Please investigate ultra rare drops

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Funk Augur

    I absolutely loved the Underfoot system, crush two and get one you actually need provided you have beaten the event it drops from. I still wonder today why this wasn't rolled into every expansion after Underfoot.

    I think it could be implemented fairly easily with one exchange vendor, two for one seems about right also, three for one you would just sell all three and buy item you want from another player and still have something left over more than likely.
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  2. p2aa Augur

    Still way too much of them atm, just look at the spam made serverwide to sell them.
    0,18 % drop rate is still too much it seems.
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  3. YellowBelly Augur

    They should just get rid of them altogether.
  4. Funk Augur

    Except the spam isn't from normal people who kill all the time and have never gotten one. It's from people automating a group while they go to work or sleep, blatantly giving the bird to DBG while making a killing off fools willing to pay mass krono for a rare.

    The normal people who actually play the game are the ones who seem to get poor RNG results. I just got my first eok rare a while back and we are nearly at the next expansion...but I log off when I sleep or work. Until they stop afk automated farmers you'll never stop seeing the spam. It's funny they make so much they will transfer the character with your items to whatever server so yeah it's a problem.

    Good thing a real player can raid and not worry about rares! And to those who say they don't have time to raid but still play daily that's no excuse. I raid maybe 8-10hrs a week.
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  5. xarbantek_0325 New Member

    Plenty of people that live in time zones that are not conducive to 90% of raid guild schedules. There's no reason to be knocking people that just can't be on line in the typical raid window. They are "real players" that also happen to have real jobs and real families.
  6. Cleaver Augur

    Ya guilds just don't raid 4 hrs a night for 4-5 nights a week anymore once you beat the expansion its 5-6 hrs a week.
  7. Aurastrider Augur

    Being able to raid for a lot of peeps as stated is about the time zone you live in not your commitment to the game. Most guilds are EST centered raid times. If you are PST or worse and actually have RL obligations like having dinner with your spouse and children these times don't work. There is no amount of gear in this game worth ruining that. If there were some real after hours raid guilds and not just after east coast hours you might have a valid point.
  8. Funk Augur

    So find a guild that raids on your time schedule, don't say I'm knocking anyone because that is false.

    My current guild raids Friday and Saturday, which doesn't work for many but works for me. It's not hard to look at guilds raid times and then find one that fits your schedule. Whatever your schedule may be.
  9. Funk Augur

    Maybe you missed the part where I said I only raid 8-10hrs a week....that's not a big commitment. And like I've stated before find a guild that fist your schedule if you want to raid for loot. This thread is about rares and the problems with them. My solution to that problem is to not need rares by raiding for my loot.
  10. Treiln Augur

    And you're missing the point that if you raid 3 hours a night, for 3 days a week (which falls in your 8-10 hours a week), you're missing out on 3 nights worth of dinner with your family, as Auarastrider said.

    I work 12 hour swing shifts with a schedule that looks like:

    4 nights
    3 days off
    3 days
    1 day off
    3 nights
    3 days off
    4 days
    7 days off

    Find me a raiding guild in MTN time zone that would match this schedule or be okay with making attendance once a month? Finding a raiding guild that fits your schedule isn't always the solution.

    I have a better shot at ultra rates than I do at raiding
  11. Zvenn Elder

    personally i think the "ultra rare" system was a nice gesture by the devs to try and get a very small chance at raid quality loot to the more casual player...what it has since done is become the greed infested swarm of ZOMG GIMME MORE! to which i would back the point of simply removing it as it seems to cause more threads like this than there were in the older days of groupers vs raiders.

    ultimately this is why we cant have nice things because the gestures of said nice things soon turn to people demanding it become the norm and at a much higher frequency. lets take it back to the older days where groups got group gear (no ultra rares) and raiders got raid gear and maybe people will start talking about how thankful they were when the devs were nice enough to make an ultra rare raid quality drop for simply doing group activities
  12. Aurastrider Augur

    I did not miss any point. You basically stated if you don't raid that's your fault but the reality is the vast majority of raid times are centered around those who live on the east coast. There was one euro raid guild that use to raid in the morning my time and I was able to do that here and there but that was before kids. You obviously either fall into the time zone that raids are centered around or don't have much in terms of RL obligations that get in the way of raiding. If there was a raid force on my server that started around 11pm PST I would be all over that on my nights off but the odds of that happening are next to none. Rares at least give those of us who fall into the unable to raid category a chance at some higher tier gear which is a good thing. Happy players = paying customers.
  13. Espionovsky New Member

    a million mobs = over 900k AA. I call BS
  14. Scorrpio Augur

    My personal thoughts is if you do not raid, you are just doing group content. And group content is totally doable with group level gear. Sure, those rares make this content easier for you, but any semi-decent group in T1 EoK should have no problem doing any EoK T2 group stuff.
  15. Aurastrider Augur

    Of course the content is doable with group gear but even non raiders can be maxers trying to optimize their survivability and pushing their toon(s) to the limit trying to see how much or how fast they can kill before they hit their wall. This is why people spend insane amounts of time doing things like the artisan prize, shawl aug, alaran tear, stone of landing, epics and all the other quested items that give nice increases. Can someone just play without any of these things? Of course they can but every upgrade brings more power and more power means higher odds of success in game. This is exactly what rares bring to a non raider who is looking for an upgrade. I mean after all do raiders take their raid gear off when they do group content because they don't actually "need" it outside of raids? If someone does that would be rather foolish imo but if they like the increased challenge it brings than to each their own.
  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The HA's are rarer than open zones. The drop rate has not been adjusted since they were put in the game.
  17. Ofearl Augur

    Drop rate does need to be adjusted... so that I can get a couple more plz, k, thanks!

    Ive gotten 3, 2 are necks and 1 is a ring. All from trash mobs, 2 of them in FM, one in Lcea. A buddy just got a Skylance in Chardok two nights ago. Ive personally seen 8 drop since April time frame.

    I do like the idea of them either being nodrop to begin with or have an npc to crush em so you can get currency to buy the one you want.
  18. Tutankamen Augur

    Thank you- I wasn't asking for a rate increase I was only wondering if something was wrong because I haven't been able to get a confirmation that anyone had seen a weapon drop in months. So I thought perhaps something had broken it. I actually very much appreciate the inclusion of this kind of thing in the game- it gives a chance for people who can't raid to get something nice. A thoughtful addition by a developer. Thanks again.
  19. Xnao Augur

    You sir, are adorable. I wish you were around in my day.
  20. Greymantle Augur

    Actually got my first URD on the weekend. Almost gave it away before i looked close at it :rolleyes: . Dropped of a stonegazer cockatrix in luc

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