Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

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  1. liveitup1216 Augur

    Pop dips happen regardless. 6 mos of any expansion is nothing compared to most modern games that leave you in a raid tier of an expansion for a year or more. Vote blocking would only prolong a server's life, as it'll stave off the the later expansions longer that actually do kill a progression server.

    Either way, this server is shaping up better so far.
  2. vardune Augur

    Yup, thank u DBGs for all the hard work. Keep it up.
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  3. Numiko Augur

    Glad they decided to leave the Hole open at the start, that should help some with the over crowding in Guk and SolB
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  4. Absor Developer

    Did you REALLY quote that WHOLE post just to add a few sentences?

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  5. jagarr Augur

    all i know is that no matter what happens, it is going to be funsies.
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  6. jagarr Augur

    QUOTROLLED. hey is blackened alloy/post-revamp runnyeye in at launch again? that makes the monk/mage thing suck a lot less. same thing with those nifty melee augs being in early. not a perfect fix, but they helped last time around.
  7. Chanaluss Augur

    A bit disappointed in the results, and the removal of the newbie armor especially, but ah well. Will hit it up I'm sure, but probably won't put a lot of time into it until kunark.
  8. jagarr Augur

    just like in my real everyday life i will be super excited to leave work, speed home and take my girlfriend down into the hole with me for hours until we're both tired and sore.

    and in the back of her mind she's gonna be kinda disappointed by the whole experience, as usual.
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  9. Weverley Augur

    I am mostly satisfied with the decision.Didn't thought that voting would win but i can live with it.Gonna be a big blow for the hardcore people though.I don't see raiding guild having any longevity for a few expansions but i'm a casual so for me it's fine.I don't think we gonna see much boxing for a few expansions either.People gonna say why should i spend money on tons of accounts with so long on each era.I'm glad for that.I'm an altaholic so plenty of time leveling all those toons.Plenty of time to level tradeskilling also.Looking forward to it.I never experience the 1st version of the hole so that might be interesting. Never seen how it was in south karana before splitpaw also.So lots to experience.Glad that people vote with their guts with all the post about end of the world if it's only classic.
  10. Fallfyres Augur

  11. Rynda New Member

    Those who think the power guilds wont stand for the delay will be disappointed I fear. The power guild (and we know who it will be) will monopolize raid content totally until 6 mos are up and Kunark opens. Don't kid yourself.

    And they wont be gracious about it in the least. The word comes to mind.
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  12. Deadlyne Elder

    Not sure why anyone is surprised that voting passed. People like to have some semblance of a choice. So what if things don't unlock on the first vote? That is obviously what the majority of the server wants if that's the case.
  13. Dakkad New Member

    This honestly is probably about as good as I could hope for. I voted for Classic + Kunark, but it seemed likely that it was either going to be the Trilogy or Classic itself.

    I'm still really excited.
  14. Fizzle Augur

    Lockjaw lost? I wont be playing
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  15. Akimo Elder

    Hook, Line and Sinker ..... o wait wrong movie.
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  16. Fizzle Augur

    6 months from now when kunark goes to a vote and doesnt pass, hardcores are going to threaten to unsub because they took time off work for the next expansion launch. Seen this before and Fippy definitely lost a few subs because of the delay. Will things be any different this time?
  17. Vaclav Augur

    So in other words, people voted entirely for #1, right? (I seem to recall those all being option #1 at least, but didn't SS the poll) - seems like what most people who had no interest and just wanted the poll that got shoved in their face would more than likely do.
  18. Numiko Augur

    Someone will be upset and quit no matter what happens..

    though I cant really see Kunark failing, most people who vote no do so because they feel they have not finished the expansion yet .. but with double exp and no hell levels to deal with even the most casual player should have 2 or 3 level 50 characters per account in six months.
  19. Blingx Augur

    Plz guys.
    Selo's Accelerating Chorus - Level 49 (Luclin)
    This adds no additional power now the Selo's is allowed indoors. It is a pure convenience song.
    Cantana of Soothing - Level 34 (Velious)
    This song doesn't add power like a next expansion nuke/heal/buff does. It just frees up a spell slot so bards don't have to keep memming/unmemming/rememming for utility songs.
    We start with 8 slots. At level 34 these are the songs you would have without Cantana.
    1. Selos
    2. Haste
    3. HpRegen
    4. ManaRegen
    5. Mez
    6. Snare
    7. Resist
    8. Invis
    That means if we want to Bind Sight, Dot, Slow, EB, Dispel, Fear, Charm, or Lev we would have to cycle songs constantly. I'm not asking for 20 spell slots, but freeing up 1 slot with this level 34 song would be very convenient.
    Guys plz.
  20. Flandersian Augur

    This is a case where the people who have been through this and know better need to intervene to save others from themselves. Classic only sounds like a nostalgia dream; but we've done this, we've been here before. Please be rational and at least put a Kunark vote up earlier in the cycle.
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