Please investigate ultra rare drops

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. CrazyLarth Augur

    well the maybe its a myth but not every mob in the zone has a chance to drop the ultra rare drop so killing 1 million mobs with 0% chance is still 0%
  2. Sokki Augur

    I'm pretty sure these are global drops in the non instanced versions of the zones. There was a bug in CoTF that made them quite easy to farm from HA's so they removed the chance for them to drop in those, not sure if they ever fixed it.
  3. Sissruukk Augur

    I dunno what you all are talking about. I pickpocket these things all the time...shh, don't tell my guildies.
  4. Spartee New Member

    Not true. I was able to get skygouger from the Droga HA off a dark blue goblin trash mob. Although this happened in CoTF when these drops were installed, they have since fixed it. Furthermore, a friend had a rogue cotf piercer drop from Gribbles recently. Cheers!
  5. Aurastrider Augur

    can confirm they still drop in COTF HA's as I have gotten a rare to drop recently from a gribble run. The only real change they made was to the experience in HA's removing most of it from mob kills and placing it on the updates to prevent people from basically spawning a zone over and over full of mobs, gaining xp off of them and also farming them. If you want to just farm an easy gribble endlessly you wont get xp or if you want the xp you will be on lockout. That change alone slowed down the drop rate of rares in HA's as most people want the xp which places them on lockout but they did not remove rares from HA's.
  6. Sokki Augur

    I was thinking they fixed the drops in HA's, but wasn't positive. Good to see they got them working again.
  7. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The bug that caused that problem was fixed. The EoK HA's have a chance, but as I mentioned above, it's even smaller than the static zones.

    One side note on Prathun's comment about multiple tables on one NPC. What he said (with FICTIONAL tables... sorry! ) is true. What he left out is an NPC can only drop 22 items.

    Now realistically, this limit has only ever happened on raid chests where we drop a HUGE amount of stuff, and is the reason there is sometimes there are two chests on a raid.

    You're not going to see this on group NPC's because while it seems like there's lots, there really isn't many tables per NPC, even with some of the fully global stuff like some of the tradeskill items.

    it is true that not every NPC can drop the Ultra Rares. the limitations are:
    at least level 100 with at least 1.5million HP, not a raid target (in case there are open zone raid NPC's which there aren't, but safety first!) not a trap, and not one of the following body types, undead-pet, un-targetable (not the same as the NPC flags we can also use to make PCs un-targetable,) elemental-pet, creature-pet, no-corpse, trap-man, Companion-utility, Utility.
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  8. Catty Lorekeeper

    This entire topic is a thing because of peoples expectations.

    These aren't items intended to be farmed, or for everyone to have one. I played the same MASS amount of EoK as most others and was lucky enough to see (but not win) one.

    They are a nifty bonus if it happens - like stumbling into a GM event. It just happens. You can't force it.

    Seeing or owning owning these isn't a given, not a right.

    Did anyone ever try to farm DoD rares (shrink clicky) or Zeka/Beza's Zone-Wide ultra rare Crumblewidget's Arcano-Nullifier? People (including myself) ran missions for MONTHS to never see them. And it was our choice to go after them knowing this, which is why I'm not complaining. It's not DBG (or Sony at the time). They're Ultra Rare and we tried for them. And failed. Move on.
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  9. Raccoo Augur

    Does the smaller chance effect the pickzones as well?
  10. Tutankamen Augur

    I don't really agree, I think at least a small increase in chance is in order. People play for fun/ the game is for fun, if you spend forever in a zone it would be nice to have a realistic chance.
  11. Jyve Augur

    2 and a half years of burning LOD every night on main/2 boxed toons in Beza, whole server outfitted with the aug, all my toons on 3 accounts the snare clicky, until the root clicky finally dropped.
  12. Sissruukk Augur

    You still have more of a chance at getting chase loot than you do with getting a date with your favorite star.
  13. Catty Lorekeeper

    You are still thinking in terms of farming one of these. You won't have fun if you try that - it wasn't setup for it.

    Plus even if one drops - it's even rarer to be one you actually need. So you're farming an ultra rare so you can sell? It'd be far quicker to just earn the plat directly to have or use to buy the ultra rare you want.

    You want one - it's easy. Raid or earn 4-12mil plat. Guaranteed item (sorta)
  14. Tutankamen Augur

    I haven't heard anything except agreements- the drop rate is severely nerfed. Nobody has seen blue weapons drop in weeks and weeks... there has got to be a problem here.
  15. Scorrpio Augur

    I saw ultra rares a couple times recently when guild was in Droga filling in some hunters. 3 group raid, bards pulling non-stop in batches of 3+, and mobs dying like every other second. It is all about the kill rate.
  16. Gnomeland Augur

    I always wonder what's more effective - making it completely random, and taking advantage of people's gambling addiction, or making it more like a job, where you earn one every 5,000 monsters you kill.
  17. Qbert Augur

    The latter would be so much nicer for people with bad luck like me. I don't really expect that to change, though.

    Moreover, I would be super happy if there was a system sort of like the Underfoot raid weapon smashing system. Take two ultra rares and turn them in for one of your choice at some vendor.
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  18. Aurastrider Augur

    An ultra rare token with a vendor where you can purchase items? Maybe some of the more ultra rare items cost more than one token? I think this would be a neat idea because even if you are lucky enough to get a rare to drop it does not even mean its one that your class can use. Plus people would basically have a rough idea of what a token would cost assuming they are tradeable. I imagine the price would be fixed with + or - a couple million plat depending on time of day and availability.
  19. Aurastrider Augur

    Just curious if you mean the drop rate in COTF HA's was adjusted or if you mean they no longer drop? I know I got one of the rare swords earlier this year is why I am asking.
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  20. Bigstomp Augur

    I recently got one out of a HA in cotf. So obviously the chance wasn't removed.

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