Test Update 10/15/15

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  1. Hludwolf Developer

    October 15, 2015

    *** Highlights ***

    - Passive AA abilities that can be toggled off can now be toggled back on by pressing the same hotkey.

    *** Items ***

    - Look for the new Legend of the Storm Break card in the Marketplace, featuring prized items from Storm Break, Travelers, Vengeful Gods, and Doom of the Ancient Ones!

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Burden of the Past - The 'attendees' encountered in this Degmar mission are once again susceptible to mesmerization.

    *** Spells ***

    - Levitate, Levitation, Perfected Levitation and Group Perfected Levitation now share a stacking group with ranks sorted by duration. The highest ranked spell will now overwrite lower ranked spells.
    - Berserker - Corrected the 2hp modifiers on Reflected Bloodlust, Reflected Brutality, and Reflected Savagery to match 2hb and 2hs values.
    - Berserker - Increased the damage modifiers for all weapons affected by Reflected Cruelty.

    *** NPC ***

    - Alerynril the Loyal in the Plane of Knowledge will no longer proudly display brown garbage bags on her hands. The derelicte look is so not hot right now.
    - Cats are now more domesticated and will meow, hiss, and purr. They will no longer roar like a lion.

    *** AA ***

    - Passive AA abilities that can be toggled off can now be toggled back on by pressing the same hotkey. This improves upon the previous implementation that required you to open the AA window and repurchase the ability to activate it. This change applies to Spell Casting Subtlety, Bold Attacks, Sneering Grin, Combat Subtlety, and Subtle Blows.
    - Corrected an issue with a number of bard ability spells that were not behaving as intended. A notable example of the fix is that 'Selo's Kick' will once again be usable while under the effects of 'Frenzied Kicks'.
    - Restored the missing rank 2 of the shaman AA ability 'Shrink' and made rank 2 available to beastlords.
    - The buffs offered by the ranks of Gift of Mana have been renamed to list only the highest level spell that they will function on.
    - Bard - Increased the accuracy component of Ranks 22-24 of Dance of Blades.
    - Beastlord - Corrected an issue with all ranks of Taste of Blood that prevented Blood Frenzy from improving your warder's chance to flurry.
    - Beastlord - Correct issues with all ranks of Bestial Bloodrage that prevented the flurry chance, hatred reduction and accuracy components from functioning.
    - Cleric - Ranks 1-6 of Improved Beacon of Life are now ranks 4-9 of Beacon of Life.
    - Cleric - Ranks 1-19 of Improved Burst of Life are now ranks 2-20 of Burst of Life.
    - Cleric - Corrected the amount of hate given by Quiet Miracle and Veturika's Perseverance.
    - Cleric - Significantly increased the potential bonus damage of Turn Undead ranks 11 and up. Ranks 11-15 of Turn Undead now have a chance to trigger Infusion of Light III, ranks 16-18 now have a chance to trigger Infusion of Light IV.
    - Cleric - Renamed Bestow Divine Aura to Bestow Divine Aura Azia and Cascading Divine Aura to Bestow Divine Aura Beza in order to simplify the categorization of the abilities.
    - Cleric - Adjusted ranks 10-12 of Ward of Purity so that these abilities provide an improvement over rank 9.
    - Druid - All forms of Flight of Eagles and Spirit of Eagle now offer up to a 70% run speed increase.
    - Druid - Hastened Storm Strike has been renamed Hastened Storms and will now reduce the reuse time of both Storm Strike and Fire Storm.
    - Druid - Third Spire of Nature will now include a previously removed damage shield component.
    - Druid - Extended Spirit of the Bear will now correctly function on rank 2 of Spirit of the Bear.
    - Druid - Fixation of Ro has been changed to Rank 1 of Blessing of Ro, ranks 1-5 of Blessing of Ro are now ranks 2-6. The combined Blessing of Ro ability will now cast both Blessing of Ro and Fixation of Ro spells in a single button press. Blessing of Ro II-V and Vortex of Ro will no longer block attack debuffs that stack in the same line as Fixation of Ro.
    - Enchanter - Modified the re-use timer for 'Beguiler's Banishment' and 'Beguiler's Directed Banishment' to be 8 seconds.
    - Enchanter - Corrected a bug with ranks 1-3 of Rune of Banishment that caused it to absorb more damage than was intended.
    - Magician - Corrected a bug with ranks 9-11 of Shared Health that caused it to heal the pet less than it should have.
    - Necromancer - All forms of Dead Man Floating and Dead Men Floating will no longer conflict with other lines of levitation such as Group Perfected Levitation or Flight of Eagles.
    - Necromancer - Cascading Decay is now properly limited to trigger on damage over time spells rather than all detrimental spells with a duration.
    - Paladin - Divine Call will now increase your target's hatred for you even if the pull portion of the ability fails to land.
    - Paladin - Corrected the amount of hate given by Marr's Gift.
    - Paladin - Adjusted the way that Disruptive Persecution generates aggro, total hate per cast is unchanged.
    - Paladin - Increased the mana cost for all ranks of Disruptive Persecution to better coincide with the damage dealt by the ability.
    - Shadowknight - Hate's Attraction will now increase your target's hatred for you even if the fling portion of the ability fails to land.
    - Shadowknight - Quickened Scourge Skin will now correctly function on rank 3 of Scourge Skin.
    - Shadowknight - Veil of Darkness has had its description improved to better reflect its functionality. Additionally, the accuracy component of this ability has been adjusted to better coexist with other spells such as Somnolence.
    - Shadowknight - Removed the hate override value on ranks 11-25 of Harm Touch. NPCs will now find this attack significantly more infuriating than before.
    - Shadowknight - Corrected an oversight with ranks 9-25 of Harm Touch that prevented the damage over time portion of the ability from functioning on NPCs on progression servers after Gates of Discord has opened.
    - Shadowknight - The duration of the debuff cast by T`Vyl's Resolve has been extended from 12 to 60 seconds but will now fade after 1500 melee attacks have landed on the target.
    - Shadowknight - Removed the melee damage reduction component of Visage of Decay and changed both Visage of Decay and Visage of Death to not stack. Only one visage buff may be active at a time.
    - Shaman - Lowered the maximum level of spell that ranks 6-10 of Dampen Resistance will focus and created two new ranks at level 100 and 105 to properly extend the line. Additionally, all ranks of Dampen Resistance have been substantially improved.
    - Warrior - Corrected two bugs from the previous patch that caused Warlord's Tenacity to not be focused for duration and not count down in buff held zones as intended.
    - Warrior - Changed the hit limit on Impact Guard, the defensive buff triggered by Brace For Impact, to 12 hits up from 3. Note: The inclusion of a hit limit on this ability was erroneously excluded from the previous patch message.
    - Warrior - Corrected the name displayed on hotkeys created for the abilities Imperator's Charge and Imperator's Precision.
    - Warrior - Fixed Quickened Howl of the Warlord to correctly apply its spell haste to all ranks of 'Howl of the Warlord'.
    - Warrior - Fixed ranks 2 and 3 of Merciless Blade to function on 2-handed slashing weapons. Previously it would only function on 2-handed blunt and 2-handed piercing weapons. Updated its description and renamed it to 'Merciless Grip' in order to better reflect its ability to increase the damage of all 2-handed weapon types.
    - Warrior - Corrected a bug with Combatant's Pact that prevented it from having any effect. Updated the description to reflect its actual functionality; it will now increase the amount of health healed by promised heal triggers.
    - Warrior - Updated Hastened Unbroken Attention to also function on the level 102 skill Unflinching Attention.
    - Warrior - Phantom Aggressor will now lower its target's hate for itself in addition to generating additional aggro for its owner.
    - Wizard - Corrected the amount of hate given by Arcane Fusion.
    - Wizard - Adjusted rank 2 of Concussive Intuition so that it no longer has a 30% chance to not return a Concussive hatred reduction buff.

    *** Progression Servers ***

    - Items introduced with the 2003 revamp of Veeshan's Peak will no longer drop on progression servers, until Legacy of Ykesha has unlocked.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - The Brewing Barrel tradeskill stations found Freeport, Crescent Reach, and several other places can no longer be picked up.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - Bags and items will no longer temporarily disappear on the client if you retrieve them from the shared bank and have a lore item conflict with your Parcels.
    - Corrected a bug that would cause your bind point to be reset if you entered an instance that matched the base zone that you were bound in.

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

    I assume this will fix the stacking issues. You guys are my heroes!
    This might cause issues. Damage shields can be bad at times. I don't think this was a good idea.
    A great step toward fixing our "need to cast 5 spells just to debuff" issue. Keep the debuff combinations coming!
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  3. sojero One hit wonder

    1500 hits for T'Vyls seems like a downgrade for raiding SK, that only allows for 125 hits per second to match the old one, and I know guilds put out way way more than 125 hits per second on raids, therefore this ability will last much shorter than before. Please reconsider the hit count. On the other hand good boost to group sk.
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  4. Rcalielie Elder

    Can we get Fierce Eye and IoG to stack again?
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  5. Dzarn Developer

    If a number of guilds could provide a sampling on the number of melee hits per second on a Vitio parse then we would probably be willing to review the hit limit.
    Xeladom, Elricvonclief and sojero like this.
  6. Agrippa Augur

    - Paladin - Increased the mana cost for all ranks of Disruptive Persecution to better coincide with the damage dealt by the ability.

    Quadrupling the mana cost of a paladin's main dps tool seems rather excessive and unwarranted. Does the team feel we were doing too much dps or something? Or just trying to bring back massive amounts of downtime?
  7. FixShamanPlease Elder

    So this will remove previous prizes packs..?
  8. FixShamanPlease Elder

    And Tempest Temple mobs?
  9. sojero One hit wonder

    Question do you want during the burn or overall, because they are vastly different #'s because of discs being used by melee.
  10. Xicararn Journeyman

    upon logging into test i got 2 event popups, Unknown DB String 1014-30, and the other 1015-31....
    also dat zoolander reference in the patch notes /swoon
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  11. Lianeb Augur

    We are by no means optimized for class balance and our last run on Vitio was 157 melee hits per second, averaged for the whole fight
    Based on the new duration that would be 9420 Hits in 60s.

    I am sure these numbers would fluctuate ALOT
    Dzarn likes this.
  12. Lianeb Augur

  13. Prathun Developer

    The files are IN the computer!
    The event popups are for the upcoming Broken Mirror beta that begins soon(tm). The events are set to fire two weeks earlier on Test, so they are showing up now. And because the Database strings are flagged BETA_ONLY, they will not appear correctly on Test or any other non-Beta server. Seems like the events should also be flagged to only display on Beta. Thanks for letting us know!
  14. Naugrin Augur

    By "corrected" do mean it's been increased or decreased?
  15. Kravitz Augur

    Nothing in the patch notes about a fix for certain mobs becoming unmezzable from last months patch:(, well except the Degmar mission fix, but other zones/missions seem to have gotten left out.
  16. mackal Augur

    Getting "This is not an ability that can be activated!" at least on my SHD, haven't tested any of the others. (For more details in case it's only one that isn't working, hitting the button to go from rank 11 to rank 12 after disabiling rank 12)
  17. Dzarn Developer

    Thanks for the report, there appears to be an issue with the timer data on abilities other than the intelligence caster versions of Spell Casting Subtlety that would prevent the hotkey from functioning.
  18. Axxius Augur

    ...and Intensity of the Resolute too! Right now it lowers your dps by overwriting IOG. :(
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  19. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    It means that instead of being a massive decrease it will now be a medium amount of increase.
  20. mackal Augur

    went from -60000 to 1000. (Which is lower than most non-damaging detrimental spells, and lower than the cap from healing aggro)

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