Serious concerns around Mischief hype and popularity....

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Master Kahleem, May 8, 2021.

  1. Mischiefplz New Member

    Please please consider launching a second server at least at the same time. Would honestly be best if you opened the extra server a few hours before so people that don’t care would be directed that way since a lot of the guilds would want to stay on mischief anyway.
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  2. Executive | Genetics New Member

    The Aradune launch still haunts us - please open 2 servers simultaneously so we can actually play on launch day! It was so bad guilds were being named <EverQueue> because no one could play for weeks.
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  3. Mithra Augur

    Can't wait to waste hours logging in and meeting up with a group just to have servers crash and rollback an hour of exp grinding.
  4. Rajaah Elder

    This server has the potential to generate a ton of new subs for EQ. Another queue disaster will ensure that most of those people give up quickly, especially with WoW launching days later. Overflow servers are a must here, let's not have another Aradune.

    Make it so, numba one.
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  5. Loneman New Member

    Second server please do the right thing here. Let this be a successful launch
  6. Thrawnseg Augur

    The sooner you announce the second server will be up at launch, the sooner guilds can decide which to go on. Also, please have a merge plan for them so people are aware. That will split the servers a ton better than no merge plan/2 different servers.
  7. Yogi the Bear I have flea's

    Well hopefully they have Mischief on an elastic server this time around.
  8. Verathor New Member

    It would be best if they release a second server with same rules simultaneously otherwise this server is going to be only one you can look at but not touch. To help all the large guilds trying to stay on same server its going to be essential to give them an option if one is too crowded.
  9. Yogi the Bear I have flea's

    I can understand another server maybe the same rules as Mischief but let all classes start at launch =D, one could only wish to play BST at launch.
  10. Bardy McFly Augur

    Let's not introduce unnecessary variables into the launch equation.
  11. Yogi the Bear I have flea's

    Really they already had it coded during the launch of Aradune/Rizlona BST and BZK gear was dropping in the planes.
  12. verynewname New Member

    Surprised this went untouched. Priority access is a thing. And those lucky enough to have *ahem* a pocket 'friend'.

    Oh and, yes, please launch two servers. Really don't wanna crash-queue all week/end
  13. Rflagg080 New Member

    Even though I have subscribed to this game on and off for years this is the first time I felt strongly enough about a forum topic/post to make an account, Pretty please with sugar and krono on top make at least two servers at launch. This ruleset will make you a lot of cash please just do it right.
  14. Lejaun Augur

    You mean you can't wait setting up a group to meet up, but none of you can get online at the same time because of the servers, and then when you finally do someone crashes and you have to leave them behind. Then, you try to zone and crash yourself and the group disintegrates because everyone is at different xp levels.
  15. Loneman New Member

    Event its only temporary. When we expect heavy traffic on our servers we always add extra to ensure we are stable. Nobody want to subscribe to sit in everque
  16. Kylo Classic Augur

    I hope there are queues.
  17. Yogi the Bear I have flea's

    Why? Really this is the right step to EQ. Let the loot rain like an AARPG.
  18. brickz Augur

    aradune primetime for the first month was basically: pick a zone and stay in it all night because if you zone you might not make it back
  19. Wtfagain Elder

    Just enable character creation a week before. problem slightly solved.
  20. plowers Journeyman

    See ya on TBC