Ragefire Beta Is LIVE - Preview the New Progression Server

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 7, 2015.

  1. Leshana New Member

    Same problem here for both hubby and me :(
  2. Behee Augur

    Consider the server "locked" until people can log in. Everyone is disconnecting.
  3. Harris Elder

    IIRC Beta locks a lot, like almost everyday. normally till 10am PST. to do the tweaks needed. it could be weekly too, i forget, but I do know it does go down a lot.
  4. Zinkeh Augur

    I've installed the beta launcher and I can see the beta server on the server list. I click "Play" and it goes through the usual loading and music but then just black screens "You Have Been Disconnected" and dumps me back at server select.
  5. Feradach Augur

    As a general rule, any time I'm playing on the beta server I never plan on it being usable until at least 10am pacific time.
  6. MysteryShopper New Member

    Yeah, I get that. I guess I was hoping for a post on FB, or tweet, or something to let us all know that we wouldn't be able to login and would likely receive the error message. You know, just to avoid all of these posts and whatnot.
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  7. ja0714mc New Member

  8. Crumm Lorekeeper

    Will there be a beta forum section? Or should we just continue to /bug things and yell at Absor in /general? :)
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  9. Nexira New Member

  10. Batmasterson New Member

    Is there a patch out that I am missing? Or is the server still down?
  11. Crystilla Augur

  12. Soulsavior Elder

    Ya that looks like a typical EQer... Using FIRE against a RED Dragon... :) EQ missed the boat and not doing books... At least ive never seen them... that this great place called the BOOK STORE.
  13. Soulsavior Elder

    AND there is NO WAY that is LANDing.. Notice: How far away the caster is ...from the Dragon... Hint Hint.

    This pic is a example of what happens when : Marketing Guys are calling the shots...
  14. TelinDarkforest Journeyman

    Not only that, but those are level 1-23 classic spell effects where you couldn't touch a dragon, and that is the newbie robe she is wearing.

    If only they had posted a classic screenshot of the dragon actually shooting out fire from their mouth like they did in classic, that would have been better :)
  15. Catashe Augur

    Or you know a screenshot showing how many people there were ACTUALLY helping to kill that dragon back then instead of the 3 boxer =p
  16. Roshen Brand Manager

    If you have some sweet old school screenshots, I'd love to see them (and probably share them).
  17. Numiko Augur

    you mean like this one?

    edit, wont let me link but they have the original Prima guide still for sale on Amazon
  18. Roshen Brand Manager

    I recommend this one instead. It's "Revised & Expanded"

  19. Lizelle New Member

    This was our first Innoruuk kill and I got the kill shot :) ... good times!
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  20. Junlo Journeyman

    Any chance we can get some patch notes for what was changed/fixed?

    Like the pic btw

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