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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by JChan, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Rtugok Developer

    We have top men working on it right now.
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  2. gcubed Augur


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  3. Squeecha Senior Guide

    TOP men.
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  4. gcubed Augur


    Warehouse scene on the cutting room floor.
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  5. Rtugok Developer

    The top men have found the problem and fixed it. The top men are now making sure that the raid window is fully functional again.
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  6. Aristo Developer

    After working with QA on this, we're going to have to revert the changes to Splash of Sanctification and Splash of Purification for now. They weren't functioning as intended (the remove detrimental portion was still landing on NPCs despite that spell being PC-only) so we're putting it back like it was until we can get that problem fixed one way or the other.
  7. shiftie Augur


    Can you explain the mechanics of why you use the detriment mechanic for PC charm and you use Corruption counters on NPC charm please?

    Despite NPC charm having corruption counters on an event like Sepulcher 5 we as players cannot cure NPC charm. What is stopping you from using the same mechanic on PC charm? Is the cure detriment required by the code for random breaks? As far as I can tell NPC charm also has random/nonfixed duration despite the fact that it has counters.

    Couldn't you re-make enchanter charm to increase corruption counters by X amount that would require an extremely high amount of splash casts to break it? This would solve the tash v MR situation as corruption is already harder to resist.

    I'm just trying to figure out why you are trying to circumvent the PC cure mechanic of detriments only.

    While we are discussing splash.

    The heal portion of the level 93 spell is not working as intended, despite your fix to the degradation of mod 3 heal amount decay. Level 93 splash with a higher focus chance 100%, more mod 3's than UF, and a higher base amount is healing less than what was possible at 83. Why is this happening?
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  8. JChan Developer

    In case you didn't see the updates in the first post... we've re-enabled UCHAT and /testcopy.
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  9. Rainbowdash Augur

    Just wondering if drop rate on fear shards is set to what it is meant to be set to.

    Somewhere around 10-15 swarm clears of the mobs outside and just inside Kaesora in Field of Scale (about 40ish or more mobs per clear) yielded 3 fear shards. All 3 off one corpse. While I expected them to be rare, i wasn't expecting them to be quite that rare :p.

    Of course if it's working as intended then it's working as intended. I just wanted to double check =D

    Also Magus won't respond to any [crystals] prompts when talking to him. Dunno if it requires more faction before he'll respond to that.
  10. Caudyr Augur

    Are you certain that that one corpse wasn't a specific NPC that you hadn't pulled before...or was it actually just a random mob? That being said...sounds like the drop rate's pretty ridiculous from the sounds of it, heh.
  11. Giggles New Member

    did 2 clears of c2 in fire and had 3 of the lower level versions drop for my group of 65s. Do they turn in to the same guy out in City of Bronze? Long way to go at that level
  12. Rainbowdash Augur

    Yeah it's unquestionably a global drop at this point. Reports of shards in different zones off different mobs. Each shard has a 14 level spread (81-95 for example) and drops off any mob that shares a level in that spread. Highest is 91-100. Can only hand in shards and have them accepted if they are of your level (so no 95s can get a level 20 shard and hand in for faction). All hand ins are to the guy in Erillion, regardless of your level. So yeah it's quite a trek, especially if under level 85, can be kinda scary :p. Though most between Argath's zone in and his spot in Erillion is non-KoS minus a few in Valley so it's not too bad.

    So example: Level 95 players can only successfully hand in Petite Dark Fear Shard (81 req 95 rec) or Small Fear Shard (91 req 100 rec). Anything else is rejected. To get your shards for 95 you are limited to hunting in higher end SoD, Underfoot, House of Thule, or Veil of Alaris zones (and a select few other scaled zones like the 85-90 Halloween DoDH instance). And yes, as of this post rare is an understatement. I'd venture a guess of 0.001% drop chance off any mob in the game. When they do drop it's in stacks of 2+ it seems. They ARE tradeable.
  13. Wyntyr Journeyman

    Any idea what these shards are for yet?
  14. Rainbowdash Augur

    RoF pre-release. Faction grind specifically. Said that a few times now.

    I'm at ally atm after 12 Petite Dark Fear Shards and 1 Small Fear Shard (not max ally though), nothing unlocked in his merchant window, no new tasks, no rewards, no further dialogue. Still won't respond to [crystals], that may be bugged or it may just require higher faction.

    Means either
    A. Rewards and/or merchant unlocks require max ally (I'm like 1-2 shards away)
    B. The rewards have not been put in yet.
    C. The faction unlocks a second set of the pre-release. A new questline or something. Or the second set of the pre-release will be put in later after a set period of time.
    D. The faction IS the reward, and is a jump start in and of itself for RoF progression (similar to the 5 Alaran lang for VoA pre-release, although that had additional rewards so...)
  15. doktartp Augur

    Just be sure that faction turn ins can not be done in shrouded form.
  16. Rainbowdash Augur

    Ok final pre-release update with compiled all current info. I hit max ally just now.

    1. Hand in guy is Magus Burlshin located here:
    2. Shards appear to be global drops. They each have a level range. (81-95 for example) and will drop off mobs within that range.
    3. Shards are gut wrenchingly rare. Expect to swarm a place for hours with none.
    4. When they do drop you will usually see 2+ on corpse at once.
    5. The shards are stackable
    6. The shards are tradeable
    7. The shards are not lore
    8. Handing in the shards raises faction with a faction called "Crystal Circle Builders". The hits seem rather large.
    9. Everyone starts indifferent with this faction.
    10. Out of curiosity I checked, none of the new npcs in Jaggedpine share this faction.
    11. You can only hand in a shard if you are within that level range. Otherwise he hands it back to you and suggests you trade it for one of your level. Seemingly hinting at exchange between players as he does not appear to offer such a service himself.
    12. Shrouding permits you to hand in a shard so long as you shroud to within that level (remember shrouds stop at 70. If 95 you'll be SoL with any 71-85 level gap shards unless you delevel then rez...which I did. I went from 95 to 85 with ~100 deaths bind camping a selyrah near Magus, handed in 7 shards, then hit Expediant Recovery.)
    13. Magus is a merchant
    14. No matter your faction level his merchant window is empty.
    15. He is trackable.
    16. He is not invis, invis 2, or in anyway hidden
    17. He will not respond to the prompt [crystals] at any faction level with any phrase or variant. I even tried a few typos on the word to see if his response trigger was typoed. Nothing.
    18. There is no achievement.
    19. There is not physical task. It's a faction grind
    20. There is no reward upon hand-in minus faction and a thank you.
    21. Judging by his hail dialogue it would appear rewards are added in later, perhaps a different phase of the pre-release. Or the faction itself may be the reward, a head start on RoF progression. Who knows.
    22. It took approximately 18-19 shards to max faction. doesn't seem like much but when you factor in the rarity...

    Basically given the lack of reward, don't rush or try drastic measures like I did, just kill and xp and let it come naturally, it seems you have plenty of time and getting there fast nets you nothing as of yet.

    All of this was true at the time of this post, however as EQ is ever changing Sony may deem to change or bug fix any of this at any time so take it with a grain of salt. i'm putting it here both so that people interested know approximately how the pre-quest functions so far and also so if anything I listed here, that I came across during my run of the current phase (assuming it progresses) of the pre-quest, is not how Sony intended it to work then they will know it's bugged and can fix it (as is the role of people on Test server :p )

    Happy adventuring!
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  17. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    Thank you for the highly detailed and well written guide Rainbowdash, and all the time and effort it took to figure it all out. I hope the shards drop rate is unintentionally low and that they add some sort of reward aside from faction, too much faction grinding in EQ as is in my opinion
  18. Tanulie Journeyman

    The raid window is still "bugged" - occasionally opening it will crash your client; people joining a raid are unable to see people in the raid before them.

    /makeraidleader also was not working last night. After I was unintentionally made raid leader, I was unable to /makeraidleader to pass it to anyone else. I could not lock/ unlock the raid, or move players between groups. I could invite players to the raid, but that was the only control I had over it.
  19. Tobynn Augur

    A couple days from first drop to max faction. Doesn't seem like rarity is any issue whatsoever.
  20. Lory Bandleader New Member

    In regards to the leveling of the tear and the change to how fast in gains. Will the change be reflected on people who have been currently leveling the tear. As an example from the info provided, if someone has their tear at level 16, after the patch goes through will it be at level 20?
    This item has been is crazy long to evolve, wish there was a way to turn off reg/aa exp all together and have more go to the evolving item. I for one am maxxed exp and AA during 95% of my play time but yet my item evolves at the same rate as others who are gaining exp, where does all the exp I gain go, that does not go to the evolving item?

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