Serious concerns around Mischief hype and popularity....

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  1. Master Kahleem Augur

    So, I've been getting a lot of anxiety around this server and I don't even work for Daybreak!!!

    We've all seen how TLP servers get crushed at launch in the past for a variety of reasons:
    1. Poorly coded Queue system
    2. Poorly performing ancient code-base
    3. Old/aging infrastructure (newly revamped, but questionable stability under load?)
    4. Limited number of player connections per server (in relation to more modern MMOs)
    5. etc etc etc
    All of these above things change over time of course, but there's been very little communication about concerns or focuses on what might be an issue for Mischief coming on the 26th. Obviously, since Daybreak is so small now it makes sense that they'll be more conservative about their communications about concerns. However, so far what we have been given isn't inspiring a lot of confidence.
    • The last major TLP had serious stability issues (Aradune) which were "supposedly" resolved due to various reasons such as new infrastructure layout, some code refactoring, bugfixing, etc. However, this new setup hasn't been tested under heavy load again since Aradune.
    • Mischief is turning out to be one of the most hyped EQ TLP servers since they started doing TLP servers.
    • Overflow servers do NOT solve the hype/popularity/load issue. This is because EQ does not use a "cluster" based server system similar to WoW or DAOC. This means once you pick a server you're "stuck" on that server until mergers happen. Popular/large guilds *always* aim for the primary server which creates further bottlenecks. Why would you play on an OverFlow if the best economy/playerbase is on the primary????
    • Server Transfers don't really happen between TLP servers of the same sister-type (aka: Mischief and whatever the overflow is called....wasn't it Thornblade or something??). Which further exacerbates issues of popularity, queues, server pressure, etc.
    Which leads me into the big question: "What is DayBreak planning to do to alleviate this massive potential influx of population pressure?"
    Is DayBreak planning to allow server transfers (for free or otherwise) between Mischief and the OverFlow server on an irregular basis (each expansion unlock you get to transfer plat/characters)? How would this work? etc...
    Some other questions I have that I wish were answered:
    • What does the resource allocation look like for Mischief? Is it going to have more resources available to it (cpu/ram/etc) than previous TLP? Assuming the architecture scales in any form based on available resources (also assumed to be poor due to age of code-base and limited knowledge sharing about the new infrastructure change that happened last year).
    • Is the Queue being worked on, refactored, or just being made more robust/informative/trustworthy than in the past?
    • Is zoning/crashing going to be a major concern like it was last time? Static groups being thrown into disarray because their people crash on the way to a new camp/zone is frustrating as hell.
    • Is there going to be a system in place to keeps your place on the server for "x" minutes if you crash?
    I've been on almost every TLP since they started, and I know many assumptions that have been carried over for years like everyone else. However, I feel like it can never hurt to ask similar/same questions each TLP in case those answers changed.
    I really think Mischief is going to be huge, but my concern is that it's not going to get the considerations it needs to be successful/stable.
    Thanks for reading =)
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  3. Gremin Augur

    Everyone will be like a dog chasing its tail.
  4. Master Kahleem Augur

  5. Ultrazen Augur

    Servers will be hosed 24/7, until enough people quite out of frustration. Seems to be the hard and fast rule for every one of these launches, this one is going to be x10. I will bet any amount of money on this via paypal.
  6. Loneman New Member

    I think they would have high participation if they setup a weekend stress test. Community would surely hop in and help stress test to ensure a smoother Day 1 experience
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  7. brickz Augur

    a lot of people don't bother subscribing until the server is about to open. an early name reservation stage gives people an incentive to subscribe and make characters to gauge interest.
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  8. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    I'd almost be willing to take that bet. There has been a trend since mangler of each new TLP having larger populated launches than any server prior and I don't expect mischief to be the exception. The TLP audience has seemed to be growing bigger and bigger over the last few years. I think mischief will definitely be the largest populated launch ever. However I'd almost be willing to take the bet that it wont be as bad as the Aradune launch that still had queue's a month and half in to the server, unusable raid tools and the inability to zone because of lag daily still a month and half in to the server, even if they didn't release a 2nd server.
  9. Haldi Elder

    I feel as if DBG throttles the server on purpose to allow streamers first access into the game which gives them huge advantages over the rest of the population.
  10. TheInquisitor Old Timer

    Personally, I'd put the servers up quietly a couple days before official launch as a reward to *active* customers for fist name dibs and for players to gather their guild mates together as a thanks for their ongoing loyalty. Perhaps those log-in numbers may help them gauge the wave on launch day if they are inclined to add a temporary third who knows.
  11. smartwater New Member

    Trust in the glory of Rodcet Nife!
  12. Hythos Augur

    Something happened with Aradune where a select many were already leveled by a fair margin by the 2nd day when the masses were finally, successfully loading in (I likely still have screenshots of names & such, but that's still against the rules(?))
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    That would be...mischievous?

    I'm somewhat interested in this server, not because its a TLP, but because of the ruleset. I'm hesitant due to the truebox thing and claims of false positives for suspensions/bannings, since I box 3-6 on live servers on my main PC, and the whole "send you a tell or /say from a gm then suspend you if you don't reply" thing really makes me hesitant.

    I really really really wish they would release 4 versions of this server. Just call them Mischief 1, 2, 3, 4. Express goal is to merge as soon as populations allow it. Why? Because I'm waiting for my Live experience on Xegony to be ruined by crashing servers for a month straight again.
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    I'm ready to play some I'm ready to play some Everqueue.
  16. ForumBoss Augur

    According to various forum posts, there is only a vocal minority of folks who want FV loot rules. There is nothing to worry about here. :cool:
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    Just like there is only a vocal minority that wants a boxing friendly version of a server with FV loot rules
  18. a_librarian Augur

    Literally no one has said this. You are thinking of the PVP server
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  20. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Hopefully we will at least get a simultaneous launch for Mischief/Thornblade to help split the initial population.
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