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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by dreamweaver, Oct 25, 2019.

  1. MarttinPH Augur

    It might be sooner than that. The last 2 releases of new servers launched in March 16 of their respective years (Coirnav, Phinigel, Mangler). Three servers also launched in May (Ragefire, Lockjaw and Agnarr).
    I read something by a developer that implied that the team works on a calendar system when determining what should be worked on. For example, AA "balancing" or "work" is done in October/November.
    Note: I forgot about Miragul, but I am too lazy to change what I typed!
  2. Xanadas Augur


    I literally deactivated 12 accounts due to lack of a non-truebox early-era server - if that answers your question.
  3. Dalynar New Member

    Me and my entire guild would return for this I'm sure. We all quit after the selos mangler debacle I think. Ragefire's population took a serious nose dive after that in general, and people were mostly just canceling subs as far as I could tell.
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  4. MarttinPH Augur

    I normally play six accounts when I play, however 3 accounts of mine are about to go dark, as I am not boxing any now.
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  5. ExoticCheese Journeyman

    I have always been interested in the idea of a non-truebox TLP, however, I feel the server would degrade into large boxer groups, with and without 3rd party tools, causing mass chaos over camps and raid targets during any period of progression where there are open raids.

    As a boxer, I could see myself playing on a server like this, however I see it as a customer service nightmare for Daybreak - now instead of players fighting over camps to gear up their mains, they're going to be fighting over camps to gear up 3-6+ of their toons.

    Add in what will likely become a mass collection of people using (I won't name the program by name), I foresee mass suspensions/bannings and a lot of flames and rants on the forums.

    Sorry for being the cynic, because nothing would please me more than to box throughout progression, even from Classic all the way up - I just don't know if the revenue from boxers subbing several accounts will be worth the costs involved with keeping the peace.
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  6. Vexn Elder

    0 , non-truebox brings out all the crummy 3rd party users that automate their army. Please no.

    PVP TLP would be the only thing that would 100% bring out crew back at this point though I think
  7. Skuz Augur

    Cool story bro.
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  8. Arcane_Cognition New Member

    i'd really like this, and i'd like a server with true time lapse not this every 2 months or whatever an expansion comes out. i'm a casual player, i never have time to get up to level before there's a new expansion. or even just a true to time server without 2boxing. but it moves too fast for me. i like the p99 timing of stuff, but i can't 2 box and corpse runs are fun sometimes but everyday it's a chore.
  9. Duality Elder

    This is why making sure it's free trade would be optimal. Would spread everyone out more and add more value to junk. Also be nice to have fair play reinstated for it =P

  10. Machen Augur

    That's never going to happen. What might be nice doesn't come into it.
  11. nostalgia Journeyman

    hi i used to 12 box on tlps then the truebox system was implemented tried to 6 box on 3 pc and 3 laptops but it was not fun my favorite everquest his the first 3 expansions,don t mind the game up to oow,what i love his a fresh server(new tlp every year) or a original timeline server, i dont miss cr at all.
    My last sub will expire next month,currently i am 3 boxing in another game and have the kids playing 2 accounts each,love everquest but hate truebox,also most people i know who main a warrior like i always do box,my set up was ,warrior,cleric,bard,wiz,mage,enchanter and group2 was shammie,bst,druid and 3 mages,thats how i love playing eq.
  12. Quickwind New Member

    Can we just get rid of truebox rules on current progression servers once the server gets past X expansion. The idea of box armies farming off gear on Phinny in RoF isn't that reasonable. It'd probably help boost subscriptions on the server and keep it going longer.
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  13. TonyT New Member

    I must admit that I have no idea what expectations you have nor the type of player you are completely confuses me.
    1. The main topic you mention is that you would like a "true time lapse" server. If you mean the same release rate as live then we are talking 20 years to catch up to what the game is today. You are in the very very small minority that would enjoy that speed of expansion releases.
    2. Unless you are an ultra-relaxed casual player, I don't see how you would have issues getting the level cap before the next expansion releases. This is also ignoring the fact that most expansions don't increase the level cap at all. I mean it took 15 expansions to get to the level cap of 85!
    3. Why do you even care if you are at the level cap or not? You aren't likely to be raiding.
  14. skattabrainz Augur

    Non truebox with Agents of change and relaxed pick requirements would satisfy both people who want to full-group box and people like me who like to group but have more than one account. This would provide boxers a TLP without frustrating circumstances cropping up (like 16 picks of SolB and a group of 6 mages are in GEB room in each one... yes this happened to a group i was in on ragefire and yes it contributed to me kissing the server bye)
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  15. sauron69 Journeyman

    I mean im for that type of server but lets be real, there will still be 6 mages at every geb camp. Classic-Luclin you'd just have to accept it as the norm till the less competitive expansions come out and the rmt farmers/chronic rerollers move on.

    A non truebox AoC server is more geared towards server longevity past those first three expansions. Which I'm not convinced this company wants.
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  16. MarttinPH Augur

    I have a theory that it is possible they will open AoC on all servers in the December patch. I am probably wrong, but it is a theory.
  17. Lariii New Member

    Non Truebox starting at Classic would be a dream come true for me
  18. Machen Augur

    Based on what, just curious?

    Would be nice but I think it's unlikely to happen at the same time as an expansion release.
  19. MarttinPH Augur

    It is a theory, a game theory, but seriously I read a post by one developer saying it was being considered or that they would bring it up in a meeting.
  20. Garrison Journeyman

    Non Truebox classic (with Kunark and maybe Velious too). -. Yes, please.

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