Raiding Enchanter Numbers in ToV

Discussion in 'Casters' started by enclee, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. enclee Augur

    Any other guilds out there seeing their enchanter numbers drop off? We started with 4, but are down to 1-2 a night. In my opinion, it’s due to ToV not including anything in the raid scene to keep our class excited to raid.
  2. Lannin Elder

    Imo its not just this expac , over all I would bet every year more enchanters are lost then are gained at the highend of the game. Tons of folks have alt enchanters , no one really wants to main one , there not nearly as fun to play as MANY other classes.
  3. MasterMooCow New Member

    I think you could write an essay on the state of the Enchanter in the game right now, but I'll try to keep it short.

    I WANT to play my Enchanter every night. I want to get online and grind experience and do progression or upgrade equipment, but the reality is that most people don't NEED an Enchanter anymore. Other classes can do what we can, for the most part. Our abilities and DPS are a fraction of what they used to be. The nerf bat hit us too hard, honestly. As a result, I've found myself playing alts more often because I'd rather play another class and be able to group/interact with others than sit LFG for hours during my playtime each day.
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  4. Conq Augur

    We had 6 enchanters the other night in raid - 2 in sitout. WTS Enchanters!
  5. enclee Augur

    Our class isn’t in a bad position, we provide a significant boost to any caster dps. It’s just our role has been marginalized to the point, where it’s bland.
  6. Anastasis Elder

    We will take it :) My guild has only one. Trade your enchanters with our rangers.
  7. Lannin Elder

    3 kronos for your little enchanter !
  8. Verily Tjark Augur

    Raiding as an enchanter is rather boring right now and has been for a while, but maybe other classes feel the same way too? Mearatas was the blueprint for a raid that made me WANT to raid. Challenging, used a multitude of our skills, required coordination with other ENC in raid, etc etc... Simply casting the same buttons over and over doing mediocre DPS is not fun to me. I find myself trying to find new ways to squeeze up the parse rankings to beat classes that I shouldn't be beating.

    Anyway, I raided as a cleric from 99-03. I'm leveling up that toon to max, currently 108. I see a main switch in my future just to keep the game fresh and for nostalgia reasons. Raiding on current content with my original toon from 99 seems like it would be kind of neat.
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  9. enclee Augur

    +1 for Mearatas being one of the most fun events, I’ve ever done as an enchanter and I wish they made it reward better to entice farming it.
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  10. Genusii Journeyman

    Wow Conq.

    Enclee, our class is in an awful position right now.

    Master Moo Cow, you should try my favorite sub-game in EQ:

    Which utility unique to enchanters will be given as a clicky, focus or an aa to the tanks? For the Dps? For the Priest?

    It's not as easy as it sounds. I didn't get this year's correct.
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  11. Conq Augur

    Howdyy Gen! I'd never sell you! Your wifey would kick my !
  12. enclee Augur

    Well I stopped logging in for raid nights. It’s hard to dedicate a few hours twice a week to something I’m not enjoying. I hope next expansion, they realize we exist.
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  13. Tyreel Augur

    I really do not enjoy ToV as an enchanter at all raiding is uninspiring.

    It feels like enchanters just do not fit in to the raid or group game, we are clearly the square peg and the expansion is nothing but round holes. One of the things that really made eq different was with an enchanter you could be dps light or tanking light or healing light and still get things done efficiently but now it is just tank, healer, 4x dps mow down the content. The challenge of the game went from can you do this bit of content to how fast can you do this bit of content.
  14. yepmetoo Augur

    Not exactly a team player....

    Been plenty of times my class and/or the content has been terrible, doesn't mean you give up and stop logging on and let your team down.
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  15. Magickon Elder

    No one wants someone who is only logging in because they feel like they have to.
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  16. Lannin Elder

    Sendaii was another imo fun enchanter event. There's been a few over the years. Viral mezz was fun , while that lasted , always wished they would have cont that line myself.

    I pretty log in to play for the others in my group , as others have posted here I find playing pretty mundane most of the time in the raid game.
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  17. enclee Augur

    Am I supposed to feel bad? Everquest isn’t a priority for me. If, it’s not enjoyable I stop giving it my time.
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  18. Lockdown Elder

    Can't stay out of this one.

    On the contrary, I think Enclee sounds very much like a team player. It's just that the team is Team Enchanter.

    I realize I'm just a returning player who's only 66th level with about 700 AAs, and it will be a long time before I see endgame, if I ever see it, since I didn't go heroic or use Autogrant. I am not appreciated here either.

    Ironically I'm seeing people saying the same things I said on my initial post which earned me so much ire in the first place. I said our toolbox is constantly being plundered. Any ability you get will be farmed out to any other class that the Dev Team feels needs help.

    At the inception of the game, Enchanters were considered indispensable. We were once a jackknife that could do it all (except healing and snaring). Now we're a putty knife that no one needs. With the creation of new charm spells that have the debuff and haste built in, Devs gave themselves the green light to nerf charmed pet DPS to the ground.

    Once charmed pet DPS was justified because of the risk involved. Now with BDB, Self-stasis and other tools, the risk has been minimized. Never mind that finding and extracting a mob to use as a pet is still a huge pain in the tuckus. To say nothing of the charm breaks that give us the hassle of reasserting control. Classes with persistent pets still don't have the issues we have, regardless of the tools we get.

    I don't blame you guys one bit for not enjoying raiding. I never liked raiding anyway. But from what I gather, all you guys do is MGB the buffs and wait for NET to refresh so the next melee can get it cast on them. And something about Hazies. I think I saw what it was in the AA description.

    (By the way, if I were a raiding Enchanter, I would simply say, "If you're not a melee, you're not getting NET." I refuse to be a buff bot. As I understand it, it's a melee proc, so Casters and Healers don't need it, since it does absolutely nothing for them, except let them giggle and squeal when they finally get a proc with their subpar melee skills. And the Ogre tank (as most tanks are) find that it interferes with their Slam ability.)

    Honestly, I would just boycott. Decide what we need, whether it's more spell DPS, more charmed pet DPS, more versatility, more skin in the game and just screw raiding until you get what you need. It might sound ridiculous, but what have we got to lose at this point? That the class be made obsolete and guilds find they don't need a single Enchanter? Sounds like that's pretty close to what's happening now. It also sounds like disappointed Enchanters are pretty much boycotting anyway.

    I'm not the person to tell you what we need, obviously. Not at 66th level. And even if I were at cap, I still wouldn't be the one to tell you what we need to be demanding. Raiding sucks all the fun out of this game for me. I've never enjoyed it, which seems to blow everyone's mind. "Everyone wants to raid! Those that say they don't just suck at it!"

    What's to be good at? Five hours of "Haste, please!" "C8, please!" "Again, please, 'cuz I'm a Ranger, please." "Can I be a froggie, please?"

    Shoot me now, please.

    I would love to talk about the things that I want for Enchanters, but since I'm just doing the solo game now, nothing I could ask for would be of any use to the raiding game.
  19. Szilent Augur

    Allowing one class out of 16 to base their identity on being indispensable would be unconscionably awful game design. Rethink your world view.
  20. Lockdown Elder

    No one is saying that we should be considered indispensable. I'm saying that we once were. I refuse to be put on the defensive because you chose to read into what was said rather than reading what was said. My point was that Enchanters were once considered necessary (which may be "unconscionably bad game design," but nonetheless, Enchanters were), and now we've gone to the other extreme of being considered obsolete.

    I'm hoping for something in between.

    But you're right. No class should be considered indispensable. CoughClericcough. CoughWarriorcough.

    (Now I know why I left the first time. I'm forever having to explain myself to people who just refuse to read and would rather erect strawmen. Maybe it's not my worldview that needs to be fixed.)
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