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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. Lisard Augur

    calm down sir, these 2 things are not like the other. lol.
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  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I think 3 years on from the first server with Truebox, it’s time to poll the remaining players on Phinigel to see how the general population still feels about the Truebox code.
  3. Typucm Elder

    +1 here! :)
  4. Tachya Elder

    Rules that aren't enforced are the worst of both worlds. You can play by the rules while others break them with impunity, or you can break them too and then there's still that remote possibility that sometime in the future you'll get banned for it.

    I'd prefer Truebox IF Daybreak actually enforced the rules effectively. As it stands, Non Truebox would be fine with me. What I'm really interested in more than Truebox vs Non Truebox, is for Daybreak to clean up the servers and do something about all the rampant hacking, cheating, and exploiting. Then I might be more interested in getting aboard again sometime.
  5. Javaliscious New Member

    Non truebox. AoC's. 3 month unlocks. Start at Velious or Luclin. Toss in FV looting if you like. Make that and people will come. Don't limit number of boxes. People will just circumvent it. I mean if they can on a truebox server you can bet they can do it on this new one. Your just going to give false expectations again to people who would expect it to be a 2 or 3 box only server. Give it a fun name like "The Circus" or something so people know what they are signing up for. It would be crazy but fun.
  6. yagis New Member

    can I play 2 char in 2 computer but manage them using remote desktop in a true box server?
  7. Machen Augur

    They've never answered whether this is against the rules or not, but many people do.
  8. NinjutsuMMO Lorekeeper

    People love a fractured community, we should honestly just make a server every month with a different rule-set so people can constantly re-roll on a new server.

    How the heck is this viable for daybreak having servers with dead communities and people losing interest in the game ? not to mention why bother spending money on Station cash store because its going to be a pointless character progression very soon with all the nonstop server abandonment and migrations.

    with games like pantheon coming out soon you would think they would merge these dead servers or come up with some sort of genius way for players to server transfer for free to other servers.

    the community is always giving feedback and i have seen many great ideas written up and shared with the community and not one thread has had a Daybreak staff member reply or forward the suggestions to someone with half a brain who can actually approve a change.

    one of the best ideas i've seen was a server locked for every expansion with a free transfer to and from that server allowing people to move around freely on any server they choose as long as they don't move backwards in the timeline with future gear allowing them to stay on the server of their choice for as long as they like before deciding when its right for them to move to the next expansion.

    but daybreak wants to make 10 different servers that fracture the community and when people log in they think the game is dead and leave as soon as they came back more than likely curious about the nostalgia of the game they once played.

    i can tell you that if they dont do something sooner than later and actually make an effect when pantheon comes out or any other game like an EQ MMO this game will die off once and for all and their glory to fame as the longest running MMO will end and be a distant memory to Boomers and nobody else..

    if anything make a PvP time locked server.
  9. Sikkun Elder

    So the better solution to “10 new servers” that fragment the community is 26 new locked servers.

    Pantheon...”soon”. Lol
  10. code-zero Augur

    Since it mentioned Pantheon I'm assuming this last post was being facetious
  11. Lemaitre New Member

    I would be interested, but I'd hate to have to start over AGAIN. I'd rather if they just removed the truebox requirement from the existing server after a certain expansion in order to address population drain issues. As it is, I already spend too much time LFG on anything other than a core class.
  12. Skuz Augur

    You have Ragefire/Lockjaw & Live servers, how many non-truebox servers does EQ need to make available to you?

    The answer is don't roll on a Truebox server to begin with.
  13. sauron69 Journeyman

    As has been said a million times in this thread ragefire/lockjaw came before truebox and aoc's were implemented. Most if not all the people that want a non true box server want AoC's as box armies impact is lessened significantly with them.
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  14. Sythrak20 Journeyman

    Is there any specific time frame on if/when/ever this might happen? I’m guessing with the introduction of three relatively new servers were not looking at another tlp for at least a year.
  15. Skuz Augur

    My guess is March 2020 is highly likely.
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  16. Shermini New Member

    I would love something like this start similar to Selos allowing people to progress through classic content in a speedy manor AoC's for raiding if you like. I love LDON content. Bring out instances if you like. Take a break and not be dependent on other unless you want too.
  17. likestobox Lorekeeper

    Non truebox, start from classic, AoC, not super fast unlocks would be awesome. Also if you add FV ruleset and you will have the most popular server ever.
  18. Duality Elder

    I feel that it's definitely time to have another TLP with truebox removed. As it is right now, for a new player that wishes to box, you're better off starting on FV. You can rotate subs for J5 mercs and AA, since it's not a required all-access server and the population is still healthy. Agnarr, coirnav, and selo are all in the low population from stale content. Miragul has a decent evening (US) population, but nothing like a new TLP ever had. Mangler will be in planes of power in March and we all know what happens to phinny clones around then.

    Apart from non true-box, I'd hope for the following:
    2 month unlocks, 1 month if no new levels, 1 day if no new levels or AA (PoR)
    FV loot rules
    XP rate between selo and mangler (closer to mangler)

    For me I wouldn't care if there was a 2 box limit per PC or not. I'd still only box 6-8 at a time and be very thankful for saving me $10-15 a month on electricity. I don't see how it would help against the cheaters but some people might feel better about it.
  19. Machen Augur

    A partial truebox will be even worse than current truebox, in terms of how much it gets abused. They should either remove truebox or not, no half measures.
  20. Vicus Elder

    Starts at classic but below makes even current content more challenging.
    Standard loot rules
    Velious/Pop experience rates
    Serverwide debuff placed on every character reducing their overall healing/damage/damage mitigation by 20%. This would increase the difficulty of solo/group and raid content without having to rewrite the code for every character. Similar to the debuff that effected pets only on raid targets, but MUCH easier to code. 20% is open to discussion...10-40% or whatever.
    Non-Truebox to ensure the server isn't dead in 2 weeks like Miragul (minus two guilds that have 80% of the server population).
    NO KRONO on this server only, requires subscription but Krono disabled to ensure a fair and legit classic feel.
    Maps Disabled until LDON (when missions were introduced requiring compass directions).
    4 Month level increase, 3 month no levels expansion release speed.

    Also this works well with DBG's because this is a mirror opposite of Selo's server where you get a broad stroke look at every expansions, this server will be a stop and smell the roses servers.

    PS, the lack feedback from the Devs on this forum is just crazy. You open it for discussion..and don't discuss. If you think that having a thread open about it when you ninja announce the server ruleset is going to prevent you some seriously angry feedback when you put a server out that no one wants, you are mistaken. Talk to us. Take votes. Give us your thoughts. Remember when the XBOX 1 announced they were going to require you to always be online and not be able to share games between systems, or when diablo mobile was announced? Yeah that is what happens when you don't get real player feedback from something more then a Yelp review channel like Everquest forums.

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