Sunk Cost Fallacy

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  1. Kazzuk Elder

    Having boxed raid clerics on the last few TLPs I will say, you are both right, it really depends on how fast the tank is loosing health as to whether you want a smaller faster heal or the slow as molasses cheal.
  2. Kraked Augur

    The debate was not about what should be used, but rather what is more efficient.

    Ghealing/SHealing will generate less aggro / less mana / less time resulting in a more efficient heal and allows you to sit faster, meaning you generate that mana back faster.

    That is my argument based on classic level 1-50 tanks not even having remotely close enough hp to use CH efficiently.
  3. Kazzuk Elder

    Since you are talking about sitting I guess you mean in a group setting and not a raid setting. Hell tanks wont get the full affects of Cheal until velious. You wont use greater once you have superior, at least not as a cleric.
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  4. Kraked Augur

    At least you agree!
    The main reason I use Ghealing as the mana consumption is very very low and the healing still is enough, until you get to "Hole" really. Superior I use as a filler if the tank is really low.
  5. Ruhi Augur

    again - arguing to argue as you post an ambiguous reply.

    thanks for simply confirming you were debating that wizards didn't need a box for high end camps. doze doesn't understand but maybe this will help.

    your opinion on the all/all wand for tagging doesn't match your opinion for the conflg wand i guess. the conflag wand is lore i believe, you can bind and gate, get parcels for more wands i suppose. nice goal post move though

    i likely wont reply about this same subject matter - i feel as though we're at a point where it's arguing to argue. we're going in circles over nothing and it's pointless. also, i've lost all credibility and i have no idea what i'm talking about.
  6. Doze Augur

    How ironic of you to say so ...

    "again - arguing to argue as you post an ambiguous reply."

    You are confusing 2 seperate things:
    1) Win the tag! Flux Staff makes this a lot easier
    2) Kill the hard mobs! Conflag Wand adds additional instant cast fire power to help with this (should it be needed).

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  7. Dominate Augur

    TFluxx is by far the best item in classic for tags. Thin Bone Wands will be out of charges before a mob unlocks, and even if they are not it is still going to be 1 wand per 1 named spawn because of the random unlock period after spawn. I am not super into camping "teens" mobs so I can go camp big mobs. I will just make wizards. They won't even be worth farming other than having for very specific instances. Classic EQ does not require a ton of skill, but stuff like this is where the skill gap between good players and mediocre players shows up.

    Harm Touch will get blown on a locked mob more often then it will land. Tash is going to be a pretty sweet spell to get tags, too.

    As I have previously stated; HG Hill is going to be the most civil it has ever been. Far more civil than any camp with a named. It will be a nice change. As a side note: People who grief JBoots turn ins have a special place reserved for them in hell.

    I, for one, welcome our new Wizard overlords.

    Edit: This mechanic is going to get TFlux staff nerfed.