Test Update 09/12/2017 - Patch Notes and Discussion

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Angre Augur

    All I see mostly is negative effects being put on your "customers" toons. You know, the ones who's subscriptions pay your Paycheck!? Yeah those people, referred to as "Customers".

    It honestly appears that you are trying to destroy the player base and paying customers so you can shut down the game? If that be true, just come out and say it, and I will leave, and play another Game called LIFE!

    Why are you focusing on fixing 1999, when this is the year 2017, where you should be focused on the future and not the past? Focus not on the old stuff that was never intended to be there, and more focus on the future and direction of this game. Currently, You are killing this game! I cannot help but think it is intentional. I know that sounds crazy, but these nerfs are killing our player base.

    Is that what you want?
  2. Smokezz Augur

    I've heard this many times, and it's simply not correct. If they wanted to shut down the game, it would be done. They wouldn't destroy the player base first. We'd simply get an email saying Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night! Thanks for playing!
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  3. Natal Augur

    Specifically you get exponentially diminishing returns as you exceed the soft cap, so the soft cap has a significant effect on how well you tank and anything above that not so much. That is why you get these massive AC self buffs that have relatively little effect.

    After this patch everyone will be able to take hits a bit better. To offset tanks from becoming too capable of taking hits as a consequence of this change (and thereby rendering most content trivial), various stances have had their defensive components reduced. The net effect will be that tanks will still be tanking roughly about as well as they did before, but softer classes will be a somewhat more survivable.

    That is my understanding of what the devs are doing. It is not really a nerf, it is just a mechanism to improve the survivability of non-tanks who presumably have slipped in that department relative to modern content.
  4. sojero Augur

    Did a test for 30 mins on live and test servers. Tanks are taking 10% more damage on test than they are on live on the same mob. This was in raid gear with basic lobby buffs on both toons (same exact buffs as it was copied with the buffs) therefore this change is nowhere near a wash, but nothing terrible either.
  5. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Since i won't install a test-version of EQ, we'll talk about this when the numbers are live or someone posts them.

    So far, us WARs *are* already at 25.9% scaling as they said in the patchnotes.
    And while yes, soft-cap AC is worth so much more than over-cap there might be a slight increase of tankability from that.
    Look at WAR parses.
    We ARE already mitigating to the very left end of the curve with our AC.
    So for US this soft-cap change is worth next to nothing, even if they'd up the softcap for us from
    1^105^520^.35^ to something like
    1^105^655^.35^ (as it would be if your assumption/patch-note interpretation were correct)
    which i doubt.
    Currently, i read the patchnotes obviously differently than you do.

    So, with my hit-distribution being that far to the lower end as it is already, what will i (and the rest of the tanks) gain?
    Nothing at all (if i am right) or next to nothing (if you are right).
    But i will loose SIGNIFICANTLY through the reduced dmg-mitigation from the stances.
    Healers will notice.

    I agree this is probably intended for the softies.
    But they're making my tanking weaker, and the healing harder.
    And the softies?
    Well, ok.
    They might take three hits now rather than just two to view the event from hover mode.
    We'll have to see how this affects their surviveability when they don't care to wait until agro is established as they should.
    At worst, they will make their healer work more - rezzes are so much more mana-efficient than heals ;)

    If this were really about the surviveability of the softies, they'd simply up THEIR AC soft-caps and leave us alone alltogether.
    But they don't, so it isn't.
    A nerf is a nerf is a nerf...
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  6. Lerilon Lorekeeper

    Oh, you're right. Spending their time nerfing classes and then releasing content that is cut and paste of the previous expansion with 5 more levels of power hasn't cost any players.

    It's not like we play on servers that are 4 older servers merged together, that each had 4+ top raiding guilds fighting for bragging rights, but now combined have 2-3 willing to take pre-apps just to keep the pipeline at least viable.

    /sarcasm off

    All 10 people on my friends list have moved on. Those that I was able to say goodbye to said it was game stagnation and the nerfs.

    That's why I started on the Tribunal, which merged with Bristlebane and is now merged with Xegony and whichever server already merged into Xegony. Other than the dicho spells and combining some DoTs, there hasn't been much real change in content and spell design in years.

    I used to be willing to pay for 4 accounts so I could box around the declining opportunities to group, but the content just doesn't justify it now. I pay for only 1 account, box in the others even at silver when I feel like they are needed/can help.

    These nerfs mean I'll probably hang up my 105 characters and go to soloing on my mage and make it a lot less likely I'll renew the subs on my other three accounts.

    The lag pile is half the size it was when I quit for 3 years right before The Buried Sea. I played the beta for that expansion and the "changes" were so copy paste from CotF, the mobs just summoning, souped up versions of the previous expansion, I quit.

    The only thing Everquest has going for me right now is the lack of immature, play-just-to-grief players and my 18 years of time put into it and the characters and gear that have come out of that. Taking away one of the best boosts to my Ranger's procs (the mastery nerfs) does nothing to change that, it just encourages me to play alts, alts that are too low level and AA to care that they are silver . .
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  7. mehtsenob Augur

  8. Rickoshay New Member

    DB has nerfed so much. A cleric's job is hard enough without their skills/AAs being nerfed. I see no reason whatsoever for all the nerfs, except to drive players away from EQ. This may give me the impetus to finally quit EQ after 18 years on 2 accounts.
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  9. xaga Lorekeeper


    Care to touch on all of us Necros and our questions?
  10. wingz-83 Augur

    I'd just like to thank everyone that stays after these to continue to fund the TLP experience.
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  11. Lorai Journeyman

    I don't think it makes any difference what we write in this thread, if it's not feedback on the already sanctioned changes on Test. This train is going to roll over all of us tomorrow I'm afraid.

    Just what EQ needs is more Clerics getting frustrated and quitting, or main changing. A Cleric is one of the hardest classes to level up, given the competition with Mercs in groups, inability to solo, and frankly until we max AA and Gear, we suck at healing when our base heals are only 5% of a tank's total HP, and our effectiveness is based on a "chance" crit. This is why raids require so many Clerics, and the reason they are so hard to come by. Once all of the old Raid Clerics are gone, there won't be many up and coming to replace them.

    I've already given my opinion of Quiet Miracle and Veturika's Perseverence on another post. Today I'm looking at the "consolidation" of Smite the Wicked and Turn Undead.

    These two AA's were a rare form of Character Enrichment for Clerics, and so fun to use. But they're not always used together on the same mob. In groups I'll click my Silent Casting/Turn Undead hotkey on an undead, then switch back to healing. By the time I can re-target the mob for Smite, it's almost dead, so I wait and hit my Battle Frenzy/Smite hotkey on the next undead that comes along. Both Turn Undead and Smite have :03'ish minute refresh, Silent Casting is :09 minute refresh, while Battle Frenzy is a :15 minute refresh. We cast these Undead AA's at our peril without Silent Casting.

    Consolidating for the sake of consolidating, does not always work. This change is going to take away the occasional thrill these two abilities gave us separately. They were already limited due to refresh timers, now they will be restricted to only 1 mob at a time, with Smite landing at low HP without realizing it's full potential.
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  12. Brohg Augur

    Pro tip : Silent Cast doesn't do for Turn Undead, and Smite doesn't need it. Dot agro superceding agro reduction has been an issue since forever
  13. Lorai Journeyman

    Thanks for the "pro tip", but that has not been my experience thru years of casting Silent Casting before Turn Undead to avoid agro.
  14. Infinite_Karma New Member

    It looks like the Devs didn't take any of the notes into consideration? The patch went through completely with all nerfs/downgrades, even without all the points made.


    Well looks like their testing the population loyalty now.
  15. Aelen Augur

    Silent Casting is SPA 130. It works on DoTs. Easy test.

    SPA 114 is Spellcasting Subtlety, Bold Attacks, Hate masks, Voice of Thule, Glamorous Visage and Marr’s Salvation. It does not work on DoTs.

    I haven’t tested if 130 works on Hate over Time, but 114 also does not work on Hate over Time. That’s one part of why the knight Hate DoTs kinda suck, and why the Paladin AE hate AAs are significantly weaker in practice than they’d seem on paper.

    The other part is the “over time” bit is much worse than going for frontloaded stuff.

    I’ve been messing with agro testing a little bit this expansion, wanted to finally figure out how the stuff worked. Its interesting.
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  16. Infinite_Karma New Member



    Thursday at 19:50

    This article will assist you with canceling your All Access Membership, as well as answer any questions that you may have.
    How do I cancel my All Access Membership?
    To cancel online, please follow these steps:
    1. Go to www.daybreakgames.com.
    2. Sign in with your user name and password
    3. Click on Membership Info in the dropdown.
    4. This will take you to the membership page and should have a big red sign Thanks for being a member! There will be a cancel link just to the right of the Upgrade Membership button. If it is not there then the account is not billing. You might have another account that is billing. If so, please use the links below to find the lost account.
    If the box has no recurring membership then there will be a Red Membership info box and it will say:
    You do not currently have Daybreak All Access membership.
    Click on the banner above to learn more about Daybreak All Access!

    Often times the All Access charge take 3 or 4 days to clear, and appears on your Bank or Credit Card statement a few days after Daybreak Games actually charges it. If you choose to cancel make sure that you do so far enough in advance that you avoid any unwanted charges. Memberships are pre0paid and non-refundable.

    What happens if I attempt to cancel my All Access Membership on the billing date?
    If you try to cancel your All Access Membership on the date of your billing, it will be too late because the charge has more than likely already gone through. It is recommended that if you wish to cancel your All Access Membership to do so well in advance of the last day of your billing cycle.
    Will I lose my characters if I cancel my All Access Membership?
    Canceling your All Access Membership does not affect your characters immediately, only your billing information. Though we normally do not delete characters under closed All Access, we can only guarantee characters on the account for up to 90 days after All Access closes.
    Please keep in mind that you will use the same Station Name and Password that you used before you canceled your All Access Membership when you choose to log in and start playing again.
    Can I get a refund if I cancel my All Access Membership?
    All pre-paid fees are non-refundable as explained in Section 5 of the End User License Agreement as well as when you register with your billing information.
  17. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    It really hasn't made that much of a difference on Test so aside from possible raiding issues the patch hasn't been a big deal. I know some of the changes were harsh but they are going to give most of that back in the next expansion just like they always do.

    This is nothing new and the sky is not falling nor is the world going to end. If you are frustrated or upset just take a 1-2 week break and go play something else or do other stuff until you have calmed down and then come back and check it out.

    No game is worth stressing out and getting upset over and I say that as someone who used to get all worked up while getting carried away until I learned it's just not worth it.
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  18. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I like your memes but I think you are being a bit too harsh on the devs. We've seen this exact same cycle for several years now and with the limited budget and limited dev team that is in place now I am just happy that EQ gets patches and content released at all and isn't sunset like so many other games have been.

    In the meantime....

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  19. Rickoshay New Member

    I'm so very sad that DBG actually took 4 of the most useful cleric AA abilities and nerfed them to only 2 AA abilities with such marginal usefulness that a cleric's gameplay, and value to a raid is much diminished. I hope your holding company, Columbus Nova, and it's Russian overlords at the Renova Group take notice that DBG has angered a significant segment of it's player population.
  20. Infinite_Karma New Member

    Yes ... that is exactly the problem ... apathy

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