Rain of Fear Beta Membership Requirements

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Koneko Augur

    i kinda wonder if beta would be like test in that i think they get gold free and such basicly and such if so silver players wouldn't really be of use if not then it might be useful so there aren't problems like the red skele mercs that silver members were using and stuff ^^;; but sony gets the call
  2. Leerah Augur

    It won't let me sign up again but some years it seems if I sign up too early, I don't get in. Reloading my email isn't effective. :)

    Am lonely tonight- my buddies are in beta and I'm not.
  3. Killstrike Journeyman

    lol.... this game..... used to be about quality... the devs actually used to take pride in it... everyone who worked on eq used to... now its all about money... how much money can sony get from people now... im actually not suprised about this decision to make it gold members only for beta this year....... after seeing armor forge... marketplace items.. etc.... I for one will not be going gold just for beta... I think im done... been playing and paying since 2004...
  4. Voodoman Augur

    Contradicting yourself is never a good thing.

    It has always been about money. Always.

    And you shouldn't be. If someone wants to be in beta enough, they'll sub for the month or two, and sit in the lottery just like everyone else.
  5. Riou Augur

    Every Beta has been Subscriber Only :p
  6. Tobynn Augur

    True story. This time is no different than all the others. Well, except for the whining about having to subscribe. That's new.
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  7. Emarinn Elder

    Actually, this time is different than all the others, since this is the first beta since FTP launched.

    Truthfully, I can understand why it's gold-only for beta participation; I may not agree, but I can understand. At the minimum though, they could throw silver accounts a bone if they were part of the grandfathered account process, etc.
  8. Caudyr Augur

    I could understand doing that for grandfathered silver accounts, too. Overall, though...I do understand as well....though that doesn't mean I agree with it either.

    Oh well, not that it matters to me, my account's still gold for a couple of months yet at least. :D
  9. Shang Augur

    Cost of an expansion: $39.99
    Cost of a gold membership: $14.99
    Net Difference: $25.00

    I don't understand. If you're going to be silver, you could nearly pay for two months of membership with the cost of the expansion alone.

    If you don't plan on purchasing the expansion, I doubt you'll be that good at beta testing it.
  10. Naveed New Member

    The games not all about money, You should be happy there is even a free option for gods sake! They are money hungry because I want this sweet illusion for my rogue blah blah blah. The fact is that once a company decides to implement a free option people are always complaining about how they are limited. Well how else do you think they will get people to continue to pay for the game? Be happy you have the option to pay or not and still play a great game and quit whining.
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  11. Yinla Augur

    If you are not gold, you are not playing current end game, you have no experience of how the end game currently is be it group or raid. Expansions are normally an extension of what is current with a slight overlap.

    Non gold accounts opinions could be way off what they expect the current game to be. So the developers time could be wasted looking at changing things which don't need changing. Having the zones tested by level 90 players in T2/3 HoT gear isn't going to work, when it is aimed at level 95+ in T4 VoA gear, with over 1000 AA.
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  12. doktartp Augur

    Personally i have several accounts that are silver that are in high use (all have VoA expansion and a few K extra AAs for some classes)
    I will go from being able to group most anything in t4 VoA to hoping that I can solo as a cleric in new content, or rely on strangers to be interested in what i want to do.

    I will add RoF to my silver accounts, no reason to pay a year when i can get a double SC from time to time to unlock needed AAs.
  13. Goddess Journeyman

    I agree completely with this post. I am sorry for those who can not afford to pay to play. But if you dont pay to play, you are very limited in what you can do, you don't have access to many of the items, abilities and content of the game. Why would I (who pay 97 plus dollars times 7 accounts) want someone who does not pay and who can not even utilize the content have input on what happens in the game? Any gameplay decisions will affect ME...it wont affect people who dont even have access to everything. If you don't pay for complete content and use of the game, I dont want you having a say in how the game and any epansions or changes affect me. I pay dearly for the right to have full use of EQ and full say of my opinion.
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  14. Bigbear Augur

    Actually if you took advantage of the 25% off subscriptions ( not even counting triple SC) then if you paid for a full year it would only cost you $97.07 (including taxes) which comes to $8.09 per month. I know because I did for all mine and my wife's 7 accounts
  15. Goddess Journeyman

    So true! If you wont even pay to play, ya wont pay for the new expansion and what the new expansion has to offer wont even matter to you. I understand that some can not afford to pay, and I am sorry that you can not enjoy the game to the fullest. However, never at any time is it fair for someone who does not have full access to the content to have imput about what does affect me and not affect them. In short, it doesnt concern you, it concerns me...I have full access, you dont...I want other full access people to help me decide what we want because we will be the ones enjoying the content or suffering the consequences whichever the case may be. I pay for 7 accounts and have high end toons who will be in the new expansion in the not so distant future...they are in VOA now. I dont want some level 70 free to play toon saying what they think I should see in the next expansion. You wont even be there, I will. And also, if you are level 95 with the limited AA's you are allowed, ya dont need to be there anyway.
  16. Goddess Journeyman

    Ok so they need to learn grammer...how about learning what concerns you and what does not? Why not pay for the full access of a game before telling someone else what type of content they should have in the game? Ok so you are gonna start paying in the future....so after you pay for a year, you can do beta next time. I have paid all along...I dont want free to play people in beta taking my spot. How would it be fair to me for you( who have not paid to play) to take my beta spot when I have paid for 7 accounts for 13 years? I can answer that for you...it's not fair to me. There are lots of things I can't afford, but I don't try to have input on how they are created. I don't live beyond my means by wearing, using or playing things that I can not afford. You get what you pay for in my opinion...and you don't pay so be happy that you get to play at all and leave beta to those who pay. Beta has always been for paying subscribers! This is only fair. I don't care if you dont like my grammer, I pay to use this forum.
  17. Goddess Journeyman

    Well said! Don't forget that non paying Beta people keep a high end paying toon from experiencing beta at all!
  18. Goddess Journeyman

    If you don't have access to all the content, how can you give truely good imput on all the content? I pay to play and don't want a free to play person to take my beta slot. I have access to all content and have high end toons. I know you may have knowledge, but how can you have an opinion on content you can't access? Why should you have an opinion on content you can't access?
  19. Crystilla Augur

    I tend to take this the other direction - before free to play you paid the equivalent of gold (with beta access) or didn't pay (and had no access to beta). Now you pay gold (and have access to beta) or don't pay gold (and don't have access). Nothing has changed on the beta front so no one should be going 'punishment' here.
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  20. Emarinn Elder

    Using myself as an example, what content don't I have access to? I own VOA, and I can step into any zone in the game. I may not be able to equip specific items while I'm on Silver, but I can kill the mob same as you or anyone else. I've never been bleeding edge, but I certainly know the game and my characters (I have multiple toons). Even if I were to stay silver and not re-sub for the expansion, if I buy RoF, I can still access the content, so why shouldn't I have a say in the shape of that content?

    I understand what Crystilla was saying about before FTP you paid a sub and had access to beta and now you don't pay you don't have access to beta. The difference is now there IS FTP, so why not make adjustments? I can certainly understand excluding accounts that have only ever been FTP, but do not understand the harm in allowing Silver accounts to participate, even if in some limited capacity, like maybe they can't earn a beta reward or something.

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