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  1. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    Take it from my experience, I naively assumed Enhanced Minion was an automatically scale-able and proportional buff. I was dead wrong. In reality, the devs have confirmed that Enhanced Minion is a custom template created for each pet. In other words, it is an intensive and laborious process to draw out each rank of EM and apply to each individual pet (each summon pet spell).

    First, your buff would have to be within the capability of EQ's older engine and code. If it passes feasibility with the code and engine (and not create more problems - e.g. lag), it would be safe to assume that the buff would have to account for the player's level, the group's average level, and all 16 classes. You are looking at thousands of customized templates. (This buff would be much more than slapping some updated 'Infusion of the Faithful' or 'Intensity of the Resolute' for DPS and heals).

    Please do not regard my comment as an attack. I am just sharing the knowledge.
  2. stevensg New Member

    No I was not talking about transfering toons back and forth. I was talking about transfering all my toons under my 3 accounts as I'm 3 boxing right now (boxing is pretty much the only way to level up on my server), and the main account I'm playing has multiple toons. Again if the best solution to solve this is to throw out more money, abandon most of what I have built and start new ones on a different server then that's a massive failure on the game's side.
  3. Zamiam Augur

    what server do you play on . I bet I could within a month get a toon from lvl 85 to 115 full ToV or CoV gear'd with all of ToV progression done or very close to done .. excluding hunters and a few collects .. and of course the rallos zek ear ..
  4. Warpeace Augur

    Should only take a Dev 30 seconds max:rolleyes:
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  5. Vizier Augur

    You are conflating "easy" with "fun". I am not asking for easy, I am asking for a way for people of low level to meaningfully contribute when grouped with higher level ppl. Pretty much every other MMO is doing this, take ESO dungeon finder for example. Being lower level in ESO puts you at a serious disadvantage, but anyone can queue up with anyone else and receive meaningful daily rewards.

    I get that you did it "the hard way" which was miserable and now that you are sitting at the cap you begrudge anyone else having a more enjoyable journey. It's human nature, I suppose, certainly many on this forum seem to share your sentiment.

    I feel like our game can and should do better here. Darkpaw are you listening to the reasonable requests of your player base I wonder?
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  6. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I liked the "side-kick" feature that City of Heroes had, it basically made low level players in your group have the same level as the rest of the group temporarily.

    The Shroud feature of EQ was a way for high level players to de-level to a lower player's level but it was far less attractive as you were a pretty severely gimped "monster" and compared badly to even group geared players of a similar level, along with the fact it had almost zero rewards for a high level player to do it, it was more productive for higher level players to just power-level lowbies.
  7. Vizier Augur

    Idea: use the daily Teek mission system that already exists, but scale it up to 115. Make a few new missions for old zones like Old Seb and KC. These would be instanced zones with no repop that scale to average group level for difficulty. You would access these zones right at Teek in PoK.

    Make the chest rewards coins and meaningful exp / AAs to a 115. Maybe let folks do 2 per day, 24 hour lock out. Level range 85-115.
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  8. Vizier Augur

  9. Tucoh Augur

    Every MMO should have a side kick like feature. Would dramatically reduce the cost of entry in EQ.
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  10. Zamiam Augur

    yes it was hard , but it wasn't miserable .. it made it fun .. learning a new skill sense heading until it was maxed you had no idea where you were .. this was before GL where you could summon your corpse. If you died out in the middle of nowhere and you did not know where you were cause you didnt get that /Loc off quick enough you had to go lol track down a necro or bard to locate it for you .. and you had to know how to find stuff with /loc ... that made the game fun .. stuff like that with a sense of acomplishment or just plain excitement cause you had to run back to your corpse and hope and pray you didn't die again. everything is just handed to this generation now and if it's not you complain .. there is a way for low lvl peeps to meaningfully contribute its called lvl up which doesn't take very long and have fun ..

    If your grouped with higher lvl people , they already know your not gonna be much help or they wouldn't have put you in the group .. they know your gonna suck xp or they wouldn't have grouped with you .. or they are your friends and they want you in their group for the fun of it .. lvl up get to same or roughly the same lvl so you can contribute more .. it literally does not take that much time or effort ( a little effort yes) to go from 85 to 115 .. i'll admit it does take sometime with no advantage (PL, extra buffs etc) to go from 1-85 but not by much ..

    tank mercs you can go from 1 -70 in a few days and 70 to 85 maybe within a week (this is without a DS or buffs or PL) there are Hot zones , special quests heck everyone gets LoTD now for 30min every 14ish hours of 100% bonus xp .. and a complimentary bonus xp bottle 10% for 4 hours in the marketplace for FREE ..

    you can also get some pretty nifty items for FREE from loyalty vender or if all access 500DBC . You can even get 3 more bottles of adventure 25% xp for 4hours eaach FREE if all access every month .. anniv is coming up there is a ton of kewl FREE stuff clickies , illusions, Augs . just put a little effort into lvling , seriously not much .. there is a whole game out there for you to explore enjoy it have your friends shroud down to lvl with you ..
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  11. Zamiam Augur

    still no word from stevensg (new member) about my offer ? you want help im more than willing to start a toon or 2 on your server and lvl them up to either group with you to help you get some quests/tasks completed in ToV or wherever ..

    although I checked my accounts and I only have 1 account that has a heroic that also has access all the way thru CoV .. so my other box'd accounts that have CoV will prolly have to start from scratch and lvl up to 85 from 1 .. :( due-able but a little extra time req.. 3 to 5 days .

    I could do it in a day but I dont feel like rushing thru with a PL or DS all the time also I dont play 10 to 15 hours a day anymore .. I need my cat naps now and then :p ..

    However the first thing (and Important) is to know what server your on :p .. you say its a low pop server .. also I do not play on TLP's so if your on a tlp your outta luck .. regular live servers only ..
  12. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    It all comes down to cost benefits. I would love for Daybreak to be able to invest in new player and returning player needs but does it have the resources to do that AND not neglect the majority of players.

    As much as some rant on the forums it will take a compelling business case for Daybreak to spend more resources outside of TLP and end game on Live servers. Of course there was a time there were no TLP so anything could happen.
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  13. Tatanka Augur

    While all true..... Chipped Bone Rod ftw!

    I still keep one in my bags, just for old time's sake ;)
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  14. stevensg New Member

    I play on Luclin-Storm and I have my little box team which can drag through most of the HAs. I actually have 8 heroic toons (they were free when DBG first introduced heroic characters years ago) and my main box teams are all lv 100+. I only play 2 hours per night and have been on & off for the past several years. So are you going to pay your toons to transfer to Luclin?

    My point is I don't really like being PL'ed and I'd love to crawl through those dungeons with real people. However nowadays the most efficient way of doing anything is being PL'ed to max level then doing old expension progression with massively OP'ed character. How is this fun? I also started playing this game in 2001 and I know how it used to work back in the days but by today's standard some of those things are just inconvenient instead of fun (I'm over 40 yo).
  15. Zamiam Augur

    In your recent post : I will not be transferring my toons over to Luclin I will start a heroic or start a few toons from scratch and i'll just leave them on luclin ..

    From what I've read thru your posts you box cause you have to all the time cause you cant find anyone to group with .. well from a later post you say you only play roughly 2 hours a day that is a very limited game window .. if you can only log in for 2 hours a day every day then yes finding a group might be difficult (not impossible) 2 hour's a day doesn't give you alot of time to dungeon crawl or to start and finish some of the ToV quests or even TBL quests .. trials of smoke come to mind where it took 2,3 sometimes 4 hours todo a few of them .. ToV EW merc quest "last of the storm boars" could take awhile if it bugged out on ya .. GD lake effect could take awhile trying to get the wind thingy's to pop . and CC invading Ice will def take a few days to complete cause all merc and the other 2 partisans tie in with that one quest.. so ya your looking at a 2 or 3 day multi quest day for that one .

    I can understand especially if your the type of person that likes to go kill and not do quests to lvl and your limited by 2 hours a day and here you are stuck having to do some quests over a 2 or 3 day span and thats if you can find a group .. I can see where that would be a little frustrating ..

    I do not like what they did with the mob xp in ToV and for solo players or people with limited play time that can be a def downer ..I've never played on Luclin-storm and sense you only have 2 hours to play roughly a day i can see why you box your own crew.. you did not mention the times you play or what time zone your in .. If your play time works with my schedule i'll be more than happy to lvl some toons and we can try to coordinate some play dates :p

    I have played sense 99 and played all the way thru SoD took some time off thru underfoot came back for HoT and VoA missed a bunch of RoF thru Ros i mean i played thru those expansions alittle but never got into them and didnt spend much time ToV is the first real expansion post HoT and Voa that ive actually completed the whole expansion excluding hunters. I dont feel like going and experiencing those past expansions with lvl appropriate toons (mainly because at lvl appropriate toons the xp (ZEM)sux even at current lvl for those expansions) .. If i have to go back thru those expansions to get items or heroic AA's or augs id rather do it as a top lvl toon with overly inflated gear so i can plow them down and get what i need to get done i can start on CoV which ive barely scratched the surface on and the upcoming expansion coming out in DEC which more than likely will have a lvl increase :p

    There are some kewl clickies or illusions I do want from those past expansions , but like I said i'll just plow thru them rather than do it current lvl for the expansion .. get me to 115 and geared then i'll go back ..

    I'll start a toon or 2 on Luclin and lvl them up sense your not in a hurry I wont be either and only if you want to will try to group up sometimes .. I cant guarantee every day but I can at least make an effort to try to group up now and then on 1 of my days off during your time you play ..we can go have some fun and try to do some stuff ..

    Oh btw im almost 50 .. I think anyone who played from 99 has got to be in their 40's or later :p by now .. so give me a few weeks and i'll try to get a toon up to 100ish and we can getr done sometime .. hope to see you soon on Luclin .. also can you recommend a good casual guild over there ?
    Have a great day !!

    also PM me with your toons name so i can look you up once i get over there ..
  16. p2aa Augur

    The combination of capital letters used by the OP to enhance his posts was very much entertaining to laugh at, you felt they were used at the right time mixed with his other lower case letters when he felt it needed to be important lol. It's a shame he seemed to have gone...
  17. Zamiam Augur

    not sure where OP went .. he never PM'd me to tell me his toons name .. within just 12 hours though ive created 2 toons from lvl 1 on Luclin a Warrior and Bard .. both are lvl 35 , I found a nice family guild got a few real estate plots put 2 free houses on them 1 from the tutorial quests and other i bought from the loyalty merchant .. I also used loyalty for a Free bag of platinum if your All Access .. which gave me 15k pp also a guildie gave me like 10k pp and some gear for my lvl 2 warrior (at the time)

    soon as my warrior and bard are in their 50's (within a day or 2) will Heroic my Main toon on main account so i'll have a 3 box team and i'll take that lvl 85 heroic (which i got for free from the dev's) and PL my own lvl 50 toons up to 85ish .. then i'll use all 3 to lvl to 110+ .. my goal setting aside any R/L issues that may arise is to have them up to 110+ before anniv starts on march 15th (?) .

    My warrior's name is Falkori and he is in Keeper's of the Elements guild. small guild about 700ish members .. low member count during the times i play so will see how it goes .. I play late late at night to around 3 or 5am .. days off can be anytime throughout the day .. if anyone (including OP) want to hop on and play or already play on Luclin-stromm please feel free to send me a tell in game ..

    My main server is Bertox where I have all my toons so if you play on bertox and need a groupie im avail also just PM me here and we can set up something .. I can help with just about anything on Bertox regarding ToV .. I can not box the heroic missions , however a few peeps in my guild can and they run them alot .. I can help with merc/part or hunters or collects .. there are a few collects that are extremely hard to get i would suggest using Overseer for them ..

    at the moment me and a few guildies are working on some TBL progression and running FF missions for the chase loot items .. have got 2 guildies a full set of chase loot items and enough currency to buy a few nice 40slot bags and augs.. also got 2 of the smoke trials done .. just need 3 more . so if on bertox and need help let me know .. thanks and ya'll have a wonderful day ..
  18. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    EQ2 Mentor and Chronomage features have entered the chat.
  19. stevensg New Member

    You seem to confused me with OP ... but anyway these days I mainly use my monk 'spikylizzard' doing random things instead of leveling up. If you see me up I can team you up with my level 30 tweaks. The thing is I don't have problem leveling up with my box team and your method is not something new. However, I'm just tired of boxing all the time and I feel the developers of this game are pretty much waiting for it to sunset. Right now I'm sitting at around level 103 (all 5 toons) and I play like 3 days a week 2 hours max each because that's all the time I feel this game worth it. Sure I can box all day through HA and get to 110 in a couple of days then what? With this effort I'd rather stick with my steam backlog games.
  20. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    I thought we all just carried a rusty sword to drop on the ground?
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  21. Thraine Augur

    i agree, i think OP had some decent points too, his delivery was just way off. Easiest thing to do if you dont like the way your game is playing out : just find another game. This is a 20 some year old game .. of course its got problems lol
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