Ogre Stun Immunity

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  1. Gnomie Denser than most

    People may hate me for this post, but I honestly think it's time to look at Ogre Stun immunity. Over the course of the past 20 years, many of the bonuses for races have been nerfed or taken away. (Halfling xp bonus for example). While some small bonuses still remain, the ogre frontal stun immunity is a huge perk for ogres.

    This objectively makes ogres the best tanks in the early game on TLPs. It makes them able to summon tank without worrying about stuns, it also lets them put out more DPS due to no interruption in attacks.

    I think it's time to remove the ogre frontal stun immunity perk, and just give the stun immunity AA to warriors / tanks earlier, or just make it innate for the class.

    While I normally don't call for nerfs, the fact that ogres are by far the most used tanks simply for stun immunity is a problem to me. If the majority of people playing a class are picking a race due to one skill that race has over all others, then that skill should be looked at.

    Flame on, friends!

    Edit: Despite the expected flaming, there have been some excellent suggestions regarding spicing up some of the other race perks to make them more useful, like the ogres. I personally think this is an excellent idea.
  2. Triconix Augur

    Don't forget better aggro.

    More swings = more aggro.

    Anyways, ogres are lame. Real men play wood elf wars.
  3. Gnomie Denser than most

    Oh yeah the Aggro is what i meant really, not just dps, nice call )

    I always play a gnome or halfling warrior, but it just stinks always feeling a twinge of "i could do xxx if i was an ogre". But then, I hate playing ogres.
  4. Hobart123 New Member

    I fully support this. IMO frontal stun immunity should just apply to any warrior regardless of race. Remove it from Ogres and other classes. Mained a Ogre Warrior on Aradune purely for the immunity, don’t care for Ogres at all though.
  5. coltongrundy Augur

    Aint it against the forum rules to call for nerfs?
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  6. Herf Augur

    Soooo, if I'm picking a fighter in real life and I pick a heavyweight over a lightweight, you'd say that was foolish?
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  7. Herf Augur

    I started an Ogre SHM specifically because of the front stun immunity.
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  8. Pizzanomicon Augur

    It doesn't really impact anything in the grand scheme of things. It makes Ogre shamans OP in kunark and for a few xpacs, but it doesn't really matter lmao.
  9. TheDohn Augur

    There are no encounters in early EQ that swing on margins small enough that the collective racial benefits of everyone involved actually change a failure to a success. In later EQ when the margin of error does approach that small, AA's and items have negated the already tiny difference between racial benefits.

    People who care about this are always short time players. All warriors are stun-immune via AAs within 18 months, at the longest and slowest release schedules.
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  10. Xhartor Augur

    I would Argue that Iksar Regen for Necro is most impactful racial advantage, because it help them offset the HP creep from Lich. It also has a far longer lasting impact then frontal stun.

    For Shamy it's mixed depending on play style. If you often have a tank, then it's Iksar/Troll regen is greater because it helps offset canni.
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  11. Malkavius Augur

    I think the biggest thing about the bash immunity on TLPs is that due to how much stronger players are now compared to years ago. Even just playing a war I'm often pulling/tanking 3-6 mobs at a time, which isn't too hard to do because of provoke and wufenite augs and group members understanding when and why you are switching targets due to "Main tank tag". But having that many enemies constantly bashing you is just irritating and I have noticed it A LOT in the group game. I notice it more when I play a pally or SK and getting chain bashed when trying to pull off a group saving spell is annoying. I feel that even single enemies bash too damn much often as well. It's 100% anecdotal but I have felt for a while that mobs bash more than they did in classic eras.

    If anything I think they should just lower mobs chance to bash instead of nerfing ogre bash immunity.
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  12. Regismkv New Member

    I pretty much agree with this. The problem isn't that ogres have a neat racial that nobody else has anything like. The problem is that stun is way to prevalent, especially in the group game. Noname garbage can trash mobs shouldn't be stunning me every 12 seconds.
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  13. Malkavius Augur

    Bash can proc every 6 seconds. Which is why I said it feels like it's much more since it's only supposed to be like a 25% chance. But that number is just based on stuff I have read over the years. It's probably like 50% though it feels like 80%.
  14. Juantothre New Member

    If small race tanks are born stun-immune ogres should be born with an instant-click Shrink item. I am not in favor of further making every race and class play exactly the same. I feel these actual differences are part of what makes EQ unique and enjoyable.
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  15. Malkavius Augur

    I agree if anything I wish there were more racials across the board. But let's not pretend being small in EQ isn't easy. With the massive amount of cheap ant potions and dark elf mask and cobalt bracers. Also tons of shamans on tlps. I've very rarely had any problems with my ogres on tlps when it comes to needing to shrink etc due to how easy it is to find options.
  16. Gnomie Denser than most

    You can summon tank Yelinak and basically 1-2 group her in era if you have an ogre tank.

    Even in Luclin (Ssra) and GoD (Tacvi) you can summon tank some mobs. I see Ogre SK's taking almost no damage while other races are getting repeatedly stunned and take massive damage spikes. It's not a minor thing.
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  17. sieger Augur

    The ability to summon tank Yelinak is not predicated on your tank being an Ogre, the tolerances of doing that just aren't tight enough--even small grouping him, that being an Ogre is viable while other races are non-viable. I've killed low man Yelinak plenty of times and we've rarely even thought about the race of the warrior. I've seen it done with Wood Elf and Halfling warriors in 1-2 group raids plenty of times.
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  18. qwert New Member

    Let's just get rid of races all together and make everyone play human...
  19. code-zero Augur

    IIRC racial advantages were suppose to be balanced against XP disadvantages as were class advantages.

    So early game the Troll SK's had the absolute worst XP rate compared to other combinations.

    Iksar weren't suppose to be able to wear plate in exchange for an AC boost

    Ogre frontal melee stun immunity is about the only leftover and it probably should be dealt with as a form of housekeeping
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  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And this is one of the reasons people hate the TLP servers, asking for a nerf on something that would only have an impact in a small part of the game. As others have said what you are asking for can be done by non-Ogre warriors and non-Ogre's gain stun immunity later in the game.
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