Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

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  1. Ziggy Augur

    No drop loot has been asked for ... with no official comments. I, too, think one of the ways to stop the farming of God loot, etc, whatever is to take away the incentive to do so. No drop loot will not affect guilds much, but will have a better effect of RMT traders and BOT farmers.
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  2. Arkk Lorekeeper

    Nevermind, having read more of the long summary, it is apparent that this is now Fippy all over again with longer time locks. And the "maximum nostalgia" not actually being the most amount of time in progression of old EQ is laughable false advertising. This server is another form of catering to a small minority of end game racers who will just have longer lockouts on the new content while they upset and chase away casual players by holding down camps, selling epic MQs, etc. This should have never gone to a vote since the wrong population has more sway than those who have been waiting. This is like letting everyone in the world vote for the US president. We have to live with the consequences--and they may very well spell doom from the start.

    Marketplace for exp pots, bags, and "cosmetic items"? Terrible for nostalgia.
    Announcing every time a raid target goes down? Terrible for nostalgia.
    Letting players vote and causing strife among the population? Terrible for nostalgia.
    Players with 6 or more accounts boxing through & controlling votes again? Terrible for nostalgia.
    OP monks and mages? Terrible for nostalgia.
    PoK merchants selling dropped, crafted, and quest-only spells? Terrible for nostalgia

    This server could drive more people to servers you don't want them on.
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  3. Mardy Augur

    6 months of classic is not going to work, that alone will lose the server more players than Fippy & Vulak ever did. Please reconsider even if people voted for Maximum Nostalgia. I would imagine majority voted for maximum nostalgia wanted 6 months starting from kunark on, not necessarily 6 months of tiny classic.

    Speaking as a big supporter of all progression servers, big advocate who helped pushed Daybreak to launch the new progression server, I beg you to shorten the classic timer. I'm 100% fine with 6 months timer for Kunark and on. But 6 months of classic will be hell. It'll be boring, it'll be not worth people's time to fight for the tiny camps available to exp and farm loot in classic. You're looking at possibly losing a great chunk of your playerbase within 6 months, and these folks may or may not come back once Kunark unlocks.

    We already know monk fists and mage pets won't get adjusted. This info alone should tell you all content, including raid content, will be trivial. You can't possibly think people want to go 6 months with trivial content, one in which people will be fighting over. There will be hacking, cheating, backstabbing, training, kill stealing, and all bad behaviors we've come to know with the early parts of Everquest. This is all made worse when you try to mix casual gamers with hardcore gamers within the tiny classic for 6 months.

    Please reconsider, thank you.
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  4. taliefer Augur

    if thats true, its pretty hilarious.
  5. Darth Augur

    This is the biggest loss to the TLP server so far.

    I can name on my fingers the people that really tried to help make this TLP great for everyone. BL you fought a good fight sir, hopefully it's not over.
  6. asgaard Augur

    Mardy. they will reconsider the 6 month time period if a majority of people decide they want it opened earlier.

  7. Arkk Lorekeeper

    I imagine more than half the votes for these options were cast by players who won't even start a new character, and their extra accounts voted to boot. We are basically victim to their choices.
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  8. Arkk Lorekeeper

    I feel like everyone who has been commenting the past month has been leaning on Classic+Kunark. But that doesn't matter when most of the votes come from players who won't be on this server, and extra votes from their boxed accounts.
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  9. Zithax Elder

    Is it possible to get a list of what items are being considered to drop again and which are not? It would be nice to know. Additionally, which version of Innoruuk will be on the server? Classic like p99, the one with the specific race/class loot, or the PoP version?

    Also, these polls should have been done through a more open method like facebook or email. These servers clearly always bring in (if not being comprised almost entirely of) new subscriptions, so a more inclusive polling method should be considered in the future.
  10. Arkk Lorekeeper

    They just hold the mobs and sell you the loot rights.
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  11. Ziggy Augur

    No way to stop that though that I can think of ... and at least you would have to actually get to the mob before it despawns.
  12. Fendy Augur

    What kind of election was this? The items with the most votes won and the people who lost are upset! Where's the graft and corruption? There must be a way for the winners to be forced to accept the losers opinion, because they obviously didn't understand what they were voting for.
    I have no desire to play on TLP so I'm just eating popcorn and enjoying these threads :)
  13. Arkk Lorekeeper

    And our point is that you voted and have no intention to play on the server. In fact, most of the voters fit that same bill.
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  14. Oakenn Tigerspirit Augur

    well... Max nostalgia is faster than accelerated.. so there is that.
  15. Snowman Augur

    Well it will be fun for a little bit - I remember on fippy - Guk was amazing but it lost something when for the few months there was 130+ always in the zone - so now spending 5 months of the zone full of people ummm and for raid targets good luck all - I know a certain guild is already formed and waiting and they only wanna recruit a few more people who can play 12 + hours a day -- soo the ole poopsock is washed and gtg - so I see people getting mad and using their no vote already when the time comes -- fun times !
  16. Yuudai New Member

    Server list is blank for me
  17. Kunon Augur

    You missed his point.

    Truth of the matter is people rarely come to the forums unless they have a gripe. Those that didn't get what they wanted have that gripe and are responding to every other post in half a dozen threads to tell everyone how it is wrong and they were cheated in the vote.

    If the opposite would have won, that being: Start at PoP, Max Speed, No Votes, etc then few of those currently complaining would be posting and a couple would defend the results.

    On the flip side all those who voted for Classic, Nostalgia, Voting, etc would all be all over these forums doing exactly what you guys are doing. Screaming about how everyone will be sorry, that they were cheated, and it is all the fault of those evil Live players who wont actually play on the TLP.

    People said this is exactly what would happen regardless of the vote. All the tears are the forum community's entertainment.
  18. Tharrg Augur

    I think its because people see that the voting could have been done better. It was for live players only, people that dont play but used to play and would come back, did not get their voices heard unless they were lucky to find out and redownloaded the game and logged in. This is 2015... a social media campaign using the Everquest twitter and facebook pages to direct people to SOE pages to vote (if you are registered which is much easyier than downloading a game) would have given a much clearer picture of what people want. Yes someone would not be happy.. thats the way voting happens.. someone has to loose. But At least it would seem to be a better representation of what people want. The goal is to bring new and old players back in....... cant do that if they dont know it.
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  19. Fendy Augur

    I voted no preference. Which should have been a nul vote for any of the choices while telling DGB that I do not want a TLP server for their demographics.
  20. Brunlin Augur

    Troll/Iksar -20%
    Ogre -15%
    Barbarians -5%
    Halfling +5%

    Hybrids -40%
    Warriors +10%
    Rogue +10%
    Wizards -10%
    Monk -20% for human
    These are the rough figures that existed in the early days of EQ. It seems like later they made adjustments to humans but I cant confirm this. So penalties are out which means halflings, rogues, and war have bonuses...unless these number were changed later on

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