Ragefire Poll Results and Beta Information!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, May 6, 2015.

  1. Arkk Lorekeeper

    And look what happened to those servers. People don't realize that the additions that make EQ easier, faster, and more convenient is what has killed the game over and over. You may be among the 3% of people who still play and actually enjoy the current game.
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  2. Arkk Lorekeeper

    What happened? Nobody was left by the time those were added.
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  3. Arkk Lorekeeper

    Because their goal is to draw new customers, and not just add fun rewards for the subscribers whose money they already have? Instead, they should have promoted this via email to every old subscriber, promoted via Steam and other cheap routes, and allowed only one vote per every IP.
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  4. Rollen Journeyman

    Many people voted for maximum nostalgia because the way it was worded it was the fastest progression option.
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  5. Taeluuin Entariel Elder

    How is this being handled, precisely?
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  6. CmdrLederhosen New Member

    Existing subscriptions are monies that will continue and people who wish to vote and have a legitimate interest in playing on the new server should not have issue with ponying up a month to vote.

    The people using or abusing the F2P aspect of the game should not be given added incentive to manipulate the poll. If I ran a multi-box setup and I was paying subscriptions for 2,3,10,20 active accounts then sure, horrifically rare I know - but it does happen, that's the amount of votes I should be entitled to.

    You are proceeding from a flawed viewpoint that F2P people are potential subscribers. They are a source of income from micro-transactions in the cash shop, not subscriptions. They never will be, it's been demonstrated time and time again with multiple games.
  7. Mairin New Member

    I could log in just fine last night, but today the game almost finishes loading then "DISCONNECTED" comes up and I'm dumped back to login. I tried it on 2 different accounts, then went into chat where others were complaining about it too.
  8. EonBlue Apocalypse Journeyman

    I just want to thank all of you on this forum for your posts, I was having a slow day at work and this kept me rather entertained throughout my 12 hr shift. I hope that everyone will find some kind of enjoyment out of the new server and look forward to the many posts about raid mob "poop-socking" (whatever the H*ll that is) and many other fun categories of TLP woes. "like sands in the hourglass...."
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  9. Arkk Lorekeeper

    That isn't what I said at all.
    The F2P crowd are just as much part of the current players who enjoy the game now and they wouldn't be on the server if they weren't willing to pay. Their votes should not matter more than potential returners who have not only been left out of the vote, but haven't been informed at all. You can see evidence of this in the comments of every new facebook post with fans who are only just hearing about it. How hard is it to send a mass email to all current and old account holders about a server that might appeal greatly to them?--They used to do it when they offered the free months to old players, and they never miss the opportunity to publicize the expansion releases.

    There is still time. Inform the public, and let them vote once per IP address to avoid the mass account manipulators. This is why voting is ridiculous anyway. There are too many people on progression of a certain play style who also play 6-18 accounts and they have that many votes against the rest of the public. Businesses don't take polls from the masses for all of their most important decisions; they gather ideas and data, and perhaps are influenced by the results--not directed by them.
  10. Burdi Augur

    Thank for sharing the results.
    i am very positive about re rolling in this new server, 6 months delay before any vote is awesome.
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  11. Taeluuin Entariel Elder

    The entire polling situation is bs anyway, we're given votes on things with no real impact, while important issues are decided by fiat by people who have obviously never logged onto an EQ TLP server or they'd run for the hills screaming over the TLP 3.0 mechanics.

    I'm still convinced EQ has become a social experiment to see how much ramming people will take with no lube provided.
  12. Iila Augur

    The only moral vote manipulation is my vote manipulation.
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  13. Silv Augur

    You lose cool points for voting on TLP stuff! :eek:
  14. Iila Augur

    I voted for the options that will cause the most pain. The ones that won.

    Edit: I was referring to the people who keep trying to come up with more restrictions on voting until their favorite choices might have a shot of winning.
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  15. Silv Augur

    I'm still wondering where the poll option "Should we[DGC] spend more time and provide more updates on Live Server stuff than the TLP server?" was at.

    I do like that TLP stuff seems to be spearheaded by Aristo... so many people will be able to see the impact of their meaningful feedback contributions from beta :rolleyes:

    The TLP results don't seem as horrible as I expected but 6 months of EQ v0.0... dunno how I feel about that! Maybe it will cause enough to quit that I will actually be able to enjoy playing there if I get around to it.
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  16. gluteous Elder

    why don't hard core raiding guilds play on regular servers where no one gives a damn about who raids what. at least we can keep voting not to move to next expansion and take lots to raiding areas to screw with those that want to OWN spawns.
  17. Jamz Augur

    Because the only competition is once a year for a week on a live server. Live server is too casual. Not to mention, the raid scene is awful now.
  18. Freki Augur

    so here it is. i am someone who didn't get to vote because i didn't follow the game anymore. so therefore i didn't have a voice in the process. anyone that buys anything with station cash, pays for sub, or even used to, should have a voice. how do you stop people with multiple accounts voting? well there are two ways to do that, 1) make it one vote per IP. or 2) one vote per computer. both of these give you problems. #1 stops people that play together in the same house voting. just as much as it keeps multiple accounts from voting. and #2, the problem becomes how do you do this? you have the vote write a file to the hard drive, or a line in the ini file...and that the server keeps the vote marker on the account so it is downloaded if you delete the marker file. but this allows multiple accounts to vote but ONLY if you have multiple computers.

    honestly if you don't like it then don't play. if you think the vote was rigged then don't play. go some where else. i offer something to think of: no matter what happens, no matter how well intended any action is, then there is ALWAYS a problem from someone. here is an example: guy cooks a huge amount of food and takes it to the park and feeds the homeless. someone sees this and then calls the health officials and they then arrest this guy for cooking food in a kitchen that has not been approved for public distribution of food. it doesn't matter what happens or how researched someone makes it before posting a poll or doing something... there will always be a problem found by someone for some reason.
  19. Tachyon Augur

    Actually, most do. We just have about 20 or so hardcore players who would love to bring their wrath upon the new TLP because that's the only thing they can see anymore. It's not so much about personal accomplishment as it is about control. I saw it many times in the various progression guilds I played with on Trakanon. Some people get their kicks not out of what they can do, but out of what they can prevent other people from doing. It's a sad, but tragically human thing some can' get beyond.
  20. Mardy Augur

    That's the problem, a lot of the "hardcore raiders" want people to give a crap about who raids what. Competition helped in part to create these raid guilds in the first place. When the race & competition ceased to exist on Live servers, these raid guilds became just another guild tag.

    To be honest this isn't just a raider thing, a lot of gamers play for the competition and they like to be known, they like to be the first, and they love to stand in crowded hubs with their shiny toys. To each his own, it drives some people to play these games, it is what it is. The progression servers will give them the competition and race that no longer exist on Live servers.

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