Test Update 09/12/2017 - Patch Notes and Discussion

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  1. CrazyLarth Augur

    Bear- Bug- they should make a 3rd option , you can sit on the bear indoors and the game acts like your standing.
  2. Smokezz Augur

    That's always the idiotic comments from TLP'ers.. that the live servers are just full of people that "don't pay for EverQuest". There are easily just as many accounts paying for EverQuest on a monthly basis. People buy bags, illusions, XP potions, and many other things in the marketplace on the live servers too. JUST LIKE TLP'ers do! Amazing eh? Oh, and it's not fairy dust used to buy such things. It's REAL LIFE MONEY too.

    If they were adding a special mount that was usable indoors, it would have been blasted all over the place as it would be useful on *ALL* of the servers. Not just the magical land of TLP.
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  3. Warpeace Augur

    Here we go with this idiotic rabble yet again. Because on live servers we don't pay a penny right? Ok sure whatever.

    How much more up front do you want they listed it in the pending patch notes:confused: ,oh that's right your trying to convince everyone it was intended to be an indoor mounto_O.

    No they don't owe refunds you bought a mount and that's exactly what they sold you. No where in the item description does it say usable indoors, that was a bug, oversight whatever but it was not intended. You and a few others convinced yourself it was intended when it was not and blew a lot of money to try and get an advantage.

    Summon Ursus Antonicus

    Spell Effect: Summons an Ursus Antonicus Mount for you to ride.
    This item is placeable in yards, guild yards, houses and guild halls.

    No place does it say its super special and you can ride it indoors.
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  4. Phrovo1 Augur

    still don't see how fixing a bug that the devs didn't know about or advertise about at all is a bait and switch
  5. svann Augur

    Did anyone report it as a bug or even ask in forum if it was intended? I think not. They all kept quiet about it. A mount that does something no other mount does, and isnt advertised as a big deal?
  6. Cenda New Member

    If you are going to release these nerfs to Live, please do it within the next week or so. My subs expire in a cpl weeks, need to know if i should keep subbing or not. Thanks.
  7. chocster Journeyman

    - Shaman - Fleeting Spirit has been changed to now double the effectiveness of 5-10 heal over time and 5-10 damage over time spells rather than 10-20 of either. Reduced the duration of the ability for damage over time spells to 2 minutes and heal over time spells to 4 minutes.
    - Shaman - Extended Spirit of the Puma will no longer extend the duration of Roar of the Lion.
    - Shaman - Refunded Paralytic Spores and Paralytic Spray. Changed Spiritual Rebuke to be a knock back that triggers a root effect (similar to Paralytic Spray) and added additional ranks.

    1. So...when are you going to actually fix the bug: Roar of the Lion overwrites and does not allow recasting of REGEN to land? Or are you stating that it is a fully intended function because they are both considered a HoT or a Heal in general?
    As it stands REGEN costs a unit from Fleeting Spirit, Roar of Lion does not cost a unit from fleeting spirit, leading one to believe that they are considered DIFFERENT spells and spell functions and therefore should not have stacking issues. If REGEN costs a unit of Fleeting spirit then we should get TWIN cast benefit from it...are we? Or...we should get Roar of Lion to cost a unit from Fleeting spirit And get the twincast from it.
    *Long story short on REGEN stacking...it's conflicting mechanics and doesn't support DBG arguments. It should be fixed before DBG starts messing with other mechanics on the same freakin spell lines.
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  8. Thrillho Augur

    To burn up that much money on an item that only lasts a little while is a big kick in the teeth. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. I can certainly understand where the hostility is coming from.

    I don't think a lot of these folks would be too keen on purchasing much else from the marketplace soon, which may or may not hurt DBG's overall revenue from the marketplace. Maybe this influx would be enough to offset the loss. Who knows.

    I see a few options available for fixing the issue.
    1. Change the item, refund the money.
    2. Lock the item as is, create a new item to be as intended (Circlet of Shadows route)
    3. Same as #2, create no-drop item
    4. Keep the item in game as is
    5. Change the item, no refund

    For the first option, changing the item and refunding the money, it would hurt me about as much as a kick from a snake in CR to see people get refunded their money from this. But it's not a reasonable request to make. How many purchased it via alternate means? Krono, plat, rares? These people simply cannot be refunded, and it wouldn't be fair overall to refund some and not all. What happens to all of the other items acquired through the lotto system?

    The lotto system for it is garbage. I've never liked things like that. If I want an item, I'll purchase said item. If it's $100, I pay $100. I'm not going to pay $1 for the chance at getting it. But, it does work. DBG and other businesses make a lot of money with lottery-type systems.

    Option 2: Making an alternate item, a la Circlet of Shadows. This is going to create another chasm to sink money into. Folks have dumped $100+ into this item already with an unlimited supply. Cap the supply, and the price is going to skyrocket. That $100 investment is going to return on itself ten fold. That's going to skyrocket the current price (pre-live launch) well beyond what the current price is. $100 dumped in is going to quickly be spent by more and more people trying to get a limited edition mount. Is that fair? People are already complaining about the EQ economy.

    Option 3: Make it no drop and add a secondary item then. Same problem - current one is tradeable, price is going to skyrocket so you can trade to a toon before it gets locked in. And now you have folks who have the ability to use something no one else ("no one") can use simply because they paid for it. Pay to win. Is that fair?

    Option 4: Keep the item as is. I'm surprised no one has offered this up yet. Or maybe I missed it? The game is tuned for mounts not being used indoors. If you disagree, I would offer up this: people have spent $100+ to gain an advantage. You would need to retune everything to allow for mounts indoors - group content, misisons, raids for all expansions (I'm being a bit facetious, but you get the point).

    Option 5: Make the change, impact all items, give no refund. This is probably the easiest route for the devs to take, and seems to be the one they've chosen. It's going to be a kick in the teeth for all who burned money into getting the item, but it has the smallest impact on the EQ economy, DBG resources, and the game as a whole.

    We have no say in the matter. We've discussed it, made our voices heard and heard again, and we've been quarreling to the point which could warrant a thread lock. Probably not the best route to take considering the amount of other items being discussed.

    Edit: Not that I need to be a paying subscriber to have a voice, but I do pay a monthly subscription to play on Live, not a TLP. I don't have one of these mounts, never chased them, never will, and as a monk wouldn't even need one in the first place.
  9. Zaviere Augur

    I can't believe that silly bear mount is getting so much attention in this thread.

    I'll just leave this here...


    P.S. Bard Rallying Call nerf is stupid. Keep it the way it is, along with Selo's Kick. You did enough damage to the class with the Dicho nerf (yes, I'm still not over that).
  10. Metanis Augur

    As an end-game raid cleric I'm concerned with nerf to QM/VP but I think I'm even more concerned about the change to Divine Peace. It was already nerfed quite terribly back when everyone's "Fade" got hosed. Divine Peace is about the only thing that made Turn Undead and Smite workable for a cleric in a raid situation. In a healing lull, you'd hit Battle Frenzy for the DPS boost, then Smite, then Turn Undead, then be prepared to mash the Divine Peace button in case you saw incoming damage.

    So Holly hates clerics enough she doesn't want us to have any mana or any fun. /sadface
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  11. Elyee Lorekeeper

  12. Infinite_Karma New Member

    Chocster, thank you for your specific and detailed analysis of these problems. Your points perfectly exemplify the ignorance of these "fixes" and the fact that their initial misses to the AA connections are somewhat off handed, and from people who don't actually play the classes.
  13. Aurastrider Augur

    Nope the game just went on for over a decade without anyone paying for it. It was not until all these TLP servers spun up that the game started to turn a profit. DBG bought SOE knowing it was a money pit but had these grand ideas about bringing old players back and getting them to pay for EQ because the current player base was just a bunch of free loaders who don't like to pay for anything. Obviously sarcasm and I would follow with some other choice language that the moderators might not approve of so I will leave it at that. In all seriousness people that have been playing on live for 18+ years paying for a sub and expansions and yes mounts, bags, pots, and other micro transactions during that time have contributed way more to this game than some returning player who thinks they just saved the franchise. If it was not for people on live funding this game for 18+ years there would not be any TLP servers. You would be stuck on P99 which considering people have left that place to come here to pay to play says something.
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  14. MyShadower Augur

    I don't think a lot of these folks are too keen on worrying about how they spend their money. They bought a bear mount that is no longer going to work indoors on top of it not doing bear stuff like standing on its hind legs and pawing at your enemies.

    Daybreak will likely just keep calm and nerf on.
  15. MyShadower Augur

    Sometimes we extend the fantasy outside the game. I like to pretend all the money I have paid over the years was used to fund research to create a gnome-halfling hybrid so I'm certain I have not in any way funded the rise of TLP.
  16. Maedhros Augur

    They make the kool-aid strong on TLP.
    I just want to salute all you pay to win TLP'ers out there keeping the lights on at Daybreak with your quests to purchase the mystical indoor bear mount.
  17. Ranpha Augur

    Pretty sure that losing all levels of Combat Stability will make a warrior with a 2 hander tank worse than a berzerker or ranger with a 2 hander.

    Perhaps the devs don't realize that Combat Stability is *the* reason that you can tank anything at all in this game, and that AC is more like a "nice to have".
  18. Vestra_Cazic New Member

    My thought on this was I gotta disable weapon stances if I wanna tank with a 2hander, dont get the dps bonus but I get CS back? is that right?
  19. Lianeb Augur

    Pretty much yes, and the fact that the boost keeps getting lowered, though it will still be less dps
  20. Sheex Augur

    I interpreted it more along the lines of "perhaps devs don't want tanks going dps mode without significant consequences to survivability, especially while tanking current content".

    If they're going to let our dps remain reasonably close to what dps archetypes can do, seems like a reasonable tradeoff to me. And this is coming from the class whose self healing is affected by our dps output.

    TLP entitlement and rear end hurt freaking out over dumb things is just a way of life, man. Not surprising at this point, just sad panda.
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