Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

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  1. Lilyedan Ownz'Yu New Member

    It would be prudent of them to run a on server only poll after 3 months on the server to let the people actually playing on the server decide.
  2. Smokn Augur

    huge damn diff in a race that has been out since 2000 and a race that been out 5 years
  3. Slayan Journeyman

    I'm one of the players that because of this server that I have resubbed for me and my son who havent has a payed sub in awhile. While playing in the beta it brings back the fun that was in this game at launch and it makes me want to log in like in the old days.
    Saddly This probably all change when it goes live and you have the group that gets to max level by day 2 or 3 and burn down the world boss's just so they can advance the server. The reason people wanted this type of server is to relive the game and enjoy it and I see these people and the thorn in the foot. Its not a rase to see how fast we can get up to the live servers, if you want to do that just start over on one of the current servers and leave the classic start to the people that want to enjoy it
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  4. Brunlin Augur

    Thats why its Time locked.....It doesnt matter who races to the top and how quickly they burn down the mobs...it will still be 6 months after the vote to progress to the next expansion. I am with you though, I am going to enjoy this server...taking my time ...savoring every moment....and as for the 6 boxers and the hard core raider...well they are enjoying the game too.
    As for classic the content is limited..Higher level zones are few...So their point is a valid one. At this point the minimum time to plane of powers is 2 years or more...So, I dont think we are getting to live in a hurry. I just know when Kunark drops there will be a lot more raid mobs for more top guilds to contend..instead of one uber guild on a bat phone list controlling all the Raid bosses. I myself could stay in classic for a year, but I do see the point that many people raise.
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  5. Arkk Lorekeeper

    If it doesn't matter, then it would be nice to see them turn off the boss kill announcements. That's both disheartening and annoying.

    Another thing to bring back would be corpse runs, turn off maps, change the exp gains, and reset the resting hp/mana to the original ticks. And please keep the new loot tool out. It's basically a justifiable exploiting tool for botters.

    Everyone says things can't be changed without it affecting the rest of the game, but the beta/test launchers are proof that they have the option to make it work. Don't get everyone's hopes up and chase even more people away to the servers we don't want them on.

    We finally have all this extra time in old EQ, but have to keep all the shortcuts of the modern game which traded quality for efficiency--and we know where that led.
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  6. Zesta Journeyman

    is it wise to release only one server on launch, no matter the precaution that has been put in place history on the first 2 progression server taught us that on launch the server gets over loaded and in an emergency they open a new server which suffers greatly through out the life of the progression servers. if 2 servers was open at launch then both servers should have equal amount of people and thrive pretty good I believe anyways
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  7. Barton The Mischievous

    If the zone spawning works as well as it did for the Tutorial on Vox 1 server should be plenty for at least the low level zones, Think the Tutorial on Vox was up to 6-8 spawned zones at once during day 3.

    I worry about the mid-higher level zones say week 2-6.

    Maybe if it is really needed they will add some mid level zones to the spawnable zone list
  8. Nolrog Augur

    You have 5 minutes after making your post to edit it. After that, you cannot make any changes anymore.
  9. Brunlin Augur

    Yea, I was one of the ones who also said this, but now I am glad these things are in. This isnt a classic server,this is a nostalgia server. I am able to get people in this game that have never played and those tools make it easier for them.
    I guess I am good with it because I play on p99, so I still to experience a harder version. So this is fun for me.
    The advloot system works wonderfully in group once people realize how to use it. It is a good tool for boxing...as for botters thats illegal and will be reported by me if i see any. (boxing is not botting...two different things)
  10. Korvalain Journeyman

    I have read a lot of these comments, and I am decidedly nervous about rolling on this server now. Is it not meant for someone returning to EQ from several years ago (over 10)? Am i going to be bombarded with high pressure you need to level and commit your life to this game or get nowhere as the live / eq2 / rest of the mmo genre is saturated with?

    My hopes in re-subbing here was to find a nice slow paced and social-centric experience where the challenge and difficulty brings people together. Not a Elite hardcore raiding dominated race to lvl 105 as the live servers seem to be focused on.

    And what is this RAID mandatory stuff people are talking about?

    Am I making a mistake here as even nostalgia will not keep me in EQ if the community is Barrens chat, or P99 box or die.

    Any advice?
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  11. Crystilla Augur


    There is always going to be those who are going to rush/unlock things as fast as they can. However this server is specifically going to be in each expansion a long time (much longer than any other progression server).

    Some guilds are going to focus and want hard core players so they can raid everything as often as they can; but trust me, there will be plenty of casual guilds for you to join. Just ask a lot of questions to help find the right guild for you once things are up and running.
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  12. Korvalain Journeyman

    Thanks. =D There is hope yet then. ;)
  13. Weverley Augur

    I agree with Crystilla.Hardcore people are more present in the forums then the casual people and hardcore mostly means raiders those RAID mandatory things are just for them.For 1 raider there's plenty of casuals who feel like you.To think that the majority of the servers gonna be like that would be a huge misunderstanding.
  14. Korvalain Journeyman

    Ok cool. Not sure, but i think the few posts i have made here have been the most communication with strangers I have had since rolling in Draenor's xpac in WoW. I'm making the right decision lol.

    Now to find the proper class to play. =D

  15. Arkk Lorekeeper

    Why do we have to play on easy mode, when the challenge is what set EQ apart?--and the simplification may be what led to its demise. We don't invest ourselves in easy games like we do with the games that demand more of our time and attention. Struggling to accomplish things, even if it is just a time sink, makes the reward that much greater, and makes it so much harder to quit Remember the long camps like StormFeather for the Eyepatch of Plunder? Remember killing PH's over and over for epic drops? Remember checking rare spawn points as you ran through zones? Remember needing to ask for help for nearly everything since only a few classes could solo? I think these things made EQ, and a return to these challenges could help revive it.

    The investment is the majority of the fun. Our current EQ is basically a game that plays itself, and after 15 years I'm at a point where I don't feel like I'd be sad if it sunset tomorrow. The thing that kills progression servers is the dwindling population, and we don't want that population to go find their nostalgia somewhere else.

    You play on the true nostalgia server specifically for the classic gameplay.

    I'm not feeling the nostalgia potential when there are no true differences in game mechanics other than temporarily locked zones and content. Having a bunch of people in old zones is the only real difference than playing pretend progression on your own on a live, normal server.

    They should call this what it is--a novelty server--since it may only be as entertaining as both previous instances of progression, and both gave way to end gamers as people exponentially dropped out when they lost the desire to try and keep up. What keeps people on classic style servers for years? I think it is the challenge that keeps them on longer, not the convenience that lets them sign out faster.
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  16. Manifest New Member

    How about bringing back the jewelcrafting combo for Imbued Platinum Fire Rings. Those were in classic and were great for wizards that follow Solusek Ro.
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  17. Brunlin Augur

    Yes, I just did part of my Paw of Opalla quest in Befallen on p99...took me 10 hours camping a rare mob..with ph spawning every 15 mins...I love that. I am with you on it being more challenging.
    However, I am a member of a multi game guild, who wont be playing on the progression, but due to me posting on that site...I managed to get a few that never played EQ a try. They were blown away by the sheer challenge of the game and its sandbox qualities of not holding your hand. I may even get a couple of them to play.
    So, yea me and you say its on easy mode...(.p99 really is on easy mode to compared to the actual thing back in 99)...but if we want a few newer players to join in on the fun...and there will be a few of those...than we need to compromise a little, because compared to what out there today...this EQ on easy is still very tough to players not use to it. Its a middle ground of sorts...its old school with a mixture of modern....I like it...If I want to play harder, which I do...I play another version of the game elsewhere...which also does not allow boxing
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  18. Behee Augur

    The hard core people race ahead, which leaves the content more open to the casual crowd. With Instances, hopefully the issues are reduced a lot at the low end.

    My wife and I will be playing differently during the week compared to weekends (and the long weekend especially). During the week, we will do more leveling. On weekends, we will do the off-beat things such as repeatable quests for faction or cash.
  19. Catashe Augur

    Actually I hate to burst your bubble but goes didn't get released til Velious in a tradeskill patch that if I remember correctly introduced the Blue Diamond jewelry...
  20. Fornow Lorekeeper

    Sorry in-advance of my trains

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