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Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by Rtugok, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. EverChanter Augur

    I'm not sure that because you spend 8-12 hours a day doing headshots makes you a "more then qualified" person on the class. AA leading, probably, but out of raids, progression tasks, and headshots how much time have you spent on the Mage that wasn't afk?
  2. Fastfistz New Member

    In regards to the decrease in pet ac/hp. I play a Shadow Knight and do have a mage/necro I enjoy to mess around with (both 100 and over 4k aa) when not wanting to play my SK. So don't think I'm pet bashing or don't have a real tank.

    Question is just like what was done with Necro/shaman fast dots where they do less damage to "raid type mobs" is there a way for pets to get a decrease in hp/ac in raid type settings? (not saying anguish or old raid zones) but VoA + raids. This way players who solo or just group aren't hit hard by this nerf. Just a thought.
  3. Superhellokitty New Member

    Veteran's wrath (at least rank 12) does not work with 2-handed piercing.
  4. Angahran Augur

    Personally I don't care who he is and I don't see any reason to boast about having a ranger with 110k AA on a discussion about pet changes (apart from pointing out how overpowered headshot is, but that's a completely different topic).
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  5. Spadan New Member

    As a magician i feel crapped on by this. I was considering going free to play. This is going to make that a reality.
  6. Zakor Elder

    You gotta love the math...

    Beastlord, Magician, and Necromancer pets (level 96-100) have had their base HP and AC reduced slightly. Halved the AC and HP advantage given to pets with the most basic focus (Enhanced Minion VII) and adjusted the later ranks accordingly.

    Slightly = Half

    What kind of logic is going on in those heads? Not much.
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  7. Spadan New Member

    I thought Sony would want to keep their paying players, not push them to find other games because they're taking away class benefits. Why fix what's not broken? Where's the logic in that?
  8. Kirkisx Augur

    200 more housing slots in all my houses THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. Tegila Augur

    just on this note i hate to break it to ya but we have several necros whose pets can and have (during recoveries not active kills as we dont do that_ tank raid mobs in rof and they last jsut as long as the mage ones. i know traditionally and in the past necro pets were weaker but in the last couple years theyve come to be very close. i will say that it's nice to have a shot at recovering with this method if needed, but i would never stand for using them AS teh tank during an active kill. the reason they work so nice for recoeries liek this is that the healers dont needto focus as much on ehaling and can help rez rebuff the real tanks etc more, and every pet class has 2 pets raring to go not needing more than 1-2 buffs from their owners and nothing but a spell/aa cast to bring up another one (with suspended you have 2 ready to go at all times, after that you need new ones yeah) . cantcomment on bst pets in tais regard bc our 1 bst is usually morefocused on buffing, slowing the mob while shaman are buffing people, and his paragon , than bothering with his pet, and thats just fine. but point is necro pets can do it and not jsut for a few seconds. this is not just an anti-mage thing that has repercussions for the toher 2,

    and the "half" was half of the ADDED not half altogether, so it does work out to slightly. without any EM focus nearly all if notall of these pets, before this change, come out of the box with 100k+ base hp's, em just adds to taht and ac etc, so this is only cutting half of the bonus not half of everything
  10. Izcurly Augur

    They could have worded it better, but it does actually say it was the focus items that were nerfed, not the base pet itself. So it's not half of the base pet like many people seem to read. Still, a nerf is a nerf.
  11. AnimalHunter New Member

    Druid Clutch of Ro and Thornmaw Vines. Worthless spells. Why would I use the clutch when I have better means to heal and my AA is better then the spell.
    Why would I use thornmaw vines when I have Entrap or Vinelash?
    Both are better options as one is already on my bar and the other is an AA so doesnt take up space on my spell bar.
    Granted druids actually have two spells I think are great, the majority of the new spells just blow.
  12. Daislet Augur

    This is completely wrong.

    You probably need to play your mage more rather than "play" him more.
  13. Kirkisx Augur

    ok not really a bug as much a a request for free and silver accounts not being able to use rank II spells is ok but would it be possible to be able to scribe them at least i tried too last night and said had to be gold to scribe would it be possible in near future to be able to scribe them but only able to cast the rank 1 version of it?
  14. Slasher Augur

    Sarcasm ? I can't tell. He adds new spells without input from the community doesn't even care about the opinion of the players and the only changes you will ever see are bugs he is by far the worst kind of dev for a 14 year old game where the community needs to be involved or why play the game ? Dozens of times he has put outright downgrades to current spells/disc in the game and when pointed out he never looked at it or changed them. His way of developing is here's your content my way or no way.

    He is more then capable of holding IRC Chats for input on spells/disc but he doesn't and years ago he said he never will and that shows his arrogance in thinking he knows best and he doesn't care for any input from people who play the game he doesn't play.
  15. Kaylord101 Elder

    wow, lots of haters against someone that has an insane amount of aa's.

    pretty sure he knows what he is talking about. but keep hating i guess,

    i dont Care anymore anyways, If these changes go live, I am for sure going free to play and then I'm sure ill be bored and quit, no way am I starting a new class from start when I am already maxed aa
  16. Voodoman Augur

    AAs don't mean anything. You could have all the AAs in the world and have no idea what you're talking about, it just means you're good at getting AAs. Not discrediting anyone's class knowledge here, but saying "I have lots of AAs" doesn't qualify for understanding about a subject (unless that subject is getting lots AAs).
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  17. RVDRVD New Member

    Any update to the issue of pet spell agro going to the pet owner?
  18. Bladeth New Member

    I recently returned to the game. I have been playing a ranger since release and I stopped playing many times due to people whing about rangers...they are nerfed to hell except for head shot which was nerfed by the same whiners who were getting leveled up by rangers.

    Now I play a Mage as an alt and was really enjoying playing this class and now a nerf? Oh well guess maybe another long break.

  19. Sinestra Augur

    It says pets that are 96-100 have had their base hp and ac reduced and that the bonus from the focus was reduced as well.

    "Beastlord, Magician, and Necromancer pets (level 96-100) have had their base HP and AC reduced slightly."

    So they got hit in two places on top of the nerfs coming down the line for at least necro and mage pet buffs.
  20. Blistex New Member

    Yeah, I came back to eq as a Gold subscriber to play a Mage. I'm now at the level where this nerf will affect me. I'll see how it goes until my current month runs out. If I feel hosed, I'm done again. They've lost a paying customer over something that didn't affect 90% of the EQ community.

    And even if it's true that a 99 earth pet can tank a raid level mob, who cares? Were the raid participants happy to have finished the raid? Or were they pissed? I know when I get into a group with a Decap Zerker or a Headshot Ranger I'm thinking 'sweet, these guys are going down fast and I'm benefiting from that guy's class abilities.' Not 'time to start whining that my caster can't oneshot mobs like that.' Well who the hell cares? Different classes can do different awesome things. And when you start messing with those, you start pissing people off. People get pissed, people stop paying. I know if I get pissed I'm done giving my money over.

    There are plenty of other games out there, or hell, I'll just to resume my Netflix subscription and watch movies instead. I'm not going to pay to get crapped on.
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