Test Update 10/15/15

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Hludwolf, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. BoingyBoing Journeyman

    Based on the hits per second my guild did on this poor burn that's only 8.2 seconds of uptime of T'vyl's Resolve with a 1500 cap.

    I guess its worth noting that not all of the hits in my raid will be melee hits, but more than 80% are.
  2. BoingyBoing Journeyman

    Nice, thanks.

    I hope you can make it useful in a raid. 30-40s is a good target for the hit cap, means multiple SKs can be used to keep it up.

    Seems an ok change, I hope to god you stop trying to make SKs useful in raids via dps, we are not and never will be a good use of a dps spot in a raid, T'vyls becoming a good raid debuff goes some way to help us but more is needed.

    Thanks for the changes.
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  3. Roamer121 New Member

  4. NoRedeem New Member

    Can anyone confirm Extended Ingenuity is working with Brace For Impact and Impact Guard?

    Dzarn stated it would be corrected and it's not mentioned in the patch notes.
    • Brace For Impact and Impact Guard will resume being focused by Extended Ingenuity in the next patch.

  5. Dokgoki New Member

    You fixed one thing, now test server is currently down..get with the program devs & stop breaking things according to the daybroke way :|
  6. sojero One hit wonder

    its called test for a reason.......
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  7. menown Augur

    Getting upset that the test server is down is funny.
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  8. Hludwolf Developer

  9. Kobrah Augur

    this was posted 4 mins ago ... anything on luclin server constantly crashing past couple days ?? or no one gonna respond to the forum threads ?
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  10. chiin New Member

    "live servers have much better reliability"...unless you play on luclin
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  11. UrDead New Member

    funny you say that because luclin you cant even do anything on right now because its so laggy and denial of accessing zones and or the server goes down and you get rolled back. maybe you guys should try and figure that out
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  12. Kyde New Member

    what URdead says. before i cancel my 16 accounts LOL
  13. chiin New Member

    and still we wait
  14. Roamer121 New Member

    And i got edited of my post cause it was on the "Wrong forum"... lol I just wanted a GM or Dev to see whats going on.. ya
  15. chiin New Member

    i think they see it...they just don't seem to care
  16. chiin New Member

    i had an open conversation with Hludwolf for 31 mins an never got a reply
  17. Sarienna New Member

    Luclin isn't working worth anything. 5 attempts to zone before it quits refusing me? Give me a break that the Live zones are working better than test =( Not too happy with the past few days of buggy stuff on EQ!
  18. Sarienna New Member

    This makes me super unhappy! So much for wanting to stay loyal to EQ
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  19. Leigo You come here often?

    I was on luclin last night 11pm-1am. Server lagspikes and zone crashes at 11:45pm, 12 and 12:45 am
  20. Dokgoki New Member

    I love how he said "reliability" & luclin is one of those live servers (that I go to) that's also screwed up lol...can't go to live because of that, can't go to test because its down going on 2 hours, it was down when I made my last post. instead of "referring" me to a live server how about "referring" me to an eta of when this issue will get fixed.

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