Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Skip to 11:25. There already is an Aradune in-game memorial. For anyone who paid close attention to the detail in the original EverQuest tutorial, I think it’s actually a fitting memorial for him. For anyone too hard for sight to read it:

    Here lies Aradune the Green. His flaming sword was a beacon to all.
  2. Greymantle Augur

    Couple things i would not mind seeing. Bags that are purchased with group/raid currency. Lose the lore tab.
    On the subject of raid/group currency , the ability to convert/exchange. DOWN only, ie Raid to group, current expansion to previous expansion .Raid to raid / group to group Again downgrade only.
  3. Drampire New Member

    Disable seizure shield flashing graphics!
  4. Greypalm New Member

    I don't really know if this is quality of life. . . but it has been on my mind for a long time and I'm honestly not sure if I like it or hate it.

    The mercenary system is an unexplored area for MMORPGs and I truly think it's a missed opportunity for EQ. I would like to see the mercenary system expanded to include all characters on your account which would level with you. They would never be as good or intelligent as an actual player but I remember thoroughly enjoying tweaking my parties behavior and spell priority in games like Dragon Age. I don't know how they could do it with the massive bloat of AAs or if it's even possible with the EQ engine. However, I do know that I would absolutely love having my own little group of characters that I could customize and configure basic AI for while I focus on playing the party leader.

    Why I hate it. . .
    It doesn't really encourage people to group but maybe with more flexible mercenaries you could fill groups with two people and still tackle challenging content with your own little band of misfits. I also don't know if this would change the spirit of EQ. However, players already isolate themselves by boxing and limited mercenaries already exist.

    Why I like it. . .
    I love party management games (e.g. Final Fantasy, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Age, Divinity Original Sin) and I really feel like this could spark some renewed interest in EQ. I would gladly pay Subscription +$3-$4 extra per additional custom player mercenary if that meant I could log on for 30 minutes - 2 hours and tackle some fun stuff by myself on the weekdays. I just don't have the time to deal with multiple accounts and finding groups like I used to.

    I personally no longer enjoy high level EQ and find it to be a headache. The extreme amount of active AAs, dozens of clickies, tomes, and spells is confusing as hell and the enemy damage is scaled up so high that I can't enjoy the game like I used to. The Mercenary system is such a tease because I can see the potential for it to improve the experience for me but I don't think this sort of change will ever happen or even if it should happen.
  5. Steppinn New Member

    With quite a few servers doing multi-guild raids, I would like us to get the use of Raid Banners. This way everyone in raid ( no matter what guild they are in ) could use these to get to the raid.
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  6. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Because even the people who already pay for more then one account might stop doing that?

    Why lose an expanson sale and the cost of a second account from someone?

    I'd be willing to buy a brand new car at 60% off I think I will call a dealership and see if they are into that.
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  7. Svann2 Augur

    Id like to be able to increase the font size of the raid event messages that appear in the middle of the screen.
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  8. Feldwebel87 Journeyman

    Sorry for making a suggestion. I was thinking more along the lines of hundreds of more people getting into boxing because of the reduced price, but there's no way that would make sense to the company it sounds like.

    Sounds like I struck a tender spot for those with multiple accounts. It was a suggestion that in my mind makes sense, but I guess the bottom line is how much they would lose out on.
  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Oh nothing wrong with making suggestions. I just disagreed with your logic. No biggie. :)

    Oh and no nerve struck. Just thought you might want to consider that DBG could lose a lot of money if they added that because existing boxers would use it too not just the people who can't afford another 7-10 bucks on top of the 5 you suggested.

    Important thing to consider when making pricing suggestions is what does daybreak gain and lose in the suggestion. While it would be great if they just took suggestions that saved us money and cost them income I don't think it is very realistic.

    Sorry if I struck a nerve when I responded. It's the whole interactive forum thing people post and they get responses.
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  10. Feldwebel87 Journeyman

    I think it could make sense for them if there was an absolutely staggering amount of people that would jump on the deal to the point where it outweighed the multiple people with multiple accounts plus the lost expansion sales. I will admit I have no idea how many would be required to break even, but I'm also not disagreeing that it would be a lot and not worth it ultimately. I did take into consideration what would be in it for DBG, but not everything I didn't consider like expansion sales.

    As to the 7-10 bucks as opposed to 5, I am not sure what you mean as my subscription is 15. I guess that's if you pay the yearly rate?

    The thing about the car dealership was a little haughty tbh. Point taken, but that's not comparing apples to apples.
  11. Berkwin Elder

    Pay one time fee for people to play Agnarr anything to bring people there to bolster its population, that's all at this point in time.
  12. Zamiam Augur

    yearly subs work out to be $10 a month .. if they purchased a year membership when they put them on sale a few years back for i think was 79? that would work out to be about $6.58/month ..

    Im all for the multiple boxing platform from 1 account :p but I understand DBG's need to make money so know that it will not happen ..

    I hope they put lifetime membership back up after ToV release :p i would buy 1 or 2.. I missed out on last one
  13. Angahran Augur

    Suggested this before, but here it is again.
    Some way to 'link' accounts into a 'family'.
    Sort of like a real world fellowship.

    Then, allow players to log one character into the world for each account in the group, BUT not specifically one character per account.

    You have three linked accounts.
    You could log in one character from each of the accounts.
    two characters from one account and one from another.
    three characters from a single account.
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  14. Svann2 Augur

    Chat windows filter menu should be alphabetized.
  15. Raccoo Augur

    Add a button to NPC vendors to toggle showing only their default items, so the trash people sell to them don't clog up the window.
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