Serious concerns around Mischief hype and popularity....

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  1. Rolento23 Journeyman

    If they plan to put out another server do to popular demand I agree that they need to 100% do it ASAP. The worst thing would be to open it mid launch of Mischief. Don't make this another Ragefire/Lockjaw server situation.

    Really need to announce it early unless its 100% going to be just an overflow server to merge into Mistchief.
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  2. Baldur Augur

    What's up with all the make 2 servers posts? They've already said there will be an overflow server, the OP mentions it. They just haven't decided if it will eventually merge into Mischief or not.
  3. HarrymetSally New Member

    Exercising 1st Amendment rights that's what. Make two servers at launch, if you build it, they come.
  4. ForumBoss Augur

    I was sarcastic since I know many people want it, but this has come up in forum posts. A single google search yielded this as the top results in seconds:
    "I believe the forums are still only the vocal minority and that to listen to them without doing a Poll for all players to participate in is poor business.

    Don't put FV rules on Coirnav. Make another server for the small number of people who want it."
  5. Master Kahleem Augur

    Because they currently plan to put up server #2 a few DAYS after Mischief goes up based on "demand".

    That's what concerns us =v
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  6. Xhieron Elder

    A second server with a simultaneous launch and a date certain for merger would be a welcome announcement. We'd all breathe a little easier, and I for one would cheerfully volunteer to play on the non-Mischief server. I suspect I wouldn't be alone, provided the server is announced with a plan.

    We want predictability. The smart money says the popularity of this server will blow every previous TLP in the last ten years out of the water, and a repeat of Aradune would turn all the present good-will into ash. I had a miserable experience last time (that eventually resulted in me throwing up my hands and moving on because I literally could not stay connected to play the game and could not devote the time to watching a three to six hour queue), and my coming out of the woodwork along with everyone else over the next few weeks is absolutely not a vote of confidence that things have improved; it's purely a reflection on the colossal impact of the efforts of people twenty-two years ago.

    But even that has its limits. Even if the actual connection problems are fixed, load is an issue that's never entirely abrogated through conventional means. So give us some communication tomorrow or at least early this week. If you don't think an overflow server is necessary, tell us why. We don't need trade secrets, but you can tell us that, for instance, Mischief can handle five times the load of Aradune without buckling, the login server has an extra suite of redundancies to keep it chugging, and all starting zones are wired to keep a minimum of ten picks all the time (and can swell to more than 100 without struggling) while distributing new population into them smartly. That kind of stuff would reassure us even though we appreciate nothing is certain. "We did stuff we didn't think we could this time last year. Just like we didn't think we could make a new free trade server but then found a way, we also found a way to improve capacity by an order of magnitude. You'll get to play, and we won't need a second server unless something breaks." --That would be music to our ears. We'll send donuts.

    "We're watching and we'll open a new one if we have to" isn't reassuring. I know no one wants to spend more money (and labor) spinning up a new server if it can be avoided, but let's not kid ourselves. DPG is going to make bank in a couple weeks. If the solution to load issues (which there will certainly be) is a second server (as opposed to new tech), then let the second server start building a community now. Let guilds recruit for it, let people begin driving hype for it. Those are all things that improve the odds of actual good load sharing. A last minute "Go here because otherwise you can't play" doesn't generate excitement among the people that join it; it just generates resistance, resignation, rationalization, and anxiety.

    A second server isn't a bad thing; maybe you literally can't make the kinds of improvements I'm dreaming of. There's no shame in that; we all know EQ's mesosoic-era code is unforgiving. A second server addresses that honestly and shows foresight besides. The worst thing that can possibly happen by announcing one is you under-estimate how well Mischief will handle the load and end up merging them ahead of schedule. It costs the shareholders less than a percentage point in the best quarter they've seen since they had the property, and it means this time next year we're all still paying because the good will bought some loyalty.
  7. Kylo Classic Augur

    12 hour queues. for 6 weeks. That's what you are going to see on mischief. They will bring up another server 3 days after launch and it will be a ghost town.We have seen them make the same mistakes a number of times. Each TLP the problems get worse, not better.
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  8. Elite_raider Augur

    If they put in some extra incentives to going to the offload server even if it is opened a few days later, like making it box friendly, there would be no problem filling up the offload server.
  9. GuineusMaximus RIP No Trade

    2 at the same time is always better ^_^
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  10. Sycopata Elder

    This serve have a secure population explossion, no launch overflow at same time as release are not acceptable wen you have to pay for acces on the server, the company have to ensure every one can acces. Why we pay all acces, no half acces.
  11. Elite_raider Augur

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  12. Rolento23 Journeyman

    I agree with you, but I dont think it will be 3 days. It will be 6 to 12 hours after launch. which is still to late because 1. People already will be established and leveling. 2. No one wants to risk being on a low pop/dead server. 3. Getting people to move after having initial plans to roll on the original server.

    This is why they need to confirm what there plans are before launch, with an official announcement. It has to be done before launch, and sooner the better. Let people know if its an overflow or an actual living server with Mistchief.

    Curious to see if history will repeat it's self again and again.
  13. Slipp New Member

    They won't do this though. They'll wait until there are 6 hour queues and then make decisions.
  14. Azzudien Augur

    People in thread wanting 2 servers opening at same time are exactly right. If both servers open the same time the population is automatically split. Starting one, then days or hours later starting another always leads to a low population server and a server with obnoxious queue times
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  15. Lejaun Augur

    Because it needs to be up day one. TLP servers are so popular that they cannot handle the early rush of players. It's not a matter of if they need the overflow server, it's the matter of why isn't it available from day one, minute one?

    Create the two servers, and announce that they will merge in 1 year. That's all they need to do.
  16. Rolento23 Journeyman

    Its hard to predict when they will need to merge if ever. If they do it correctly and make two servers, promote them both. If they have healthy populations, a merge may not even be needed, but TBH I see this going the Ragefire/Lockjaw situation as I have mentioned previously
  17. Lejaun Augur

    At this point in the TLP timelines, they should have enough rough information gathered to predict a somewhat accurate time to merge. Granted, this is a new server with new rules, but still.
  18. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    That crappy line from "field of dreams" is a complete fallacy.

    All these posts asking for a second server to be open on the same day are making huge assumptions about whether Mischief will be overpopulated.
    Track record yeah, new TLP generally start well when they are "standard TLP" how well did the "special ruleset" TLP do?

    Hello Mayong
    Hello Miragul
    Hello Quarm

    Mischief IS a "special ruleset" server, now it may well prove to be the most popular TLP yet, but it's not guaranteed at all.

    Let the numbers speak for themselves, not the fevered imaginings of a bunch of forum questers.
  19. Lejaun Augur

    If its clear that the server can't handle being split, then just merge them in a month instead of a year. Even if it doesn't end up being wildly popular, it will make the initial rush much more pleasant for people who 100% pay for subscriptions some way.
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  20. KeystoneFoH New Member

    Please don't make us struggle through another absurdly painful launch when you have the power to fix it. Launch two or upgrade server to be able to handle the load somehow.