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  1. Rtugok Developer

    April 11, 2013

    *** Items ***

    - Rust-Tinged Box of Fear now states what class it is for in the Lore tab description.
    - Removed Berserkers from Warden's Stone of Enhancement since they can't use 1h weapons.
    - Freedom of Dexterity now has added backstab damage.
    - Fear Fruit now properly causes damage when eating it.
    - Hero's Forge robe augments can now be used on any leather armor.
    - Increased the mana, spell damage, and clairvoyance on caster 2h weapons from Rain of Fear. Removed attack, combat effects, and strikethrough from caster 1h and 2h weapons.
    - Changed the way the berserker breastplate clicks Chaotic Frenzy and Boundless Frenzy work. The procs are now much harder to resist, but they have a limit of 10 procs as they were originally intended to and occur less often.
    - Added labels to many existing items that were part of lore groups but did not indicate so, such as Drops of Focused Sunlight and Stones of Power.
    - Fixed a spelling error in the "Title Pack: Animal Lover" item.
    - Greatly reduced the size and weight of houses when placed in your inventory.
    - The mana recourse effects on all of Brell's prayer shawls have been increased in power, but now should only benefit the caster once per spell.
    - 2-handed piercing bonuses have been added to Cleave. Beginning with Cleave VII, 2-handed piercing has replaced Kick when Cleave has a damage added bonus. This is a short-term fix. We are working on a long term resolution for a future release.
    - Corrected several items that could sometimes fail to activate their spell effects due to timer sharing. Examples include the 'Vicious Rabbit' and the potion 'Kilva's Blistering Flesh'.
    - All weapon and shield ornamentations that are purely cosmetic (ones do not offer stats or spell effects) no longer require a solvent to remove.
    - Clarified the tribute description for the 'Trophy of the Garden Path'.

    *** Tradeskills ***

    - Kerst Frostrift and his companions have created what they call the "New Tanaan Merchant Alliance" in the Plane of Knowledge. He might have some particularly interesting news for you if you have completed a certain shawl...
    - The book "Fear Powered Fletching" now lists how to create Terror Crossbows and Terror Crossbow Bolts.

    *** Quests & Events ***

    - Adjusted the damage dealt by the mission-specific spells used in "More Gnomes, More Problems" to make melee and spell damage outputs more comparable.
    - Made significant tuning changes to the mission "Piestro's Day Off":
    - - Enemies will no longer repop in the mission.
    - - Removed most passive abilities from the template characters and replaced them with activated abilities.
    - - Lowered the recast timers of several very long abilities so they can be used much more often.
    - - Increased template character power relevant to the template class. Warriors now have higher defense and AC. Monks and Rogues have higher melee damage output and avoidance. Casters have larger mana pools and regenerate mana faster.
    - - Added a dagger to the rogue template so that they can properly backstab.
    - - Most NPCs can now be snared, mesmerized, and otherwise crowd controlled.
    - - Reduced the HP, damage, and maximum level of many NPCs that could overwhelm the party.
    - - Reduced the spell resistance for all NPCs.
    - - Changed the maximum number of any particular template character to 1. Each player must now play a different class.
    - - Removed the ability to bring Mercenaries into the instance.
    - The Dynamic Zones for Grelleth's Palace and Shard's Landing will now allow players to be added after the raid event has been won.

    *** Spells ***

    - All player spells and abilities that affected piercing or two-handed attacks have been adjusted to enhance Two-Handed Piercing where appropriate.
    - Ranger - Flusterbolt and Blusterbolt are now physical resist abilities and should land far more reliably.
    - Beastlord, Magician, and Necromancer pets (level 96-100) have had their base HP and AC reduced slightly. Halved the AC and HP advantage given to pets with the most basic focus (Enhanced Minion VII) and adjusted the later ranks accordingly.
    - All existing player-castable pet block buffs have had damage caps added to them. These values should easily exceed damage from group content of the appropriate eras:
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Ward of Calliav of 11747.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Guard of Calliav of 12922.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Protection of Calliav of 14214.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Bulwark of Calliav and Feral Guard of 15635.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Mammoth-Hide Guard of 17198.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Aegis of Calliav of 17198.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Dragonscale Guard of 18918.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Bulwark of Tri'Qaras of 18017/18467/18929.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Aegis of Kildrukaun of 18918.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Spectral Rampart of 19580.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Beastwood Rampart of 20265.
    - - Set a damage cap per hit on Beastwood Ward of 22902.

    *** AA ***

    - All AAs that affected piercing or two-handed attacks have been adjusted to enhance Two-Handed Piercing where appropriate.
    - Fixed an issue where using a Glyph AA would cause your current HP to get out of synch.
    - Nature's Bounty will now do a proper second forage in zones where there are scripted forage events.
    - Berserker - Dying Blow will now correctly trigger when you die.
    - Cleric - Corrected an issue with Touch of the Divine which could have prevented it from properly healing the player it landed on.
    - Monk - Techniques of Master Wu will now execute only the skill that triggered it, and can now chain a few extra times.

    *** Achievements ***

    - Existing Rain of Fear Collection Achievements have been moved underneath the Rain of Fear expansion header in the Achievements window. This should not affect player progression on those achievements.

    *** Miscellaneous ***

    - It is now possible to forage while on a mount.
    - Added the 2H Piercing skill to the game, and renamed Piercing to 1H Piercing.
    - Added a /leaverealestate command that will exit a real esate zone. This is also available in the EQ Menu under Real Estate.
    - Fixed an issue that would cause certain archery attacks to miss when accuracy was too high.
    - Fixed multiple instances of abilities and spells with a percent chance to happen missing out on 1% of that chance.
    - Adjusted the difficulty of learning Begging, Intimidate, and Disarm. They should be much easier to learn.
    - Fixed an issue where ground spawns (such as collection items) could spawn in the air.
    - House yards and interiors can now hold more items.

    *** UI ***

    - Added more appropriate minimum sizes to some of the windows.
    - Added the ability to pull up the bazaar search (Shift+Ctrl+Left Click) and barter search (Shift+Alt+Left Click) windows from multiple different locations like inventory slots or item links.
    - Changed the selections in the Loot Nodrop confirmation pulldown. "Sometimes" is now named "Not Usable". Additionally, updated /lootnodrop to now accept "usable".
    - Added check boxes to filter mercenaries and pets in the Tracking Window that tie in to the existing All, Group or None filters.
    - Converted all of the dragitem TGA files to the DDS format to reduce memory requirements. If you maintain a UI that uses custom images, we suggest you define these images in another XML file and add the name of that file to EQUI.xml instead of adding them directly to EQUI_Animations.xml.
    - Corrected many icons that previously bled into each other.
    - Added many more usable icons to the game.
    - Converted the location of where we define a window as "Escapable" from the code to the XML for that window. There is now a new XML tag that we recognize "Escapable". By default, all windows that don't have this tag will default to closing when pressing 'Esc'.
    - Enhanced bazaar window to allow the query button to be refreshed even if no changes have been made to the search terms.
    - Added to the default context menu for all windows the ability to set "'Esc' to Close".
    - Changed defaults.ini to force many windows to not be escapable by default to address clients using custom UI's that haven't been updated.
    - The SC icon will now flash and broadcast a message when an item goes on a flash sale. Clicking the SC button will take you to that item.

    - Changed -

    - The EverQuest Team
  2. Yinla Augur

  3. Falos Augur

    Oh good the long awaited un-neccesary pet nerf patch that was brought about by 2 guilds out of 50 pet tanking raid bosses.

    Awesome. Christmas came early.

    Oh also, the new priest shawl effect doesn't stack with druid skin buffs or cleric self buffs - awesome x2!
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  4. CaptAmazing Augur

    Pets got nerfed?
  5. Recnarp Augur

    Instead of nerfing how pets hold aggro, they decide to nerf survivability. Lazy.
    Nillaien, Sinestra and Mintalie like this.
  6. Dewdew New Member

    Still no class AA's.... depressing how long rof has been out now.

    and ya nerf pets finally, this probably still isn't enough. Just the fact that a dps class like a mage can tank a boss mob better than an actual player because pets mitigate spell damage, immune to kb, outthreat everything. Even in the simple group game (which hardly exists already and the devs have zero clue how to fix so they hemorrhage what few new players check out the game) pets steal an entire role.
  7. Recnarp Augur

    Pets shouldn't be able to tank raid bosses. I agree. However, you dont take the easy road because you're too lazy to create code that alters how pets hold aggro in a raid setting and instead adjust hp/ac values.
    Sinestra likes this.
  8. silku Augur

    yeah, doesn't seem to be much work on enhancing as much as worrying about pets =/
    Sinestra likes this.
  9. Dewdew New Member

    raid bosses lol, how about group bosses. imo they shouldn't tank better than a merc tank.
  10. Ranvir New Member

    Of course they should. That's what AA's are for. A pet class having maxed out their pet related AA's should have a pet that is much better than a tank merc.
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  11. Dewdew New Member

    Very well, then a war/sk/pal should have much better "sustained" dps than a wizard merc. Scratch that, they should be able to do equal geared mage dps.
  12. Slasher Augur

    An SK with all his AAs should beat a wizard merc oh wait a berserker with all his AAs and a raid weapon cant beat a wizard merc lol.
  13. Piemastaj Augur

    Give the Magician Tank survivability then.

    Works both ways.
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  14. Dewdew New Member

    I said sustained dps, not burst, and not fully raid geared either..just aa's like he said.
    Also not comparing berserkers???
    It isn't working both ways, it's currently leaning one way, and we're comparing pet tankability, not the actual mage itself.

    Please try to pay attention to the convo people, ty
  15. Piemastaj Augur

    If you knew anything about Magicians you would know that pets are our sustained. And our sustained is far better then our burst.

    And when comparing pets and Magicians they are the same. They go hand in hand. Or do you not compare AC when talking about tanks?
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  16. Ranvir New Member

    I have yet to use a wizzy merc, but from what I've seen they are very good (I've even watched a cleric use a wizzy merc as a tank in T1 RoF).

    Tank mercs, on the other hand, suck. They don't come any where near a real tank. So when I said pets (with maxed AA) should be better than a tank merc, they absolutely should. Not a real tank (sk/pally/war), but a crappy tank merc.
  17. silku Augur

    Why is the logic that a paladin/sk/warrior in decent gear should tank better than a tank merc, not followed by a pet class with decent gear should tank better than a tank merc? Both are a class fulfilling a function. Mages need a tank to tank for them, or they are pretty helpless.
  18. Voodoman Augur

    Have the changes been tested and analyzed yet? Or am I missing something.
  19. Falos Augur

    I didn't parse it fully but my quick glimpse seems to indicate a 20 percent nerf to pet hp, no clue on AC, also that's just a rough estimate not a precise parse
  20. Voodoman Augur

    That's quite a bit of HP, lol. Instead of brutal slaughter, why not reduce the second round of buffs they received in Beta? Do not understand. Overbuff pets -> completely slaughter them later because OP. Not the best procedures.
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