Sunk Cost Fallacy

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  1. Lynada Journeyman

    What's funny is, the same people trolling here without any consequences will then go to do the same in game and weaponize FTE against the players, again with no consequences. The issue is that DPG don't enforce any of their rules in any of their environments. Case and point some of the obvious trolling going on in here.

    The only recourse is to sit there and just petition all issues. When they see tickets are up 1000% maybe they'll finally understand that the only way to fix this stuff is to actually enforce your rules.
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  2. Joules_Bianchi A certain gnome

    The intended purpose of FTE ostensibly is to reduce killstealing.

    Cutting the server population by 2/3 because noone likes the FTE mechanic and releasing it into the wild in a still broken state will certaily help with that!
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  3. Doze Augur

    How so?
    You are the one that brought up the example of how Paladins will now be able to take mobs from wizards and I told you that will not be the case - and why not.
    The Staff of Temperate Flux is part of ALL wizards arsenal (that has even a remote clue about the class) since classic (in theory then it is even obtainable as early as lvl1).

    Any goalpost moving going on here is all you.
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  4. Kazzuk Elder

    You do realize that you can still make this a DPS race, I could take the lock by healing the paladin on my cleric and then open to my group proceed to DPS race...

    Yeah, I don't see much point of FTE with this implementation, pretty much every way to (ab)use it I predicted is valid. One I didn't think of that was recently pointed out, you can bypass faction for faction quests that only require indifferent on any class with no invis trickery now too.

    I am looking forward to much less trash clearing on raids though so don't mind FTE.
  5. Ruhi Augur

    you think a cleric can pull agro with heals off a standard tank class? i'm thinking not so much - maybe bestow da - but that's past velious where fte wont matter all that much imo

    as for the indifferent quest turn in stuffs - it can already be done with sneak/invis pots - i don't really see it as a game changer

    wizard or not - instant cast agro clicks/abilities exists for a multitude of classes - it will be interesting seeing what kind of wizard population there is because people are seemingly fixated on the staff of temporal flux as a win-all for some weird reason. i think we'll see a lot of wizards because of the staff even though it doesn't matter overall lol.
  6. Kraked Augur

    1 ) In classic, ALL DAY they will be able to take aggro lol. Big heals early on destroy your mana pool but also draw immense aggro, which is why most healers use Ghealing until raids or in The Hole where you get womped on or are healing a charm pet.

    2 ) The quest issues are very broad and have not even been addressed yet in the fixes from my testing. I can still lock a quest NPC making it so no one can turn in.
    With the amount of quests in classic that are needed/wanted before Kunark lands, this becomes an issue.

    3 ) The reason why the wizard staff is the best example is because it has 0 recast and it is instant cast, it is also obtainable at a very low level and useable at lvl 5 I believe?
    The only issue with the staff is going to be "Heal Agro" and if someone is capable of grabbing it back from the wizard fast enough to take it before the wizard gets enough dmg to hold/kill the npc. That is if they do not fix the heal aggro, which if the do it creates more issues.

    I think we are going to see more enchanters than ever, since you can just mez and slow an npc and the aggro generated is insane which will make it near impossible to take.
  7. Larsen Augur

    Anyone can farm and use this. It isn't even lore so you can carry a bunch of them around, and they're easy to farm. Wizard won't be the #1 KSing class because wizards can't solo mobs worth KSing. It'll be necros and shamans. Enchanters will be alright too but not as convenient because you'll be reliant on a charmed pet which is awkward when you need to spam a hotkey to get the first tag and can't afford to deal with a charm break in the middle of a tagging contest, or to invis and move from camp to camp as will be the new meta on Oakwynd where KSing groups is more profitable than holding a single camp.
  8. brickz Augur

    The mobs are locked for several seconds after they spawn. So any class can turn on auto attack and hope their packet gets to the server first
  9. Kraked Augur

    Only useful if you want to farm them, which I do not see many people doing based on the zone it is located in.
    Necros will always be god based on the cast time of the dots and soloability.

    Enchanters : I disagree since I main an enchanter almost every TLP, Most do not solo, they box a healer. I do not see that being an issue like you said.

    I agree with your invis premise, since most people do not have "See Invis" early on so you most will think the camp is clear of taggers, they will just pop in take it and gate/evac/whatever.
  10. Ruhi Augur

    have you grouped with nothing but bad tanks? - i don't think i've ever seen a healer pull agro of 1 mob that a tank is actively trying to maintain agro on.

    are you just summarizing a pull of 5-10 mobs and a healer getting agro on a few of them as every scenario?

    such a weird argument drawing parallels about immense agro and mana pool efficiency when complete heal is the most efficient heal even in classic and i've never seen or heard of it being a threat issue type of spell - your take on this is just bizarre

    quest npcs are already "locked" on regular servers if they are in combat - you cannot turn in items if the npc is in combat on any server - all experienced eq players know this

    the point on the wizard staff - there are other classes with similar ability - instant cast tagging - there's an all/all wand that is instant cast if people really want an instant tag clicky. wizard has nothing special, except the fact you'll likely need to box something else as wizard solo ability is limited.

    healing/runing to attempt to unlock a locked mob will happen, but if you're running a tank/ranger or high dps (mage pet, monk) - healing/runes aren't going to rip agro on a named the group is already dpsing.
  11. Shenanigans Journeyman

    You missed something- If you out of group heal a player enough to make the hate list, aggro unlocks which then ends with a DPS race.

    point being, yet more dev time wasted on this nonsense noone wanted.
  12. Shenanigans Journeyman

    I downloaded and loaded into Planetside 2, spent a little coin on some shinies and... some sniper one rounds me IN the starting area from inside a column where he can't be hit.

    I never logged in again.

    Just like Zek server.
  13. Kazzuk Elder

    Absolutely, all day long, one cast and a sit.

    Also, you don't have to pull aggro, just have to get added to the hate list to unlock it for you.
  14. Kraked Augur

    I am talking about a healer spamming heals to grab aggro, that will happen all day.
    You are talking about a healer just healing to keep the tank alive, see the difference? I agree, tanks will hold those npcs lol..

    I box a cleric with my enchanter on most TLPs because of CH for my pet, nobody else but my charm pet that has x10 the hp of a tank in classic.
    Superior / Ghealing is plenty for all group content in classic, and many raids while also being more mana efficient.
    You are wasting mana with CH and overhealing for 0 reason.

    Yes they are, FTE makes that even more enjoyable now doesn't it?

    "Some" have a similiar ability - The point of the wizard staff is you legit have unlimited charges, spam casting, no cooldown, etc. Most others will have cooldown, limited charges, etc.
    The fact people say you need a 2nd box with a wizard is straight laughable - Root / Nuke / Root / Nuke / Dead, is it not rocket science.

    I agree, you will rarely if ever will win a fte/dps once a group is already engaged but most will not even attempt it once they realize they are late to the party.
    I would take note of the kill timer and come back, while I check over picks/named/etc.
  15. Shenanigans Journeyman


    In NO amount of gaming space will it ever be legitimate to have mobs aggro and beating on you and not be able to defend yourself at all.

    Thus, ganking aggro via heals, etc HAS to allow you to fight back.

    This would be a deal breaker to a lot of players. (aside from,it's not the EQ we all came here to play, it's an EQ2 mechanic imported cos some dev worked on EQ2 for 6 months in like 2005 and they think it's a solution to a VERY minimal problem)
  16. Koniku Elder

    I dont understand what situation you are in where you spend time getting aggro with heals/bene and still have time to win the dps race on the same mob
  17. Kraked Augur

    Like others have pointed out with FTE, this allows for say a "Paladin" to have a chance.
    Paladins are not going to kill most NPCs in any timely manner, so there is one instance.

    Same goes currently for bard / war / pally / cleric or any other class that cannot kill in a timely manner.

    I doubt I would ever use it truthfully, but I only responded to make a point in that it can be done.
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  18. Kazzuk Elder

    On top of the obvious that Kraked pointed out (you beat me to it I was starting to type the same when I saw your reply!), I would add that this will more often be used on contested raid targets in open world, less often on the group targets.
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  19. Kraked Augur

    That is one thing I am curious how it will play out.

    If healers get added to the "Hate" list, does that mean everyone in that group/raid also get added?
    I have not tested that theory yet.
  20. Kazzuk Elder

    I only did limited testing but it was group wide.
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