Re-tuned HAs

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Galien, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. Galien Journeyman

    Mob HP has been trippled after jan. 17.
    Those who ran 3 x Gribble in 10 minutes now have to add 2 more minutes.
    Most just waste time before calling Lesson, Hail and move on.
  2. Fyuri Journeyman

    If you're going to make the mobs for a Lvl 110 HA group equivalent to RoS T1 mobs, as you did, you need to increase the experience per kill during the missions.

    No one's going to do these HA's, killing 40+ RoS mobs + Some mini-boss stuff in many of them, for only 15 aas... the Mobs have 8-10m hitpoints & hit for 30k now, they need to grant regular Exp for that level of mob.

    Between this and the new Fell Foliage, seriously feel like im playing some beta-indy piece of junk game here, no forethought or testing whatsoever, no thought of risk vs. reward, this is amateur hour, wth am i paying for?
  3. Vdidar Augur

    its how they move players into the new content.
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  4. Aurastrider Augur

    They are boring and most people don't enjoy doing them any more I imagine. With that being said Gribble has been the best HA for casuals to at least stay relevant in terms of levels and AA's without having to spend tons of time trying to form groups and grinding. I understand this game is not very forgiving to the casual players in terms of progression and gear and it should be challenging but at the same time there needs to be reliable content for those who don't have more time to devote to this game than a standard job and Gribble has provided that for these people. Every time they have attempted to make changes to these HA's it has done nothing but upset the player base that still utilizes these. Its like trying to force everyone into the same content which would be ok if everyone was actually ready or capable of doing said content. These changes do nothing for the game other than disrupt character advancement and put some people even further behind.
  5. Aurastrider Augur

    Or force them into retirement
  6. YellowBelly Augur

    From what I’m hearing from guildies and general chat the HAs are incredibly over-tuned.
  7. Slayerwolf Elder

    I've been playing this game for a couple years now. I was having fun, but I think I'm done. RoS is just too hard to have fun. It's not fun anymore; the game is now stressful. And, this HA change is a joke. Now, to do lvl 95 max content HA you have to fight mobs that hit for 70k. Yea... right! Totally makes sense. And, don't get me started on the Catca change. Lul. I think it's time to go to the green pasture, if you get my drift.
  8. Vdidar Augur

    They will roll them back to the original state next month lol.
  9. strongbus Augur

    boxing before hand i could do all of the gnome and orger ha in dh in under 30 mins each before hand. now it was closer to a hour.
  10. Slayerwolf Elder

    Gribbles was the ONLY way I was able to reach max level and get enough AAs to be able to tank EoK so that I could get gear and get groups. That pathway is now closed. Gribbles was about the most fun thing I've ever done in this game, and now it's ruined. Shame on you devs. SHAME!
  11. YellowBelly Augur

    I doubt this. There has been maybe one time in EQ history devs have undone an unpopular change.
  12. Goodn Augur

    I had not done a Gribble with my main pally as a tank in a bit and had gotten some gear upgrades (and rank 2 spells). But at 110, my reaction was that the hps were OT sarnak level, but the mobs really didn't hit like the sarnaks...much closer to the old version. I really didn't have any issues at all multitanking, or having large swings in just took a lot longer. I didn't log it, but I didn't see anything larger that 17k for a hit, and there seem to be a good deal of misses.

    But it may be I'm on the right side of the power curve for taking damage and you were on the wrong.

    Reward was the same - 28 aas for scouting ahead (set at 90 percent aas with lessons on). Marks were the same. It was just even more boring than it normally was.

    Once again (common theme for the devs today), this really only hurts groupers. Sigh.
  13. Horyuken Augur

    The whole point of an HA is they scale to level. Level 110 content is RoS so any and all HA should scale to RoS level content @ 110.
  14. fransisco Augur

    An end to gribbles is never a bad thing.

    One issue however is the enforced need to farm dozens and dozens of COTF missions for the ultra rare specialized evocation and conjuration augs.

    Its not right to make required gear for all magic users suddenly 10x harder to farm. They could have adjusted the exp curve for higher lvl players.
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  15. Warpeace Augur


    You mean they scale better now?
  16. BlackVZ Lorekeeper

    I group and dont raid, my chars are all level 110 and I like to go back and finish progression type things. Making content from older expansions equal to the newer one only hurts peoples ability to get hero's resolution and other types of things that the raiding community has had for years. There is not many people who are willing or want or need to go back and do this content. Changing it only hurts the casual person. This was an unnecessary change.
  17. xeveq New Member

    A friend and I leveled to 110 exclusively through a CotF HA rotation with nothing but autogrant AAs; post-110 we continued to farm AAs there. It's quite a rude awakening to go from completing a Gribble in 4-5 pulls to having our sk tank get melted by 3 mobs - we don't have thousands of current AAs or top group gear.

    Sure, maybe they needed to be bumped in difficulty, but this is ridiculous; content seems tuned for a certain level of gear and AAs, not just 110.
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  18. Feznik Elder

    Nah those of us still playing think we will retire, but never do, stop fooling yourself. You know you'll always come back to EQ no matter how bad the game is.
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  19. Horyuken Augur

    Tooooo Easyyyyy.........
  20. 22wplkj Lorekeeper

    I'm confused. HA's are my main route for gearing up during level 85 to 105. Have they increased the difficulty for the lvl 85 to 105 HA's as well?

    I can't test it myself for a couple weeks because I'm waiting for a new computer.
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