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  1. Lingum Lorekeeper

    One would hope that they learned their lesson last time and not have some sort of silly faction system that locks half the playerbase out of the next expansion......
  2. Qwestwic Augur

    Once you're max Regular, AA, and Leadership XP, the XP does not go anywhere unless you turn on fellowship sharing. Evolving items get XP separately from any other form of experience. The item itself was not meant to be done quickly, even after this change, it will take quite some time to finish.
  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    There is no reason why we should have to find a Robe or cloth item to put them into. If you ask me the Robes should not be restricted at all; anyone should be able to use them period. But if that is for some reason unacceptable, then at the very least leather users should be able to use the Robes as well.

    Monks have requested the option for over 10 years and have had it it claimed to have been addressed when in fact it was the opposite that had been done (way back when the classes had top 10 lists an NPC was added that allowed silkies to change tunic looks into Robe looks and the Monk request was claimed to be addressed). So now they have the PERFECT way to effectively stop monk's from bringing this up every single year in every single expansion and they purposefully make it so we can't use them. What's up with that?
    Which expansion are you talking about? VoA didn't lock anyone out of anything close to half the expansion. It limits which partisan and mercenary quests you can do as well as what shortcuts you can take, and it had limited when you could buy certain AAs. But in all honesty compared to expansions like HoT, UF, and most all other expansions which require progression to zone at all there was very little that the "crazy faction" locked players out of.
  4. Daislet Augur

    I sincerely hope that they revaluate this. Having to use a workaround to do the hand in's is lame.

    They either need to either have the shards drop from non trivial mobs, or allow all shards to be handed in with varying levels of faction gain.
  5. Rainbowdash Augur

    I only actually looted three of the 19 or so i handed in. 2 of which dropped prior to Magus being patched in (when he was supposed to spawn but wasn't). The other one dropped this morning in BD. All the rest i bought off people or had friends such as Vaft hand them off to me as I had gotten the farthest (to my knowledge) on the server at the time, they wanted to see what we got at max ally...now we know :p

    Let me give you a few examples though, excluding the first two shards which dropped before Magus was patched in here's my farm and drop rate over the last two days:

    Spent all of yesterday swarming Field of Scale outside the Kaesora walls with another mage guildie. Pulling the areas marked here:
    We cleared that area a good 10-15 times last night plus 1 clear of armies (also marked) before a headshotting ranger zoned in and we vacated the armies camp to them and stuck to Kaesora. entrance. We got 3 shards, all off one corpse (so only one of well over 100 mobs dropped a shard, 3 on the corpse. Like I said, they seem to drop in small groups more often than not) they were the 71-85 gap shards. This is before I figured out I couldn't hand them in outside that gap, i found that out that night. Put the one I looted in GB, other mage (Benhan) took other two.

    Killed the entire zone of CoM in a couple pulls (stupid pathing making 1 big pull too hard :( ). No shards.

    Vaft meanwhile wiped all of Crypt of Decay out a few times. No shards.

    I killed Beasts' Domain hunter camp (up near Bopo etc) a few times over to pop Jorth this morning. 1 shard dropped.

    Cleared all of the goblin/orc/drakkin miners and slavers in Sunderock outside Vergalid in 2 pulls per clear (marked below) and cleared it ~8 times. A good 50 mobs per clear. No shards.

    Had someone in general say they had been clearing, i think HoT yard, for 7 hours. No shards.

    The ranger that took over armies sent me 4 shards after I got off work the next day. Had been there maybe 5-6 hours at the point. All 4 off one corpse.

    So yes. Rarity is an issue :p They are certainly not dropping like candy. HOWEVER the fact that they are tradeable, and the fact that they are global, not to mention the shrouding work around for lower shards and the fact that not everyone will be doing this, means buying them off people should be easy. That's what I did. Just make sure everyone loots EVERYTHING.

    Oh I agree it would be nice to have Hero's Forge be able to fit into all slots regardless of type. I was just saying, as it functions now good luck =/ While there is certainly all/all leather/cloth/robe bp's out there. You'd be hard pressed to find one with the best stats for your level. So you'd either sacrifice stats (which is fine for some.) or it'd be just for show. Which is also fine as I personally keep a fully stocked wardrobe in Rainbow Dash's bank in case I wanna change robe styles while in GL or roleplay being a paladin. :p
  6. Dzarn Developer

    The current amount of experience that your item has gained won't change but the amount of experience required to reach each level will change. I believe the next time your item gains experience it will adjust itself to the correct level.
  7. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    At present, everyone can simply choose to use the all/all silk visible BP (I think in VoA it should be found in T4 {Plate T1, Leather T2, and Chain T3; I figure Silk should be in T4 unless it wasn't included this time} so near that quality).

    Aside from having to redo it every time you zone or die you can already make yourself appear to be wearing any robe you already possess via the illusion trick. Put on the robe; click an illusion which does not support robes or whatever you normally wear, such as a skeleton; put on your normal BP (may require that the normal BP not have any HF ornaments in it); and finally click off the illusion. You will once again be wearing a Robe but will have the stats of your good armor.

    There are a very large number of Monks who would buy the HF ornaments just to be able to avoid having to do the illusion trick in order to wear a robe, otherwise they will just not waste their money. If they want to limit who can use the HF Robe ornamentation, then it should only be useable with robe looks and not cloth and Robe looks. So as I see it there are 3 ways to solve this; remove all restrictions from Robes (best solution imo), add leather to the looks that can use the HF Robe Ornaments (second best solution), or remove the look restrictions and change the ornaments from All/All to Int classes + Monks (solution I like the least). Anyone who says leave it as is, that is not a solution that is ignoring the problem.
  8. Qwestwic Augur

    This is correct. We tested both using a Click from the optional steps in Pillars, as well as killing Alarans. The first thing you do that would award your tear with XP will promote it to the adjusted level according to the new experience per level scaling.
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  9. Rtugok Developer

    Test will need to be patched for the fix to be pushed. As soon as it's patched (and the notes from JChan should mention it) give it a shot and let us know if it is still misbehaving.
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  10. Vmas Elder

    my tear was at lvl 9 3% after i killed some Alaran mobs i got lvl 12 18% not a bad change) and gratz this crazy guys that allready have maxed it now)
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  11. Pirlo Augur

    One would hope they repeat their language system from VoA, easy way to track your progression.
    Oh and it didn't lock half the playerbase out.
  12. Straahdx Augur

    Personally, HoT prog over VoA prog any day..
  13. Stephen51 Augur

    Have the curing values been acknowledged by the Devs yet? The nerf of the healing values was not on the description of the patch, so one could assume it was an error, except that no one has either fixed it (to my knowledge on test, I've not been on test, but I am quite concerned this change will be pushed live in haste, and repaired at leisure) or commented on the reduction.
  14. Stephen51 Augur

    Ok I've just realised the patch has been pushed live, and the Splash change isn't there any more, hopefully this means its been pulled until its corrected.
  15. Teppic New Member

    That is basically correct. Earlier in the thread I believe one of the Devs stated that, with the attempted fix, the spell was still landing on NPCs. So even if all the curing had worked exactly the same, the change wouldn't have prevented charm pets from being cured etc.

    I found the comment
  16. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    Update for shards. 21 got me to max ally.
    they are rare, and still nothing for sale at the vendor, or quest dialogue updates. like RBD has said, at this point theres no need to rush, it is probably just getting a head start on faction for the expansion and nothing exactly to do with a pre-release event.
  17. Grum New Member

    Is there anyway they could ditch the Basilisk pet for trolls and bring back the Crocodile?????

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