Rain of Fear Beta Membership Requirements

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Dexella, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. Cloudia Augur

    That is a bug with the installer. You did install the beta to a different location didn't you? In that case you should be able to go into the regular EQ dir and create a new shortcut right click on lanchpad.exe send to desktop. Newest iteration of beta installer isn't supposed to overwrite standard shortcut, you probably installed from the link in invite.
  2. WarSheol Augur

    Correct DL beta into its own new directory you should have a nomral EQ icon on the desktop and a beta one, make sure they both arent pointed to the same place
  3. Notinterested Augur

    Its not a bug, the beta client is a different client.

    I cant believe all the crying from the silver players. Like who would think a company would give preference to paying customers... Unbelievable the sense of entitlement people have these days. "I pay nothing but want what the guy that pays gets!"
  4. ieaien_bertox New Member

    well, I see that the powers that be have YET to speak up about the silver accounts getting into beta while some of us with gold accounts have yet to get theirs. Not doin very good on the whole CS/CR side of things by doing this. How is someone with a silver account going to give you an accurate depiction on how things are working when they are restricted to only part of the content? I put my application for beta in on the day it was said to be live, yet here I am almost a month later without an invite. And for those that want to tell me that I should have followed Thom on twitter, show me in the requirements for beta where it stated twitter people would get special treatment and get invites regardless of their status? If the powers that be set forth a set of restrictions and rules, then they need to abide by them when it comes time for doing the invites. I bet this post goes unanswered by anybody within the SOE company, just as have my former questions and statements about the topic. Here is an idea, you can check when people's accounts go silver on the live side, why not in the beta side and boot all of the silver accounts out of beta, then invite more of the gold subscription people that you overlooked?
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  5. Tuldan Lorekeeper

    I know silver accounts that are in and people with 4 to 6 accounts in beta too. I was signed up in the first couple hours you could sign up and still a no go here.
  6. pimp_zilla New Member

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