Simply raising XP doesn't really help casual players.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Strawberry, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. Neldarion Lorekeeper

    Anyone that mentions OW mobs is a certified troll. OW raid mobs should be removed from the game entirely, they are a toxic mess.
  2. ShivanAngel Augur

    Again you are simply saying im trolling because you disagree with me... regardless of how you feel about them it is extra loot that exists that casuals typically dont have access to.
  3. Neldarion Lorekeeper

    It exists for 4 expansions out of 25. That's not a solution.

    Also why don't casuals have access to that loot? I thought we determined casuals play 18 hours a day. Surely it's only casuals that have access to that loot? Hardcore people play 12 hours a week, they can't do OW mobs.
  4. ShivanAngel Augur

    Now who is trolling...

    I said there are casuals who play 20+ hours a week and hardcores who play 12... hwrdcore vs casual isnt strictly playtime.
  5. Neldarion Lorekeeper

    So why do only hardcore have access to that loot when OW mobs are strictly a playtime requirement?

    If we decided that playtime has no relevance to hardcore vs casual, then OW mobs have no relevance to hardcore vs casual. They are simply a playtime requirement.

    OW mobs are the same as reduced AoC unlock timers, they benefit high play time. They are nothing to do with hardcore vs casual.

    You defined me as hardcore, but I want nothing to do with raiding more, or OW mobs, wouldn't touch them with a barge pole.

    Look at Selo, defined as ultra casual and got reduced AOC unlocks. So by that logic raiding more + OW mobs = extreme casual.
  6. ShivanAngel Augur

    im saying there are more factors then simply llaytime in determining harcore vs casual...

    Yes casuals can have high playtime, yes hardcore can have lower playtime. It isnt the norm but it does exist.

    I play 30+ a week and dont define myself as hardcore
  7. Neldarion Lorekeeper

    I'm saying the main factor in determining OW mobs = playtime. So you labelling OW mobs hardcore is a fallacy.

    But whatever its a pointless argument, such as OW mobs are pointless.
  8. xakanrn Augur

    Only DBG knows how many actual subs it has since most companies stop releasing numbers years ago
    So i can say 10k sub and be right someone can say 100k and be right
    Only way nowadays is to look at steam activity and that is a poor judge since most people do not go thru steam to launch most mmorpg
    It is interesting that the number of people on by steam tends to go up nearly 50% to 100% during launch of new TLP and then dies down back to its baseline about 2-4 months later
    So all i can say from that data is TLP is a huge income provider for EQ esp.since you have to be a sub to play it .
  9. Doze Elder

    I'd have to disagree that playtime is not a major factor in distinguishing between casual and hardcore, but what you do with your time when you are online is certainly also a big factor.

    It is entirely possible to play a lot and still be considered a casual, but it is almost impossible to play very little and at the same time qualify as being hardcore.
  10. Ceffener Augur

    Companies stop bragging about numbers once it has peaked and started going down (hard to brag about numbers that are lower). But Devs have claimed EQ numbers are “stable” for the last couple years.

    Probably a jump for a month for TLP launch and Expansion launch on live and then smooths back to the stable number. Keep some newer/returning players and lose some older players. If a TLP had some huge spike like 50k, 100k...I’m pretty certain we would see DBG capitalize on that by bragging their off in advertising.
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  11. xakanrn Augur

    Well that is assuming a 50% spike means 50k new subs
    I seriously doubt that(again the real numbers are known to DBG only)
  12. Hinastorm Elder

    I agree with it being a toxic mess, I dont agree with them being removed though.

    I would never join a guild that makes a habit of competing for open world stuff, personally. Im not enough of a loot to deal with that .

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