Ragefire Beta Is LIVE - Preview the New Progression Server

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, May 7, 2015.

  1. Roshen Brand Manager

    Help us make the Ragefire progression server better by beta testing!


    Progression server beta is now live! This server will be available to all players regardless of membership until at least Wednesday, May 20, 2015, and we want YOUR feedback!

    How Do I Log In?

    First you’ll need to download the EQ beta installer found here.

    We recommend copying your live EverQuest folder into a new folder and installing Beta to that folder in order to save download time. Make sure that you have full control rights to the folder and subfolders, and that you run Launchpad as an administrator.

    How Can I Submit My Feedback?

    The two best places to get us your feedback for this beta test are Reddit and the Daybreak Community Issue Tracker. We prefer these tools for beta feedback, because they both let the community up or down vote issues, so those bugs that are the biggest concerns to the community get the most attention from us.
    /bug is also active on beta, and this is a great way to bring our attention to specific NPCs when you check “send target info” in your report.

    How Do I Get More Info About this Beta and Ragefire?

    Additional information about beta can be found in Aristo’s post here.

    We’ll see you on the progression server beta server!

    Special Note - Downtimes

    The progression server beta may come down throughout this two week beta at times with or without notice.

    Beta server will go down EACH DAY around 5:45AM Pacific and is expected to come back around 6:30AM Pacific. If there is an issue, then it'll take additional time to bring this beta test server up.

    Ragefire Launches May 20!

    On Wednesday, May 20, 2015 the Ragefire server will become available to players! This won't open until the afternoon on Weds, 5/20. Get more information about this launch in the thread here.

    Beta Rewards

    Players will be able to claim two bags on the Ragefire server on (or around) the time it launches if they were active during the progression server beta. More info in my post here.

    Edit 1: Added section about downtimes - [Roshen]

    Edit 2: Added server launch date, May 20 - [Roshen]

    Edit 3: Added beta rewards (they're bags) - [Roshen]
  2. Bandok Augur

    Is there a reason why I'm not seeing anything on server select with the beta launcher?
  3. Cloudous New Member

    Server list is empty for me so far.
  4. sojero One hit wonder

    Is there a reason that all the feedback is to be given on non daybreak sites? I would think this forum would be the best place.
  5. Korveinous New Member

    Same. Off to a good start :p hehe
  6. Barton The Mischievous

    Empty list here as well is there an account flag for beta? or something that would cause this?
  7. Adumbral Journeyman

    ok does ya beta toon get deleted once it is over
  8. amattson123 New Member

    halp i dont see the server
  9. Roshen Brand Manager

    Are you using the beta client we linked in the original post? Did you patch it after you installed it?
  10. Roshen Brand Manager

    The characters created on beta will NOT carry over to the live Ragefire server.
  11. Sancus Augur

    So... Scars of Kunark?
  12. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    2 week (min) beta seems almost robust compared to what live has been getting. Remember Illa's favorite Tower of Rot?
    Silv likes this.
  13. Bandok Augur

    Yes and yes.
  14. Korveinous New Member

    Im using beta client that was linked in original and did the patch as well.

    I used my game directory files as suggested, perhaps I should do a clean install?
  15. Cloudous New Member

    yeah i downloaded the beta client from the other post, and got about a 400mb patch. seeing a blank server list still.
  16. amattson123 New Member

    Roshen check the beta client there is no servers listed
  17. Frenzic Augur

    Yup, all patched with beta client and seeing no servers.
  18. halfpint77 Lorekeeper

    So, looking at beta client that I used as directed per the previous post, looked into client version. check box there for just Legends of Norrath, I think the link they gave us may have been wrong initially.
  19. Truewall New Member

    I can see the server if I look in setting but not in the list
  20. Roshen Brand Manager

    Population is going up on the server! I've still asked the guys to look at the server to see if they can figure out why some players have a blank server list.

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