Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, May 6, 2015.

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    Watch this.
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    I agree
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    I keep reading all these post about mage pets being OP, does this also pertain to necromancer pets? I want to be an Iksar necro, but I guess I will be stuck as a dark elf. I honestly would not mind my pet being a tad stronger than it was when EQ was released. If anyone could answer this thank you.
  4. jagarr Augur

    right, but the counter-argument as Mezrah stated is the RMT gains. it really could go either way.

    those items will be locked down hard for the cashola, if for no other reason. plenty of sports cars and jet skis have been bought with pre-nerf fungi/CoS money. this server will be a part and full-time job for some people. jobs don't have to be fun for people to do them. the guys on ebay with 600+ kronos for sale 365 days a year are not going to be blocking bee island because it's 'fun.'

    those guys are gonna massacre this place without decent CSR around to 'handle eet' as the onyxia wipe raid leader would say. they are very much aware of Ragefire's impending existence and they're full-timers. RMT is how they buy food and pay bills, so they won't go away if the market is healthy.

    buying and selling for cash by itself isn't really a huge deal for the game. if you decide to quit and sell off an account, you're not doing tons of damage to the game economy. RMT isn't awful for an MMO if people are made to play nicely. if it ends up FFA though, unchecked 3rd parties and all, then it is going to be gross.

    truthfully though, this would've been an issue either way and i don't know if it'll be for better or worse with the long unlock period. i think it could actually work out better over the long term. i bet we see reduced RMT activity overall after the first two months due to burnout and lack of interest on both ends. this isn't p99. a lot of what draws players there just isn't going to be on Ragefire, and that is a good thing for casual players here.

    additionally, gear in classic on a TLPS really doesn't matter all that much. naked monks and mages can kill everything easily. i think we're overestimating the demand here, and with Krono already in the game the whole argument just seems silly.

    this ball is firmly lodged in DB's court. smedley and co have been around for a while. they know all of this already, which is why Aristo's post mentioned other means of dealing with folks who make too much noise. how hard they decide to police the end game will determine a lot. we'll have to wait and see!
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    Not 'rustled' at all. I don't care if they keep monks and pets as they are. The point I was making is actually that it's not really an issue. In the case of pets, it's more of a perceived issue than a real one.
  6. taliefer Augur

    i wonder how many of the results that won were the first option in their category?
  7. Tharrg Augur

    If they really wanted to have a good idea on what people wanted for progression they should have made it vote on social media (facebook everquest and twitter pages) that linked to a forum or website vote. By not doing that and only having people who log into the game voting.. you ignore the hundreds if not thousands of players that do not play because they want only specific rules and possible a Locked progression server. But since we are not getting that, I still think the lessons learned on FIPPY have to be changed here. Raid bosses were such a major block that many players and guilds simply failed... epics were locked down and no one could progress because of the farmers and ninjas.. DO I need to link the youttube videos of Venril dropping before he could even fully render? The problems with the huge imbalance created by those who box certain classes.... create such a power imbalance that it is not fair and ruins any classic feel to the game. While I dont want to see anything happen to any class... I really think a more upfront discussion needs to happen and players that want to consider this new server need to feel that the issues will be fixed. If I log in and play, I dont want to see 24 hours later.. a box group running around max level and already camping and farming gear. I still think that keeping with what is best for the game is a simple spawn time adjustment. Creating an instance takes alot of resources and reworking all gear on them to no drop really takes away from the game. But making a creature spawn instead of 2-4 times in two week period to 80+ times.. you guarantee that players will all be able to enjoy the content.. Even upstart guilds and PUGS.... No one really cares if the loot isnt special and rare... because only those that will be farming them will be mad. :D
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  8. Potawatomi Augur

    Sure they don't...
  9. Catashe Augur

    I DOUBT that will happen... After 6 months of JUST classic zones.. I'm sure people will be BEGGING for Kunark... I don't seem people voting No on expansions til Velious at the minimum but it will probably happen on PoP cause lets face it... After how many years? GoD still gives people a bad taste in their mouths
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  10. Jarylaxle New Member

    Would bards still have the /melody option or would they go back to toggling their spells by hand?
  11. Xanadas Augur

    Yeah I thought 2 sounded low. I'd be ok with a 4 expansion window.
  12. Numiko Augur

    when Beta goes live? why on earth would someone in beta buy anything off the marketplace ... unless your allowing things to be carried over to the live version of ragefire?
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    Coming back specifically for this. I can't wait.
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  14. Arkk Lorekeeper

    Here is why some things were surprising:
    The majority of people who took the poll are current regular players and are most likely have no stake in joining the server aside from the novelty of it. There have been plenty of posts since the start which suggested that email announcements should be sent to all old account holders about the server and let them vote, since they should be in the target demographic as they would probably be making mains and stick around.

    Again, this isn't game-breaking--I'm still excited about the server and will play so long as there is an active population of all level ranges, but it is certainly a case of development inadvertently catering to the wrong crowd.
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  15. Georgeo Journeyman

    sounds awesome, pretty excited
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  17. Fallfyres Augur

    A bit patronizing don't you think? Or did you really mean that those of us who 'voted that way' are just too emotional and didn't use any logic? Your kind of logic? Some kind of logic that was out of their reach? Tell me. I'm curious.
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  18. Drathus Augur

    I think they are putting the SC store live so people can view the items available. If there is something that shouldn't be there, they can remove it. It's a great way to preview things before someone can actually buy an inappropriate item on live and then Daybreak having to removing the item.
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    They all were....
  20. The Badger Lord Augur

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