Test Update 04/11/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Rtugok, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Fanra Augur

    BUG REPORT (to distinguish this from the many non-bug posts here):

    Attempting to zone into the Standard Guild Hall on Test gets me the following message:

    This behavior used to happen as the instance needs to be "spun up" on the SOE server(s) but the message was changed years ago on the Live servers, currently on Live you begin loading the zone on your client at once and it just takes longer to load as you get the message the zone instance is loading.

    So I'm assuming this is a bug.

    After waiting a few minutes, I was able to zone into the guild hall, but again, this style of handling guild hall instance loading was made obsolete years ago, unless there was a decision to change it back.
  2. Kaelren New Member

    Pets SHOULD be able to tank big stuff people opt out of those situations in favor of having friends tank and that's great but people choosing pet classes do it because the pet is a major asset. Keep on this road and you ruin it for the pet classes which is more than half your player base.

    It seems more vital that you fix those good for nothing tank mercs so they can tank trash on par with the level of group. You cant get a tank merc to survive with just 1 healer merc healing it in chapterhouse with all the adds and nonsense you got going on in there. Mage pets off-tanking for a group without CC or a bard to pull is the only way to manage. Group tanks have too low hp/ac for this as well. You need somebody raid geared for the group content to tank it or an uber pet. This is really just nonsense. People are going to just walk away from the game after dieing a thousand times in the t3 zones yet to come out.
  3. Dolamight New Member

    Canceled my recurring subscription, just wish i had know about pet nerf before i bought RoF for alt account. ftp/krono, or not at all. Wont give them another dollar of mine
  4. Gunz New Member

    there seems to be major problems with instances on test center all over the place, its not localized to just the guild hall's. demiplane of blood, razorthorne, and just about every instance we have tried in the past 2 days with a full raid force has failed. hope someone is at least aware of this problem. it is not effecting the neighborhood hall.and i suspect anniversary instances arent helping it much either.

    p.s. if you all would quit whining on the bug tracker posts we might actually fix some bugs....
  5. Vaft_Gnome Lorekeeper

    instances are not loading. so so bad.

    Vaft is now a sad Gnome
  6. Tanulie Journeyman

    Instances are not loading again.
    Last night it took us 15 minutes and 2 raid requests to get Demiplane of Blood to load a zone (from 9:11 to 9:26pm est)
    Today instances - at times - have loaded fine. But twice we've stood clicking / hitting U for long periods trying to load the instance. The first time we were able to zone in after 28 minutes .This time it's been 24 minutes and we still aren't in.

    Update - got in after 27 minutes.
    Next instance we got is also bugged though.
  7. Tanulie Journeyman

    All 3 "bugged" instances unbugged at around 31 minutes.

    [Thu May 02 11:40:22 2013] You have been assigned the task 'Calling Emoush'.
    -zone up at [Thu May 02 12:11:39 2013] Your task 'Calling Emoush' has been updated.
    [Thu May 02 13:59:15 2013] You have been assigned the task 'Guardian of the Sands'.
    -zone up at [Thu May 02 14:30:26 2013] Your task 'Guardian of the Sands' has been updated.
    [Thu May 02 14:48:42 2013] You have been assigned the task 'An End to the Storms'.
    -zone up at [Thu May 02 15:19:37 2013] Your task 'An End to the Storms' has been updated.
  8. Tanulie Journeyman

    [Thu May 02 15:43:37 2013] You have been assigned the task 'The Curse of Ju`rek'.
    [Thu May 02 16:15:09 2013] Your task 'The Curse of Ju`rek' has been updated.
  9. Tobes New Member

    On a slightly unrelated note, I'm still crossing my fingers and hoping for updated character animations, for auto attack, skill attacks, and spell casting. Can this be implemented in a future patch possibly? I want to look cool when swinging my swords!!!

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