Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, May 6, 2015.

  1. Cirre Journeyman

    Did they change their minds about possibly having a vote to lower the 6 month wait? In the first post they said they may shorten that time. I hope they don't shorten it and it's kind of making me hesitate investing my time into a character here if they are just going to change the rules.
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  2. Smokn Augur

    You so wanna play a monk ;)
  3. Smokn Augur

    Correct me if I'm wrong buthe isn't it expansion released six months later if all raid targets have been killed then vote for next expansion? Not kill all raids then vote n wait six months
  4. Smokn Augur

    Nm my last post figured Out I had it backwards sorry
  5. Korvalain Journeyman

    Haha Smokn your smack on. I have decided on monk. And I'm crazy antsy for Wednesday live.
  6. Weverley Augur

    nah its the hardcore who r still trying to change everything what's new
  7. Brunlin Augur

    No, but they did say if it seems that the people who are playing on the server seems to have changed their minds they can have a vote to see where people stand...so if it need to be shorten it can happen....I dont care to be honest...i love classic...i love kunark...Im happy either way.
  8. Bagels New Member

    Will there be a spell vendor that carries the game balancing spells like the necromancer Focus Death pet haste. Released with the SOL expansion but the only necromancer pet haste before level 23.
  9. Weverley Augur

    It's not in the beta atm and they already said only spell from out of era gonna be those that don't have any major impact in the game so doubt it's gonna be in at launch.
  10. Skaloota New Member

    If i decide to camp Evil Eye in Guk. Will I have a chance of finding Mana Stone then? ;)
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  11. Barton The Mischievous

    They said they may try and sneak in some removed items for a month or so but nothing definitive
  12. Alexanders Augur

    Since you guys keep closing all the other threads that ask this without giving an answer I have come right to the source.

    We all want to know how you will determine if the majority of players on Ragefire decide they want to change progression speeds?

    Will you be listening to forum rants? Will there be a Ragefire only poll? If so when? Any kind of poll in game would have to have limits based on levels etc. What would those poll parameters be? Will the poll be kept from the other live servers this time?

    All we really want is some answers to this. You guys opened the can of worms when you said you might revisit it. You should have stuck to your guns then and said there was no plans to revisit a poll for this issue. I still vote for slowest progression for the record.

  13. Behee Augur

    How about "We gave you as much info as we were willing to share, and the number of locked, repetitive threads won't change that".

    How about if you gather your patience and wait until after launch, which will determine how many players there will be, and what steps need to be taken, and when.
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  14. Roguewiz Lorekeeper

    Will Halfling Rangers be an accessible choice at launch, or will it only unlock at the expansion Halflings finally realized that they can teach their warrior types some druid spells....
  15. Numiko Augur

    They will be in along with gnome SK's and Halfer pallies etc
  16. Roguewiz Lorekeeper

    Awesome! Thank you for replying. Guess I'll be moving my Halfling Ranger to Qeynos to group with my friend tomorrow after work.

    Should be fun. Haven't made that run in ages. :)
  17. kronick New Member

    will the old UI be usable
  18. AvoidMePlz New Member

    Second that, <3 the old UI.
  19. KidBeene New Member

    Just wipe the d*mn server and reopen it. It was up for 30minutes.
  20. Jackie V. Journeyman

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