Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

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  1. Yuudai New Member

    Downloaded the beta client, no server shows up in the list
  2. Barton The Mischievous

    Beta is not up yet so ya no server would show, said hopefully this week
  3. Yuudai New Member

    Cool, thought I did something wrong
  4. Numiko Augur

    it shows on my list, but it is locked .
  5. Barton The Mischievous

    Live Client? or Beta Client?
  6. Metrav Journeyman

    For the Marketplace bags:

    Maybe create a new bag - that grows in size as expansions are unlocked.
    Sell it for the same rates as a 40 slot bag, and have it eventually become that size
    when appropriate. Something like this:

    Classic: 10 slot 50% OR 6 slot 100%
    Kunark: 10 Slot 65% OR 7 Slot 100%
    Velious: 10 Slot 75% OR 8 Slot 100%
    Luclin: 10 Slot 95% OR 9 slot 100%
    PoP/LDON/LOY: 11 Slot 100%
    GoD: 12 Slot 100%
    OOW: 13 Slot 100%
    DoDh/DoN: 14 Slot 100%
    TBS: 15 Slot 100%
    SoF: 16 Slot 100%
    SoD: 18 Slot 100%
    HoT: 24 Slot 100%
    VoA: 30 Slot 100%
    RoF: 36 Slot 100%
    CoF: 40 Slot 100%
    TDS: ?? Slot 100%

    Keep make the bag grow with the server, then players will be more likely to fork out money for bags they know they will always be able to keep.

    Also make them Heirloom.

    Just a thought..
  7. Numiko Augur

    beta client, its the only server on the list.
  8. AmazingMOO New Member

    So congratulations, one way or another, those who are pulling for a new prog server!

    Personally, I don't have a horse in that race. I played EQ back when and don't have a desire to repeat the experience. However, I see lots of people who do or want to experience it for the first time. This is going to have a somewhat depopulating effect on the other servers, especially at first, as everyone rushes to the new server.

    For a some of the servers this isn't going to be a terrible drain and will make more room for other players and guilds. For some low-population servers (*cough* Vox *cough*), it's going to be enough to have a debilitating effect. It can be difficult to get a group on, say, Vox, depending on time of day. There are only one or two guilds even *thinking* of raiding. Having even a 10% drain on the population of such a server would leave a pretty nasty lack of players to both raiding guilds and the casual grouper.

    Are there any server merges planned to counter this effect? (Vox + ?)
  9. Fallfyres Augur

    Yup that is exactly what happens in many other MMO's where that has been instituted. Any reigning in/limitations upon selling of items has a consequence. Especially in games with a version of F2P enacted...which now almost all are offering some version of sadly to try to stay competitive with other MMO's. If they instance things or up the spawn rate without changing code to limit items, inflation will be the name of the game in short shrift. If they make things no drop/limited as in lore 1-off items, then ya got the loot rights sellers.

    There is a consequence, or a work-around for many/most of the ideas which companies have thus far tried in order to limit the gold farmers sadly. Its more complicated than some try to make it sound, and/or takes more manpower hours than it is worth to the MMO concerned. Many decisions that seem simple affect one or more other parts of the game... all interconnected. Be glad, be very very glad that the swarm of gold farmers is soooooooooo much less here than in many other mmo's.

    Many of us have played triple-A games in the last two years where literally when one zoned in to the major quest hubs/cities there are bot players stationed at the zone in just takin' players names and you immediately start getting spammed with gold seller ads.

    As soon as you can type, literally as fast as you can type in their name to get them on ignore, another completely different named bot is sending you the advertisement. There is literally NO GEN CHAT AT ALL, because if you type in genchat they get yer name and start spamming you again. You just have to run around as if you are f2p with no genchat privileges because you turn the entire box OFF, so you don't have to hear / see the crap.

    The gold sellers are there/here because there is a market obviously, but unfortunately everyone is seeing another part of the ruination of MMO's no matter if they personally buy in-game coin or not. The gold farmers lock down or interrupt game play because they can make irl money doing it, then they supply the market (*the market being whales who want to buy their way) in whatever way is most profitable for the gold farmers of course. So yea, loot rights are sold by your normal run-of-the-mill guildies and players, but its also a going concern for those who earn a living at it.

    While its great to share information and toss ideas back and forth, I'm thinkin' that the DB devs have tried on at least a few of we players 'suggestions' but the choices are sometimes the lesser of two evils, not any perfect solutions.
  10. taliefer Augur

    its not just monks btw. all classes have increased damage from hand to hand, and its based on skill level. http://www.monkly-business.net/forums/showpost.php?p=207148&postcount=32

    this means any class that can reach 200 hand to hand skill, will have bare fisted 16 damage, 29 delay weapons. and i am fairly poistive all melees can reach 200 hand to hand at level 50
  11. Rolien Elder

    It sounds awesome except for the part about being able to buy EXP potions in the shop.

    We wanted it lower exp rates for a reason why add exp pots to the store?
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  12. Barton The Mischievous

    Um so they can make money off this server so they can do more stuff?
  13. Typucm Elder

    As me remember leveling 1-50 was not as long as 50-60.. So six months in Kunark no problem for me, will slow leveling and enjoy the game. Also i always want to be iksar, so for me better wait till Kunark is open and start play in 6 month?

    Too bad me already buy 3 months allaccess, seems me need to wait half year till can play :(

    Or in shop will sell race change items (like it on live servers)?
  14. Vaclav Augur

    Odds seem slim until PoP on race change scrolls - they change your bind point to PoK.
  15. Nolrog Augur

    Translation (for the one you quoted): Anyone who votes against what I want is not using logic and voting purely on emotion. Only people who voted the way I wanted, used logic.
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  16. Kahna Augur

    For the race change scrolls, They ought to do it the same as Fippy/Vulak. PoK was open, but there was only one book that worked, and the zone was depopulated. Pretty sure the book was the one in Rathe Mountains, so not exactly an ideal location.
  17. Rithlir Journeyman

    Maybe this has been said already, but the vote options never gave a real selection of options for voting countdown, did it? It was all included in other questions with different combinations of durations.

    How about a new poll that only discusses the time between boss defeats and first vote in different angles? I doubt there's a majority vote that classic->kunark should take 6 months.

    How about a poll that asks if there should be 2,3,4,5,6 months between. Then another question if the time should be 50%, 75%, 100%, 150%, 200% on classic->velious, velious->GoD, GoD->present
  18. Qadir New Member

    Call me a sadist, but I hope it's by hand.
  19. Qadir New Member

    And while I'm not overly bothered by the 6 months of classic or the non-instancing of raids I'm disappointed with having Marketplace anything on Ragefire. Despite Barton's logical response above I think it's an odd decision for a server looking to bring as close as possible to the feel of the original EQ.
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  20. Qadir New Member

    Gee the edit function in here is awful so I will add to my /melody for Bard post above by saying here "and yes, I will definitely play as a Bard".
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