Test Update 04/11/13

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Rtugok, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Yinla Augur

    No retune of Xorbb1 ?
  2. Riou Augur

    Not in time for Test
  3. RandomNoob11 New Member

    Chelsith Reborn and Plane Of Shadow are open on Test, not sure if that was intentional since it's not in the patch notes but people are in zone and checking it out etc.
  4. Tegila Augur

    pet classes arent jstu tanks, theyre dps with a pet that can tank. you dont necessarily need them to be able ot tank though, no one else gets to BOGO. As for reducing hps by 20%, tahts no big deal theyll still have more hps than even the best geared and buffed raid tank in the game. As much as we love our ac, hps do matter also and id gladly dump some of my ac if i was going ot be given another 50-75k hps like your pets have (nothing's been said/compared for the ac of pets though, which is why it's not being compared) So much of this game is about taking ae's AND tankingm elee at the same time, in that way the big hp advantage did make a big difference. effects not landing on pets that land on tanks, matter, and the abilities taht are used on pets taht cant be used on tanks, also matter. This argument is so old though...

    tanks have been tryingo t get boosts, but boosting htem to the point where pets are/were, would mean an enormous retune to the entire game, first off. Second off, tanks have been fighting it as i said but when you have non-tanks saying screw the tanks let's use pets, andh ealers are told to only heal the pets (who need much fewer heals than tanks, sorry to break it to ya) what you want the tanks to do jsut leeroy jenkins it and run in anyway just to die bc they have no heals?

    The fact remains that teh EM ranks available in the GROUP game as well as the raid game are enormous. They are the reasons taht pets have become OP'd. Y'all keep bringing up 10 yearsago, well 10 yearsa ago you had what 1-3 options? now you can have 10, and over half of those were RAID focii in the last 18months. The fact taht group pets have the same focus as a voa raid pet while group tanks dont have NEARLY as good of gear available as even t1 voa raid ...there's one big issue. Another as has been said multiple times, is thefact that mechanics that effect tanks dont effect pets nearly as often and due to teh overinflated hp's of the pets, they dont to teh same degree even when they do land. I'm not sure i agree with hte method with which this was done BUT something had to be done. You keep referring to pets in SoF, they were not of the samestrength as they are now, im sorry to break it to ya. if you'recomparing em7 or 8 then MAYBE, but who past 84 has a focus that low? The big problem it seems is that pets as summoned without any focus, were made equivalent to top group gear for that level for a tank. then they got EM on top of taht and runes etc on top of that, and immunity to effects on top of taht, and no requirementto farm gear beyond 1 earring, no requirement to farm any MORe aas than the tank, while still doing the dps and the tanking with 1 toon instead of 2. a petclass with a merc is 3 classes wehreas anyone else is 2, the toon and the merc. y'all are dps , a tank, and a healer (merc) in 1 person with 1 set of gear 1 (smaller) set of aas. On top of this (mages) you have yoru beamkiting thing which at this point is pretty much the most lucrative xp method in teh game, so dont play the poor me card, then you ahve necros who , though not whining so much about this nerf, are whining about ppl not wanting them to use 15 dots instead of 12 so otehrs can cast etc and whining their top dps isnt enough they want moar moar moar, bsts have been pretty silent on teh issue and are probably the most balanced allaround in this (plus the fact theyre a melee class and cant pettank and play their toon as well as a mage or necro) so ill leave them out of it

    the method may not be as good as it couldvebeen, but the change was needed. period. and within the psots of several petclasses in arguments such as these, have been proof itself taht it was needed. "we did it bc no tank could do it"..exactly. your pet can and the tank cant. Y'all attacking tanks sayingwecant play bc we can see the imbalance is poor taste and quite demonstrative of your extreme bias. Any time anyone says pet you take it and run while hiding your toys.
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  5. Drewie Augur

    Nothing looks wrong with the spelling of this Title Pack on live servers. But what about "Title Pack: Musicial", is that an english word ? Maybe it's supposed to be Musical or Musician instead ?
  6. Dorf Journeyman

    I am a long time raiding mage, and, other than 1 or 2 particular odd instances, pets do NOT out-tank raid geared war/sk/pally. Even if a mage pet can tank somewhere, it is only the earth pet that is used. The mage air, fire, water pets, or any beastlord or necro pet cannot tank any raid bosses at all. Nerfing all pets survivability is wrong.
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  7. Xirtket Augur

    Any chance at having the devs reconsider these pet changes?

    This seems to be all because of pets tanking raid mobs, if that's the case, don't make the group game suffer because of this, it was clearly stated that devs did not want this "nerf" to effect group gaming at all, but it in fact does. I personally could care less if pets can't tank a raid mob, but please leave them be for groupers.

    There are ways to leave the group game alone in all of this, I would like to see this nerf put off until an actual viable pet raid tanking solution can be implemented. In its current state, it seems just kind of thrown together to shut people up about pet tanking raids, and it may have succeeded there, but now you have a community of 3 other classes speaking out now.. we flip flopped, 3 tanks classes VS. 3 pet classes is now 3 pet classes VS 3 tank classes. I guess I fail to see the comprehension behind this, as it seems to have done nothing at all in that aspect.

    Don't nerf pets... boost tanks, you can make everyone happy.
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  8. Baramos Augur

    I am not surprised nor overwhelmed with joy or anguish in regards to any of the pet nerfs. I will still hold to the idea that just because something (thru code) can be done doesn't necessarily mean it should be done. Pet runes were put in place in LDoN, seems to me that if the intent wasn't to block set number of hits and or spells in their entirety, then it should not have been implemented and then built upon for so many years.

    Did the spell and aa infinetly scale? Yes it did, and it did exactly the job for which it was intended, keeping the mage pet alive during ae heavy tasks, missions, and raids. A better fix to this would have likely been to increase the refresh time on the spell and aa rather than nerf it into oblivion. All this being said magicians have had good times and bad just like all the classes have, I will continue to thrive in both the group and raid game because I enjoy it.

    A note to the wise, this is precedent to any other infinetely scaling abilities that classes in eq have. You know what they are and who has them, which sadens me because they happen to be in the majority of the classes who demanded such adjustments (nerfs) in the first place.
  9. slurperess Journeyman

    You're kidding me right?
  10. Falos Augur

    I was mistaken on this part, someone else pointed out that they were on different SPA's I went and tested the priest shawl on my mage and they do indeed stack despite being in the same slot. The shawl for priests still is a problem though imo because they cut the amount of mana it returns per a proc in half.. they should put it back to its original number.
  11. Brudal Augur

    Can you define "increased in power", I see that it (the raid priest shawl) went from giveing 300 mana to a 1 tic (plus phantom tic?) of 150 mana per tic on slot 4. Were the mana return values supposed to be increased?
  12. Hiladdar Augur

    Although my main is a raiding ranger with over 110k aa, I also play a group geared magician with over 20k aa.

    Given that, I am probably more then qualified to comment on the upcomming changes to the pet class.

    I do think that pets currently are a bit over tuned. Having not yet tested the changes, I will reserve my comments till I have had an oppertunity to see how the changes affect the game. My concern is that the propoposed changes to the pet classes may go too far, crippliing the pet classes. Rather then making one massive change in several parts of game, I would of prefered much smaller changes one at a time to the class over time with a reaccessments along the way.

    Regarding pet usage on raids. Pets are not normally used to tank a raid boss on a raid. That dramatically lowers the raids dps, and makes the event much longer then it should be. There are a number of events where the mechanics are, that the event dps is so high that not even a squadron of clerics dropping their biggest heals can keep a tank alive against a fully debuffed named, with the tank doing anything less then void tanking. In such events, not even a pet can stay alive for more then one hit from the raid boss. From a player perspective, those are NOT FUN events.

    The raid mob tanking pet that everyone is speaking about is a myth. The reality is that this is a player created work around for an event, that has way to much DPS! The tactic that is used, is that pets are chain summoned and swarmed against the raid named. The pets kamakazi on the named only the crumple and die with one hit from the named. The tactic is to have each pet absorb one hit from the named before it dies. As long as the raid can throw more pets at the named, faster then the named can single round them, the raid wins. In this tactic, enchanters, shaman, and even druids, using their level 55 bear pet swarm the named with pets.

    I do not think the proposed changes will in any way affect the raid. But, the changes will dramatically change the group game, where the bulk of the player base resides. Consider this, when raiders are not raiding, they are playing the group game.
  13. Gnomeland Augur

    FFS why don't people check things out before they post.

    Class AAs are in.

    New spells are also in.

    Go test them.

    New AAs are available under your AA tabs. Spells are available on vendors / from turnins.
  14. Baramos Augur

    I think that Aristo does a good job with the tools available to him, I would love to see him take on the community with a irc chat for each class similar to what Elidroth does for aa's. This would not only provide a chance for the players ( of which many are very creative ) to provide their ideas and feedback before things even go to beta. This would also provide Aristo a forum to voice his concerns, reasoning, and own ideas for the future to the playerbase; something we do not see enough of in my own opinion.

    Would this be additional work on Aristo's part? Why certainly it would be. Would this give the playerbase an idea of what goes on in the background while we anxiously await new content? I believe it would provide insight into the design decisions which are made, as well as more knowledge of the current limitations Aristo has to deal with on a day to day basis.

    Calling a design decision lazy, well that isin and of itself lazy. Why not ask pointed and probing questions rather than point fingers and proclaim blame. The later would likley garner a better response from a member of the development team.
  15. Meteora Elder

    Authenticate your magelo, i want to see 110k aa
  16. Explicit Augur

    And then we can all participate in the various "nerf tank" threads that will pop up as a result! First, they would actually have to listen to tank requests though -- so we can count on this -never- happening.
  17. Gladare Augur

    lol you don't know who he is?
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  18. Hiladdar Augur


    Do you want ketchup with your humble pie?

    Authenticated magelo is: http://eq.magelo.com/profile/531320. According to authenticated profile, I have over 112k AA spent right now.
  19. Meteora Elder

    Why would i know who he is. A) He's on Bristle, B) Hes a ranger. Sorry i don't keep up with everyone!
  20. Kaenneth Augur

    It's a Honey Boo Boo sort of famous.

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