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  1. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I was a bit flippant there. Apologies. My remark should have been aimed at the OP. And I completely agree with you that things can be improved. I've posted about that many times.
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  2. Nennius Curmudgeon

    On Bristlebane there are two large guilds who advertise in general chat frequently who specifically state there are looking for new and returning players. Even so, finding groups at the lower levels is not easy, and for some new and returning players a TLP server may well be the best choice.
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  3. stevensg New Member

    Some of OP's points seem to be quite valid.

    LFG is hard for returning players on live servers and some servers are quieter than others. Why isn't there a cross-server dungeon finder for this game while every other MMO has it for years? People who don't want to group with 'unskilled' strangers can still do dungeons / HAs in the old fashion way. That is just not an excuse to not have another optional solution for grouping. In fact DBG can even make this feature as all access only because some people are already paying [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] in order to build a functional team.

    As for those XP potions, daybreak cash overseer agents. I mean has DBG even figured out their business model yet? It seems they are still stuck in this subscription based model and only throw out those daybreak cash items willy nilly without much thoughts. How about 100 daybreak cash for Agent of change request on live server? How about 100 daybreak cash for more daily bouns HA? I have to say their F2P model is quite basic compared to other games.
  4. Accipiter Old Timer

    I did this, thanks to you. I liked what I saw.
  5. Accipiter Old Timer

    I GUESS you think randomly CAPITALIZED words make your arguMENT better.
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  6. Zamiam Augur

    my momma always said if you cant say anything nice , dont say anything at all :p

    Back on topic .. you can lvl a toon from lvl 100 to 115 in just a few weeks ( i'm sure it can be done a lot quicker if you get PL'd )
    I took my pally from lvl 103 to 115 Fully ToV T3 gear'd with about 7 pieces of T3 CoV (and this is with the new CRO drop rate's) cause i didnt even buy CoV till after the nerf patch on CRO drops.
    did this with doing the 4 ToV hero's tasks all got me to 111 .. then grinding out merc/part in ToV got me to 113 then doing all the collects from ToV and Overseer got me to 115..did all that within 2 maybe 3 weeks .. that includes alot of downtime also so lvling is not an issue ..
    I'm currently lvling a druid from lvl 85 to 115 started today .. will see how long it takes me oh druid is 93 already
  7. Windance Augur

    Zamiam, could you expand on a couple things:

    1 - How many hours a day/week do you play?
    2 - How many characters you are playing?
    3 - How much help you had from guild members/friends?

    Maybe I didn't read your post correctly but it seems to me you are saying you can go from 100 to 115 in 2-3 weeks, which is certainly possible if you are boxing, or , have a steady set of friends to group with, but even with that 2-3 weeks is really really fast unless its 80 hrs a week ...
  8. Zamiam Augur

    the bulk of my lvls came from progression i went from lvl 102 or 103 (where i left my pally sitting for more than a decade, dusted him off ) got TA'd to the 4 ToV hero's tasks and those 4 tasks alone got me to 111.. did that in 1 night .. then from 111 to 113 was by doing all the merc/part tasks in ToV was able to do 1 or 2 zones a day maybe every other day ..from my /ach window it shows i went from 105 to 115 from 1/05/21 to 1/23/21 so 3 weeks like Ry`Gorr mines and Velks sense only have Merc tasks only took 1 day to complete both those zones.. EW and CC took a few days each .. ToFS was a day or 2 cause i had to find someone with keys for the merc tasks.. you get like 20 to 30% of a lvl for completing a zone , unless its just a merc zone like Ry'gorr i only got i think 12% but if the zones had both merc and partisan for the whole thing you got like 30% of a lvl .. so EW , GD , CC and Kael @ 30% each thats 120% that is 1 lvl and 20% into next lvl .. then when you complete ALL merc/part of ToV you get Champion of ToV which was like almost 40% of a lvl so between killing xp and the bonus Xp for completing them you can almost get 2 full lvls .. so i went from 111 to 113 . also throw in a few Overseer xp rewards in there ..
    Yes this was not solo and i did not box but maybe a few steps .. I'm in a casual guild with very helpful guildies I also wasnt sitting around in GL waiting for stuff to get done .. i was on top of it .. asking in /general for groups and or guild .. guild came thru more than general did .. get into a guild casual guild .. in fact if your on bertox server send me a PM here with your toons name and i'll send you a guild invite into my guild everyone is welcome .. and we strive to help others in guild .. and Id be more than happy to help you ..
    a few people in my guild run the ToV Hero missions ever few days for guildies for free.. so no need to buy them .. there's this one tank in guild that has been spending alot of time in CoV camping named anything that rots he /guilds it first for guildies to come get .. also 1 person boxes Zlando every day and gives the loot and ore to a guildie .. so get in a good helpful casual guild .. it really helps a ton .. Everquest is a group game .. if your on a low pop server transfer to a better one .. get out and meet people in game ..
    if your a loner and solo all the time and dont want to group then yes your not gonna be able to do this .. it takes a Team .. and a lot of friendly people

    I have barely touched the surface of CoV quests but all of them give 2% xp for each quest.. not much compared to ToV but sequels of expansions never did give great xp for quest rewards .. especially when no lvl increase.. I'm gonna guess that the next expansion after CoV will be a lvl increase and the quests/tasks will give really great xp like ToV did .. at least im hoping it will

    I do not play 80 hours a week , however with the pandemic and all .. I have been home more and my play time has increased but id say its roughly about 5 to 6 hours a day so maybe 30 to 40 hours a week total play time .. dont discount collects and overseer .. overseer you can get about 10% a day of reg xp ..

    then from 113 which iirc i was about 20% into lvl .. i started collects and more overseer 12hour quests with the occasional 24 hour one reason i chose to do 12 hour was they gave more xp and i didnt want to have to log in every 6 hours to redu quests 4 times a day .. collects alone each one nets you 2% xp for each .. there are 36 collects that offer 2% that includes the bundle ones where you get a reward for completing a certain arc of collects.. also on collects Overseer now can give you ToV collects .. it takes 4 of the collect rewards to make 1 collect but its nice for those hard to come by single collect items that either is not in baz or peeps trying to sell one item for 2m pp :( ..
    I box so , and I have a 115 ranger so i dbl invised her and ran her around a day or 2 to get all the collects or most of them from ToV . she has all keys to ToFS so that was kewl.. and ones i could get cheap in baz i would buy ..
  9. Nargoul Journeyman

    Doing everyone a favor, if they want to skip that reading that post.

    TLDR: Get carried and spend 90-120 hours asking for free stuff from a guild and general chat. Also, use your boxed max level characters to help with leveling. Follow that up with posting on the forums about how it’s easy to catch-up.
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  10. Zamiam Augur

    Hi new member .. lol .. my offer stands for you also .. I'd be more than happy to help you lvl or complete your questing in ToV .. just transfer on to bertox and play late at night . I pay it forward as much as I receive .. sometimes more so .. but thats just me .. take care ..
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  11. Nargoul Journeyman

    You’re very kind and the community has been very good to this game and helped keep it alive for all these years. What you fail to recognize in your posting are a few things:

    1) Is this experience repeatable for everyone?
    2) Is this fun for a new or returning player?

    Your guild and the other great care bear guilds are doing wonderful but they can’t catch everyone. Also, carrying people through a progression based game has a negative impact on their retention.
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  12. Vaeeldar Augur

    I get what you are saying for old content (tov fights are short s hell for me in say t1) but I will say COV this issue does not exist, particularly in t2. They definitely made the fights longer and even necros are useful in the group game.
  13. Zamiam Augur

    1. Yes it is repeatable for everyone w/ a little effort on their part ..
    2. it is for some and not for others , however this is how (at least for ToV expansion) if you want to lvl quickly to get`r done .. If you don't want to lvl quickly and want to enjoy the journey more than by all means lvl the slow grind way ..

    My guild is just one of many out there and its not their job to catch everyone .. its your job as a player to make yourself known to other guilds hit up general asking for a good casual guild.
    I wasn't carried thru anything . Did my guild help me yes but I didnt sit there in the group and do nothing I actively participated . If you have a short retention and loose focus easily maybe a game that is called Everquest is not for you .. if you just want to go grind and kill mobs (which is fine) , if thats your mojo then by all means go kill slaughter to level up ..

    I was responding to a post from windance that asked me to expand on a few things so I did , maybe i went into a bit more long winded view of it but thats me .. I'm also not very good with grammar or spelling and sentence structure and all that .. I know I'm bad at it .. was bad at it when I was in school and that was 30 years ago .. I try to separate my paragraphs a bit if i remember to , to make reading them easier .. sorry I didn't do that on my last post .. I know its an eye sore..

    but please I sincerely offer my assistance if you need any help with anything just PM me and we can work something out as far as setting up a schedule to get you through whatever you need , if your on bertox or just want to start a new toon .. I don't PL lowbie toons though , however if you want a good mage DS and some lowbie buffs i can do that.. or if you just want a friend to chat with .. I play late at night and im pacific coast .. so usually 11pm to 3 or 5am is the times i play mostly ..

    have a good day
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  14. stevensg New Member

    That's not repeatable for a server with medium to low population, and 25$ for each character transfer is certainly not repeatable for everybody.

    Usually this kind of issue is solved (some kind of) by cross-server activities such as dungeon finder but this game doesn't have it for whatever reason. I have no problem dragging my 3-box team through most of HA / group missions but I don't think this is what this game meant to be played.
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  15. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    I believe EQ's outdated code and engine (late 1990s) precludes cross-server capabilities (short of transfers).
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  16. Zamiam Augur

    tell me something why would you pay for a $25 server transfer to go to a high pop server get lvl'd join guild make friends then pay another $25 to go back to the low pop server ?or are you referring to transferring all your toons .. yes even for me that would be way to expensive ..

    I would transfer 1 toon and stay on the high pop server then use that high lvl toon to lvl more toons ..

    you say buying a server transfer is not repeatable . well it is but its way cheaper to transfer 1 toon lvl up said toon the create other toons and have your now high lvl toon lvl them up .. or again have guild help ya ..

    why pay when its just as easy to lvl up toons from scratch .. even easier if you have Heroics avail to use ..
  17. Vizier Augur

    Why are people fighting this? There clearly needs to be a FUN way to level from 85 to 111ish where you can reasonably expect to start grouping. If low level toons could scale their DPS or heals up to the average level of the group that might be a step in the right direction.
  18. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    I think the implicit concern is that it will require an inordinate amount of time and allocation of resources to create a new system. I suspect many would view the project as one with a minimal return on investment. They also do not want the time and resources taken away from end game development (max level non-raider and raider content) where the majority of Live players are at.
  19. Vizier Augur

    How hard would it be to add a buff to the lowest level toon in the group that boosted dps or heals by a set amount that would make them relevant to the group? Not that hard.
  20. Zamiam Augur

    you want EZ mode go play WoW ..
    this is EverQuest .. which is already way too easy .. it all started with giving everyone sense heading back in the day .. then it was maps .. you peeps have it easy compared to EQ origins .

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