Rain of Fear Beta Membership Requirements

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Yinla Augur

    I'd still like to know if you need to be a gold re-occuring member or just a gold member to partisipate.

  2. doktartp Augur

    You realize you dont have to be gold to play in the current expansion right ? I have several accounts who have participated in bout every t4 named and a good many of the quests as silver.
    I wish a gold account could add X number of silver accounts for beta testing cause not every boxer pays out the nose for an army.
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  3. Tarvas Augur

    They probably don't tune for boxers. If they do though, what you say makes sense. Not everyone wants to spend that kind of dough. Someone should ask that question at SoE Live.
  4. Nofo_Moss New Member

    for some reason i in beta but i do not have access to beta forums?
  5. Goddess Journeyman

    Well, if you are free to play..there is a long list of things posted by SOE about what you can or cant do while being free to play. It was such a long list that I decided to contnue to pay to play. I didn't memorize the list since it would not apply to me, but here are a few I remember.
    You are limited in how many AA's you can have. (unless you pay for them via Marketplace)
    You are limited in how much plat you can have.
    You are limited in what items you can use.
    You can't have a trader in Bazaar unless you want to sell dirt cheap due to limitation in plat.
    You are limited in which races you can play. (unless you pay for them via Marketplace)
    You are limited to Cresent Reach as your starting city....
    This is called Game Content... I have All of the game content...you have limited game content.
    Any game that is free is not the same as the paid version...it lacks enough content to be considers ok to give it away free. We all know this. I didn't say that you couldn't walk anywhere you wanted to walk or engage any mob you wanted to engage....only that you have limited access to the game content.
    Oh yeah....Beta is only available to Subscribers....more game content that you can't access.
    Thank you SOE for giving me another reward for paying all this money all these years!
  6. Goddess Journeyman

    Thats the whole point...everyone wants stuff but not to pay for said stuff. I realize you can play the current expansion. I just dont want a non paying player to get a beta slot instead of paying players. It's not fair in my humble opinion. If you pay for subscription you should get a little extra for the effort.
    I don't care if you are in VoA raid gear...if you play for free then you should not take a beta slot from a paying customer. We work hard for our money too.
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  7. Goddess Journeyman

    Just a gold member
    according to what I read. Payment method should not matter just gold membership.
  8. Laini New Member

    I am in beta too and cant get to or find beta forums
  9. Ikik New Member

    I to am in the same boat in beta but no forums for beta listed that i can find
  10. Tarrin Augur

    I had to physically log out of the forums, then back in to see them myself.
  11. doktartp Augur

    I pay for eq one 3 accounts, but the other 3 I have have VoA with RoF pre orders on FTP. I am paying for the expansion, I wouldnt mind being allowed having the army grandfathered in with several of my gold accounts.
  12. Anatole New Member

    I got into beta without a recurring membership.
  13. Vouivre Augur

    If they've invited all the gold accounts that want into beta and still have a lot of room, then I don't mind them starting with silver. Otherwise, they should never take a non-paying account over a gold.
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  14. Straahdx Augur

    I'm gold recurring x2, and still no invite.. It's getting ridiculous...
  15. Reht Augur

    same boat
  16. ieaien_bertox New Member

    Well, so much for only Gold or All-Access getting in. I know of at least one person with 3 silver accounts that got into beta. The last 2 invites were sent to him today. Yet, I sit with 1 gold account, and get jack squat...wtg on that snafoo
  17. Jack Pipsam New Member

    I don't see any issue with this.

    Station Pass is pretty helpful at times like this ;)
  18. Hatsee Augur

    I must ask, did they follow Thom on Twitter and do what he said? He seemed to have been manually doing it which may bypass the system in place.
  19. coosmike New Member

    Well I'm a silver member and was accepted for the beta. The client keeps crashing before I can create a character.
  20. MorbiusPrime New Member

    I am a silver member and they accepted me. Anyone having trouble with accounts though? I only get the Beta Server and have no listings for any of the other servers now? Are you not allowed back into the other servers until the beta is over?

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