seconds (41 hits / sec)
    817 hits in 17 seconds (48 hits / sec)
    717 hits in 15 seconds (47 hits / sec)
    940 hits in 15 seconds (62 hits / sec)
    1110 hits in 17 seconds (65 hits / sec)

    So when a burn is called if people are on their game, 4 toons can put out half the hit amount needed for the cap to wear off in 12 seconds, and that doesn't include rogue and monk that put out many more hits than zerker/bard/bst does.

    We also were doing the tests on a red con dummy in the GH

    Dzarn I made a new log just for these if you want to send me a pm with where to send it.
  9. Xicararn Journeyman

    just did all rivers lead to the sea, no chest cause horrible lag and what not, lessw is sad cause he legit wanted chest loots, rest of yalls suck for not liking zoolander or knoticing said reference in the patch notes!
  10. Hludwolf Developer

    Test server being restarted to fix an issue with mercenaries exploding and taking the zone with them.
  11. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Hey wait! I like the idea of self destructing mercs as long as they don't mess up any zones! That would teach them to do their job better or we could send them in against a mob to sacrifice themselves for their failures! LOL!
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  12. Gumby Augur

    What the hell are you doing?? This AA already drains your mana extremely fast, if you guys increased the cost substantially it will become virtually unusable.

    So freaking stupid.
  13. Stephen51 Augur

    Do we have any numbers on how much mana Disruptive Persecution will now cost?

    The majority of AA nukes out there don't cost anything/much, but they are granted to more DPS focused classes, so I can understand, to a certain degree, why Paladins AA nuke have a mana cost, but come on, our heals are already mana heavy, and we got no increase or AA help with Marrs Gift this expansion.
  14. Riou EQResource

  15. Warpeace Augur

    Guess we are being permanently tied to Wizard mercs?, might as well make them our warders if these kinds of changes are going to continue.
  16. Xicararn Journeyman

    post patch, mages elemental form fire wont work, other 3 forms work as intended but fire just constantly "your ability failed, timer has been reset"
  17. thedragon Elder

    For the Ty'Vyl's request:

    If I'm looking at just melee hits on an 84s Vitio fight, we had 16,000 hits, or 190 hits per second. So Ty'Vyl's resolve would drop within roughly 8 seconds.

    Not ideal.

    In fact most melee had ~78s engaged, which would make it ~205 hits per second.
  18. Hludwolf Developer

    Server being restarted. Expected downtime 60 minutes. Need an additional 30-45 minutes or so.
  19. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    its an unlisted change (unless i missed it in there somewhere), but could someone check to see if this fix made it onto test, after it comes back up?

    Its regarding the addition of the zone name to collectibles from Dead Hills and Bixie Warfront, more details here: https://dgcissuetracker.com/browse/EQ-330
  20. BoingyBoing Journeyman

    Regarding the hits per second a raid does on a burn.

    Just checked my guilds parse of Praetor Vitio.

    It was a fairly messy burn but I have us at 10812 hits over 60s

    Logs available if you need them dzarn, just PM me.

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