Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

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  1. Flandersian Augur

    Even the most hardcore can only do Bee island so many times. The raid scene on a 6 month locked classic server might be more tolerable due to disinterest from the hardcore sector.
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  2. Fizzle Augur

    I dont see Kunark failing either but was just for an example
  3. Camisado New Member

    What about during the day? If it's as it is now it will still be undead spooky dangerous even while the sun's out. :(
  4. Tachyon Augur

    This is the best news possible! Thanks crew!!

    I can understand the concern from some quarters about six months of Classic, but I think the time frame will really cement the community and build a better foundation for the later expansions. It'll give enough time for the semi-casual and casual to get the most out of reliving the very earliest days of Everquest. It's a completely different situation than the first two progression servers, so don't knock it until you try it.

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  5. Numiko Augur

    Does this mean no Hafling rangers or Gnome Shadowknights then? or are they the exceptions?
  6. Lilrod Journeyman

    Cant wait for all the posts crying about 300 mages using rdy to poopsock every raid target! Lets take bets on those that never played on tlp's that are coming from Live that quit cause they cant handle the cut throat competition that tlp's have. & with the new adv. loot system its as if DB secretly sponsors sense they made it even easier to plat farm while afk.
  7. Fizzle Augur

    The casuals are the majority of these votes,the hardcores that drive the progression are the minority. You need both to make a server successful. Usually I vote no when they ask me to unlock any expansion because i am trying to preserve the nostalgia and longevity of the server.
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  8. Weebles Augur

    Uh, hate to break it to you, but this is completely false. There are guilds on P1999 that have attempted to monopolize both classic and kunark content for over 4 years, and Daybreak is naive to think that players will come to an agreement.
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  9. Numiko Augur

    I just realized that they did change POP from 3 months to 6 months now, that is a good Change I think and will help lessen the no vote when it comes up for votes.
  10. kain200 Elder

    I see that they mentioned we won't be having the spell "breeze" until the proper era. This kinda sucks. I think the breeze spell was a great idea and I was under the impression that it was intended to sort of "plug in a hole" that should have been filled at the get go. Rather, it gives enchanters a nice early defining spell instead of having to wait until 29 to experience one of the class defining features of being an enchanter and being wanted in groups. I really think the breeze spell should be obtainable in classic. It is a spell that should have been in an enchanter's spell book from the beginning of everquest.

    Please reconsider this case at least? There may be others but i'm sure someone else will find those examples.
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  11. DefenseEQ Augur

    You are going to put all of these players (two servers worth of players the last two progression server releases) in a CLASSIC ONLY server, with 3 day respawns on ALL raid bosses, no instancing, and NO increased spawn rates on any content for 6 MONTHS.....and you think....you seriously think this is going to just work itself out?

    You have not thought this through very well...

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  12. Tachyon Augur

    My thoughts exactly! Many players in Everquest have no desire to raid or get best in slot as soon as possible. They are there to adventure.
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  13. Vrael Lorekeeper

    Then play on P99. I mean really, that server is designed for casuals. There are going to be quite a few people who are going to go out of their way to make a point on this server, especially if votes dont pass. Cant wait.
  14. Mezrah Augur


    These poll results will have made the Real Money Traders amongst the hard core raiding guilds very happy.
  15. Deadlyne Elder

    So the casuals should leave? Yeah lets make this server totally unprofitable so they cancel it prematurely and never do it again. Great idea! That aside, do you really think the casuals who as was said, just want to adventure, care what kind of point some l33t raiding groups are trying to make? They aren't even paying attention to them. I personally can't wait so I can laugh at all the hissy fits.
  16. Rhodz Augur

    So far so good so re-subed early. Since content can always be pushed forward and never pulled back, slow is better for the time being.
  17. Roshen Brand Manager

    Edit: Bags will be available in the Marketplace on Ragefire.

    These won't be as big as the bags we've offered in the Marketplace before, and they probably won't be in the Marketplace the day that beta goes lives. We're looking at what size, what weight reduction, and what Daybreak Cash price is appropriate for Marketplace bags for Ragefire.
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  18. Vrael Lorekeeper

    Who said anything about not wanting casuals on the server? People who only want to play the first 3-4 expansions have that option on a server designed JUST FOR THAT. We're talking about holding the progression on a server up for multiple guilds because you want to stay in vel/PoP era.

    You can adventure all you want while more expansions unlock. Or there is always P99.
  19. Polpet Lorekeeper

    Which Races / Classes have bonuses / penalties?

    Thanks for the great Work btw!! :)
  20. Fallfyres Augur


    *Grins slightly...erhm....I kinda think its fairly obvious the part where they said they 'hope' or 'think' players will/can come to an agreement is like the veil that stereotypical made-up female storyline characters in olllldschool-American-made completely-don't-understand-the culture-they-made-a-movie-about-movies.

    You know the exotic beauty sort of smiles slyly, click their finger ring sets and dance away behind the even lacier yet much larger veil surrounding the sultan's 28-pillowed love-nest and the male lead steps through toward her and the camera zooms in...as the bedding-surround veil slowly flutters closed. You get to use your imagination as to the completion of said scene: romance or, assassination?

    Will the Ragefire scene be desolate and forlorn of players within 30 days because people are supposedly bored and have done everything, or will there be a robust economy, friends lists at least 10-deep with fun grouping, and characters who actually learn their class really well, who are then prepared to raid without a lot of the twinked trappings in the first few months?

    Regardless of the fact that some not-original things are going to be in, there are variables, so...it won't be exactly like oldschool days of course. But here it is: decisions have been made. Really good MMO stuff can happen here.

    I am certain there is SOMEONE/or more than one SOMEONES on the current staff there at DB who has personal info and/or great access to that info about the wild west days of original. That data has been relayed, its been analyzed together with knowledge of time and other limitations the staff may be under before launch etc. They also clearly took a close look at what players have been saying around the net, on their own forums and how the Everquest players voted.

    Decisions have been made by DB. You can not realistically expect a revote or any major change to what DB publically stated today. And players are going to go forward into the new server with the plan as has been publically released...that there is time to learn and build a solid class, work some tradeskills up, build really great guild teams etc. (*MAYBE more guilds will be able to be selective and not just take anyone who answers a recruitment broadcast ;o)*
    The company obviously stated they will watch it closely and make adjustments if they deem it necessary. That's good.

    So lets get to it! We will make Ragefire what we want to make it. Reputations are to be had, fortunes will be earned, alliances are to be sought and ceased...its coming!! ^-^!
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