Race and Class Combo Clash: Finals

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  1. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

  2. Tobynn Augur

    The vote split has been steady at 58-42 for the past 3 days. Unless the ballot boxes were being routinely scrubbed of duplicate votes, we can probably assume another after-the-fact adjustment will be made, as was in previous rounds.

    Soooooooooo, ranger the clear winner. Amirite guise?!
  3. Sinestra Augur

    The vote definately was correct according to Phathom on Friday, so they may be cleaning up the duplicate votes every day. We'll probably be seeing the new Groundskeeper class now.
  4. Drathos_BotS Elder

    So Ranger is losing again the final day. Grays dark elf ranger on the win.
  5. Gaeastar New Member

    sigh well guess I won't be making a new character... have wanted a dark elf ranger / druid since before they got rid of them when started game... but grats to those who got what they wanted.
  6. Vivamort Augur

    I think it is sad that the race class combo that won will undoubtably spawn fewer new toons than the ones that lost.
    I have no doubt there would have been more DE rangers, IKS zerks, and even gnome beastlords than there will be weedelf beastlords created. So it is hard to fathom for me that it won.
  7. Tharrg Augur

    No one wanted to see the Millions of combinations of the Name Drizzt..... plain and simple.. people complain all the time about Rangers. Having a steady increase of them would just annoy everyone. I still say that instead of Frog Monk we should have Gnome Monks....
  8. Sinestra Augur

    You can stop using the idiotic argument that there would have been millions of Drizzt combos. That was just the "cool" argument against it.
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  9. Leifen Augur

    Personally with the vote being so close, (8% is minimal difference) I would really like to see them put them both forward. It won't happen I know but it really was an insignificant difference. Having a hate on for a character from books put out 30 years ago is really a reason to vote against something that so many really would roll the instant it became available. They lost out on the sale of a ton of race changes!
    Just Saying. :)
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  10. Izcurly Augur

    42-58 is a 16 point difference, not 8. That's not even close.
    And the books had no influence on me. I voted against rangers purely because the vocal minority was so gung-ho about them having a lock on things from day 1. My own favorite choice died in the first round.
  11. Sinestra Augur

    There were far more people whining and crying about Drizzt clones taking over the world than anyone ever supporting that selection.
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  12. Darof New Member

    I am calling BS on this whole thing. I am not playing EQ ever again, and i did not even want to make a new class. i just don't want to play a game that is ran by cheaters!!!