Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

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  1. Sarticus Journeyman

    I guess just play an Iksar monk on live until Kunark launches
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  2. Sarticus Journeyman

    Thank you much, I couldn't find the thread! Much appreciated friend
  3. Nulak New Member

    Wait, no corpse run ? ...
  4. Herf Augur

    Does this mean there will be a PoK immediately, and PoK books everywhere? That would sort of defeat the "maximum" nostalgia thing.
  5. Mardy Augur

    No pok won't be accessible immediately.
  6. Tulgin Augur

    No Raid Instancing:

    Come on, the reason for this is you can't do it for a reasonable cost. It's not going to be like it was on classic. No one will ever see raid mobs aside from 1 or 2 guilds and a handful of box crews.

    Make the loot No Drop at least. That will remove pointless boss kills and let more people have a chance.

    XP Potions and Double XP compared to classic:

    No, just no. What is the reason you want XP doubled? I want a classic experience spending days camping certain zones. With double xp and potions, I'm going to level to 45, excited to see Karnors active again, stay there for a day and be done with it, especially with my xp potion. I remember in classic I spent weeks in Karnors before moving on to Seb.

    More voting needed:

    A few days after beta is launched, we need another poll.

    • Change the voting option order, put the least popular choices as number 1, and the most popular last.
    • Vote on the experience rate and xp potions.
    I understand the reluctance to remove potions, because lets face it, they will be a huge revenue earner for you. But for the sake of the game, I think it will be ridiculous to keep them in.
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  7. Rolien Elder

    This is understandable however the server is already going to require a sub to play. One of the things people wanted was a slower leveling pace. EXP potions being buy able basically nullifies the slower leveling rate. In short EXP potions basically encourage rushing to max level which is bad.
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  8. Mardy Augur

    They won't budge on the exp potion thing, it's a good revenue stream for them. It's something you'll just have to get used to. Personally I won't be buying them, I don't need them. It wouldn't bother me if casual gamers who can only play 30mins - 1 hour a day want to buy them.

    It is what it is, exp potions are a thing in today's MMO's and part of the ingame RMT. They'll bend on some stuff but they won't bend on this one. I would suggest those wanting to go at it slow to simply not buy the potions and go at it slow.
  9. Typucm Elder

    But is this will be in Ragefire shop as Kunark open?
  10. Ziggy Augur

    God, we don't need any more polls -- this would be like voting for President and 6 months later have another vote that is basically is "Are you sure you want to vote for .... "

    Although we will see in beta, the most likely candidate for the store will be like the 10% potions -- not enough to get worked up about but still should sell well. I am concerned about the bags though because its going to put a few tailors that rely on the handcrafted backpacks out of work.
  11. Darth Augur

    Casuals will get to gear up in Hate and Fear, they just won't get to kill CT or Inny. On Vulak anyone that wanted a full set of Hate gear had it. People used general to call off looting pieces. If Fippy was different then I stand corrected.
  12. Fallfyres Augur

    No Nulak, but not for the lack of interested players asking.
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  13. Gleipnir Journeyman

    Considering the new Expansions are potentially unlocking at a speed twice as fast as they did originally I don't take much issue with doubling the XP rate, though I do look forward to AA's slowing it down for me. XP potions and such frankly I am meh about since the lack of hell levels makes any kind of leveling 1-50 fairly simplistic anyhow, for those more casual players that have the means to use them or those that feel the need to rush to max level and want to spend real money on such supporting the developers more power to em.

    To me the simplest manner of enforcing PnP for endgame is to aggressively promote a Guide program for the new server, let your playerbase "Guides" respond to reports of violations and submit them to GMs to investigate. That way your GM's arent forced to babysit, only deliver judgement when Guide reports document excessive abuses. One guild perma camping every raid target and violating PnP can be actioned on that way. I know from experience back in 1999 on The Rathe the creation of a amicable raid rotation began with one uber leet train anyone that tried to raid endgame guild getting a major portion of its officers banned and thier entire guild disbanded, they reformed their guild a week later but the abuses were much less of a factor going forward.
  14. Darth Augur

    They let s vote for these on the last set of TLP servers the vote was like 97% for no, and 3% for yes.

    So, I feel confident saying "no one really wants to waste an entire day retrieving gear like 1999, it wasn't fun then, not fin now."

    If you're one of the 3% I'm sorry.
  15. MHD90 Journeyman

    I know its down the road but, Please keep defiant gear, and mercenaries out of this server. You can see what it did to vulak and fippy.
  16. Roshen Brand Manager

    This isn't something we'll be voting on.

    I've mentioned this in other TLP threads, and I'll put this here too. The "some people will get to max level faster" argument doesn't hold much weight against "if this server is a financial success for Daybreak, that means we get to do more cool stuff with EverQuest in the future."
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  17. CmdrLederhosen New Member

    Can we get voting results from actual subscribers? Frankly, I am more interested in those numbers as you should be. Allowing non-paid accounts to steer the results of something that will only be accessible to paid members is a little too bizarre for me.

    I'm part of a small group of friends who were interested in playing again. We postponed starting up until this new TLP server is online for a number of reasons. To make things clear, I am fine with the results. I would have preferred starting with Kunark for the extra space and some of the utility spells that were added. I do have concerns over the voting situation but I fail to see the logic in blocking a vote, perhaps I am just naïve on this issue.

    I could have voted 30 or 40 times with the mountains of accounts my daughter created each time she forgot her FreeRealms account info, but I didn't. I'm sure others did. Somehow rationalizing this by saying you aren't paying NOW, but WILL if the vote goes your way (aided by ballot stuffing) is not only childish but a bald faced lie.

    Just my two cents. Been trying to enjoy myself with PS2 while you guys take forever to get the ball rolling with this...
  18. Toredan Journeyman

    I'm sure I'm going to get flamed here but you guys do understand that if this TLP is successful Roshen is saying there will be more cool EQ stuff? You're going to be in classic for 6 months, what is the rush? What does it matter if someone gets 50 in a week and it takes you 3 or 4? you'll still have 5 months to enjoy sitting in lguk or solb /lfg.
  19. Ltldogg Augur

    I completely disagree with this way of thinking. DBG can be financially successful with the TLP servers and other concept servers WITHOUT being greedy and sacrificing the integrity of the server by selling bags, potions and the like that affect gameplay.
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  20. Arkk Lorekeeper

    Then don't play it?

    My preferred race is Drakkin, but that doesn't mean I should be able to make one in the first day. I don't want to see them anywhere on the server for the first 5 years.

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