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  1. Vaeeldar Augur

    Have to admit this is funny. The OP seems to be arguing against himself across several years.

    I also happen to remember doing TDS progression myself for leveling. Sure it could have been faster going to 105 in old content but then I’d still have to do progression. I leveled while doing progression and got there overall faster.

    EOK/ROS were great expansions so I don’t quite get the hate there. Yes ber are powerful but frankly my rogue, necros, and monks do just fine in keeping up for dps as well. Mage could use a bit of help and poor wizzies - I’m not even sure they are on life support.

    I agree though with some of the other posters there’s some elements of truth in the OP post but its hard ot find it in the ranting and lack of understanding of the reality of the expansions.
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  2. Laronk Augur

    DPS has actually gone way up as well, in a full group where people are playing well the monsters just melt.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    I hope the OP returns and posts in this thread. Work is boring today and I need some entertainment...
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  4. Tryal Anderror Journeyman

    I don't like the new regular XP model either, but with that do it once for a week and you're done.
    Even if you can't do or get Hero groups, ToV Merc and Partisan tasks will get you a bunch of XP, and there's tons of little extra things too like Collections, you can gain like 40% of a level by running around picking up ground spawns, you can probably get another 20% done by going to the bazaar with 10kpp and buying some of the common collection items.

    I think the thing with the HP bumps, it does seem harsh until you start to get the New AA, Spells and Focuses.

    Like a Level 101 Grove Guardian in FM has about 4 Million hp, a Level 107 Sarnak in FM has about 7 million, Level 111 Drakes in Skyfire in the next expac have about 10Million, level 113 in Sathir have 13 Million...
    The seems fairly smooth as a curve.
    Then in ToV a typical 113 has 22 million hp, but you've also gained 5 new levels worth of spells, abilities and AAs as well as focuses, your DPS has easily more than doubled, and a ToV 113 gives at least 50% more XP than an RoS one.

    Then for CoV, a level 115 Cobalt Scar mob has about 33 Million hp, but also is worth like 30% more XP

    But this HP curve clearly assumes you've been playing throughout, since Autogrant AA ends at 105, the reality is you've got to not only get 115 and upgrade some gear for new focuses, but you probably need about 10k Extra AA before you're on par with where your DPS, Tanking, Healing etc... are where they're supposed to be.

    But it becomes really hard to design around the idea that a returning player wants to catch up to current level content in like a week. It should take some time to catch up on 4-6 years of content...but I think it's done in a super weird way where someone comes back at level 100, and they're level 110 in like 2 days.... then from 110 to 111 takes a solid week, its just a big shock.
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  5. Zarkdon Journeyman

    I'm a recently returned player on Bertox. My original account was lost to the recyclebin of history and I restarted from scratch the week before Thanksgiving. We play a wizard and a beastlord and have had no problems killing things in ToV at 111. It takes a little while, but we have spent days working out the correct abilities to use, proper pulling, and burn rotations.

    The mobs are tough, but the fights are challenging. I cannot fathom how people can enjoy hours of safe pulling single mobs with zero risk. It becomes mind numbing.

    As for EoK, if you have to cov gear like you said, you should be able to kill sarnaks pretty quickly.
  6. Raccoo Awaiting Bobbybick's next forum video reply

    Only goes up to 700k mark on a lucky critical, which doesn't happen often. Compared with rogue assassination.

    People who think zerkers are great because of decap don't understand how zerkers work. And both my rogue and berserker are fantastic dps without either assassination/decap.
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  7. Micker Elder

    What I always do, is get geared up with the newest expansion gear and exp in earlier expansion zones. This way you can mow down the mobs fast and not worry about crazy high HPs and dps. I like to box and I can't handle/don't enjoy mobs, that require full attention to my tank or healer to kill. I can get great exp in RoS zones at 115 and feel like superman at the same time lol. New zones should be giving way higher exp per kill. I shouldn't only get 2x the exp for mobs that have 4x the hps/dps.
  8. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I guess you think you SPEAK for everyone. YOU DONT
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I have been running a guild over 21 years. For the most part my members seem pretty happy with the game *shrugs* But then your month of experience in the current game far outweighs that. My bad. I have been playing for over 21 years I know I am pretty happy.

    Are there times there are issues? Yep. No game is without them. But taken in totality some of us play the game because we still enjoy it. Will individuals have gripes here and there? Of course,can't please everyone. I have gripes now and again but that would happen with any game.

    I have never had anyone say they play EQ because there is nothing else out there.
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  10. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    This is probably my one and only major gripe. You did a great job of explaining it. And it is a good example of one of those things some of us see as a problem especially going forward but that other players think is great.

    But to the OP as much as I think this is a mistake and wrong I still love EQ. *shrugs*
  11. Ezbro Elder

    No, just that there is some truth in almost every rant, and I can sympathise with the ranter. Also people get very defensive on behalf of the game which isnt really necessary, unless Daybreak is paying you to play and you defend your employer. Let people have their rants without you (not YOU specifically) needing to police your political opponents. Lastly, I too think Daybreak can do better with balancing content vs classes and abilities.
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Here is the thing about forums. One person's right to post is also another person's right to post. So yes folks can rant and yes folks can tell them why they think they are wrong. No need to discourage either.
  13. Vizier Augur

    Sure it's easy to make fun of the ranter, especially now that we have gotten past the part he is frustrated with. I think he has some responsibility to go out and be social in the game, make connections and progress that way.

    That said, some classes really struggle to "drag themselves up". I have to 3 box to do modern content with any kind of efficiency, and that is just not an option for everyone. So what is a person to do? Are we really expecting people to grind out gribbles etc for weeks and weeks by themselves? That sounds like a crappy time and I think our game should offer people a better path from 85 heroic > 115 cap.
  14. KrakenReality Augur

    Agreed, with this point that the game hasn’t offered any bridge between 85-115. Also, mobs have a ton of hp because classes add so much synergy to one another. An individual player or mismatched group performs dramatically different than a proper group setup. Combine that with how barren the class guides are 85+ and it’s a monster of a mountain to climb. It’s best if those people just go play on a TLP for a few months and make friends. Live EQ isn’t for returning players.
  15. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    Unfortunately, threads like this can unfairly turn people away from the game. Others have cited the limited sample size and anecdotal experience of the OP. Oftentimes, detractors will use hyperbole and unreasonable characterizations. Hopefully, it is the aim for all sides to settle on the truth or offer constructive criticism and alternatives.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This depends on the server and the guild you pick.

    AB, Xegony & Bristlebane I know have guilds and players who will help returning players catch up. I know for the last month my regular group has got 3 - 5 people a week through TBL missions to get their veils. If the task doesn't lock we have thrown out TLs for free to peeps still in need.

    Not all servers are equal.
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  17. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Just a reminder, if you see trolling happening in a thread or believe something is trolling please make use of the report button to alert me. Calling other players trolls is against the rules and can feed into the negativity of the thread.

    When in doubt, be kind to one another.
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  18. Micker Elder

    Overall the game is doing pretty well. Seeing as I am still playing almost 22 years later!! I never in a million years would think I would still be enjoying this game in 2021, back in 1999! They must be doing something right. I took long breaks and got frustrated here and there, but I recently came back and I think the game is pretty dang good right now. The FV server is a big reason I enjoy the game. I can come back after a long break and gear up, with good/raid level items, without the long grind back. Maybe give that server a shot?

    Yes, the expansions aren't like they were back then, but the fact we still get expansions and updates is pretty amazing. Wouldn't mind a little more variety in spells and gear, but it's still a pretty fun and social game. I joined a guild and actually grouped with real people! OMG lol. Forgot about how much more fun it is, playing the game with real people.
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  19. Tucoh Augur

    Mob HP is too low. Decent groups cut through the mobs like water, where is the fun???
  20. Windance Augur

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