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  1. Komodon Augur

    I'm assuming that makes 2 posting accounts you are chiming in with in this thread. If so you could of at least stayed on the first one for the reply back.

    Both FTE and DPS Racing having their own sets of pros and cons. In a choice of tradeoffs I personally think trying FTE on a new server sounds like an intriguing change of pace, and has a good chance to play out as the potential lesser evil of the 2. Especially among the players out there who generally never made it a focal point to try and benefit from DPS racing to begin with.

    That it might be an initial headache to implant isn't a good overall reason to *not* at least try it at this point either. Especially if/when it has the potential to make the gameplay experience more bearable overall for a lot of people and on multiple different fronts.

    That is my refute stance.
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  2. JeffHanson Augur

  3. kizant Augur

    Well at least with FTE automated groups can spend more time napping since they don't have to play well to win a DPS race and don't have to fear being trained and I doubt many people will want to waste time trying to be faster than a bot when it comes to getting aggro. Good that someone will benefit from it.
  4. Trox2010 Augur

    Nope they are right; finally found a high enough level mob that was indifferent and got a miss on it and still aggroed; learn something new everyday.
  5. Aiona Augur

    It's almost like a lot of you forgot there were summits and guild sign ups to raid. Like DPS racing and KS'ing and all the toxicity and drama it causes wasn't a big deal before AoC's.

    AoC's were the end of the world, before we realized how much it changed things for the better.

    Sure, it changed EQ as we know it, but it was a good change overall by far.

    This FTE thing? I don't know the details, I can't say how it's going to turn out and anyone pretending they can is just guessing, to a greater or lesser extent of degrees.

    What can not be denied is that this is an old game that needs to be modernized. That's what this server is all about - modernization. Experimental, sure, call it what you want.

    This game now has funding from EG7 so, it has a bright future ...but only if they modernize it to drawn in new players. And that's not going to happen with stuff like DPS racing and KS'ing as it has existed. Maybe a modified version or something? Sure, I'm down with any change that is for the better. It's experimental, they can change it as it goes along for all I care.

    Everyone is backseat a developer/producer now days. Sheesh.

    There's a ton of interest in this server, and it's more for the later expansions than the earlier ones. Some of y'all are just too oblivious to it what with all the raging and raising of pitchforks. :D

    Edit: the important part of modernization is stuff like Direct X improvements, the UI, etc. the DPS racing and KS'ing are a small part in comparison, I'm sure, but it is obviously part of what needs to change too.
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  6. 6BoxerOnCoirnav Lorekeeper

    Almost posted like a man but couldnt quite help projecting one last time. Youre accusing me logging on multiple accounts because you went through post history and started counting posts in order to dismiss the merit of their arguments. I wasnt on that list, so I guess i wasnt vocal ebough. Or maybe you lumped my posts in to the appropriate MAIN ACCOUNT im likely posting for. Ive never met a shut in before, but i bet they get preeeeetty paranoid and have strange thoughts in their head.
  7. TheRealMuramx Elder

    Ah the insults, when an individual has nothing of value to say. So they throw a tantrum and act like they are riding a mighty steed called the "high ground." When the truth is they are flailing their arms riding a little wooden rocking horse.

    Again I suggest you actually research it, because it's painfully obvious your wearing that tin foil hat too tightly.

    Then why are you here? Your arguing with people that do care. I mean you should care if the game is successful or not. Doing something that cause players to leave or stay on their F2P accounts means less funding which means less overall everything. I mean I dislike PvP in EQ, but if enough people enjoyed it to for a PvP TLP to be a reasonable request I would support it.

    Unlike you a lot of us have been waiting a long time and do actually care . But you know, it's hard for someone to understand when they don't even want to acknowledge that a majority of players are clearly unhappy.

    And just because I want to remind you...

  8. Komodon Augur

    Nah, I initially guessed you were a logged over account reply for exactly what I quoted. Somebody making it a point to state that somebody would feel something "deep down" over a subject matter like this just sticks out as an extremely unusual use of message board phrasing there to me. Enough so that offhand I honestly can't recall hearing that said directly to me since I was a kid.

    But sure, we can go with crazy coincidence if you want that 2 completely different people would just so happen to do it out of the blue in the same thread today . With the second one apparently upset enough that they decided to single me out with a follow up reply over the comment I made on the first posting account having already tallied up a notable amount of displeasure posts over FTE in this thread.
  9. Magician9001 Augur

    You do generate agro on all swings.
    That quest mob didn't agro because some mobs can't be attacked or killed to prevent griefing.

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  10. Triconx Augur

    I don't have to reply because I know I'm right, but I'll reply because you just had someone on your side prove I'm right.

    I mean seriously nobody was never lazy to run out of an annoying city so they attack a random guard, miss, and insta die in order to zone out? Sheesh.

    Learn game mechanics, nephew. Swing aggro is constant formula. Damage of wep + damage bonus + elemental damage = aggro per swing. Another thing people are wrong about who claim more dps = more aggro.
    *mic drop*
  11. sadre Augur

    In Russian EQ, aggro counter gets on you!
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  12. Cildar Journeyman

    Are we sure that there is going to be out of group healing?
  13. Esote New Member

    Could've called that one a mile away, as per the usual, play the victim as if you didn't throw shade and snide comments throughout your posts. Just because you think you "slyly" hid them behind some "witty" words or whatever, everyone easily sees through it bud. Nice try though, I guess?

    You still are yet to understand what numerous people, not me alone, have pointed out in regards to your absolutely flawed views of "the vast majority" and everything regarding your stash of "polls" and secret compendium of data of this FTE debacle that you've seen everywhere on the internet! Also, unable to provide any information to back up literally any of your claims, as many have also called out previously as well.(hint: someone else already mentioned a few posts ago that over 1/3 of the posts on this subject, in this thread alone are done by less than 5 people).

    In order to portray me as the bad guy in your little woe is me storytale, I think you also read a little too far into my comment about the ruleset. I absolutely do not care what the ruleset is becuase I am going to try the server regardless, as I mentioned. I try every new TLP that comes out, every time. I re-sub my accounts, I buy the TLP bags, I show the support to keep the game I've loved for 20+ years alive. There's been plenty that I did not care for and then I did not continue playing on them after a few months, there's been a few which were incredible and I stayed on them for years and had some of the best experiences in my gaming life.

    You never know how the ruleset is going to play out until the server actually releases and we see it in action, regardless of the patch notes or developer outlines. This also has been proven time and time again. Everything cannot be catered to your and a select few vocal people's specific needs and wants every time. This is normal, this is okay.

    I vote with my money and time, which I suggest you do as well and see how it works out. Don't play on the server, don't resub your accounts for it and don't buy any of the store items associated with it. If the server is going to be such an absolute flop like you are so sure it will be, they obviously DBG is going to lose out on tons of money and see that it was a horrible failure and learn from their ways, right? Right.....
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  14. magikarp Elder

    nope, healing might not work at all on locked chars.. or, a locked mob may agro a healer but the healer can’t attack it back… or, they are added to the lock, but that would mean the healer has control to change the encounter lock which seems unlikely

    i think the most likely thing is whatever would require the least programming and systems changing, ie, FTE players can still interact with each other as normal while only mobs are locked and become immune to damage outside of the lock. it is speculation, but i don’t see that many possibilities. whatever it is, i wonder if it would be considered cheating and bannable to exploit its flaws? i’ll be finding out…

    the latest test server notes added a mob name to the /yell command so there may be something new in the system involving yell that we don’t know about yet… perhaps manual unlock control for the primary target
  15. FranktheBank Augur

    And I explained that you are wrong. You continued posting doesn't make you less wrong. It just shows your inability to admit when you are wrong, which has been an ongoing problem.

    I actually think FTE would be 'fine' on live, mainly because it wouldn't change much. But also, lol shut up :)
  16. Nessirfiti Augur

    The only people freaking out about AoCs were the sort of people who are now salivating for encounter locking. You know, the people who are constantly angry that people play the game differently than they do.

    And as to modernization? There's a point where you modernize a game so much it's no longer the same game AoCs, and Pickzones and anything else you're going to pretend that the forums were up in arms over, never had a response anywhere near as negative as this. Probably because AoCs and pickzones didn't fundamentally change how Every player played the game, they could be ignored.

    I won't play on Oakwynd, I'm happy on the server I'm on, What does bother me about this is the potential for the encounter locking to spread over to the server I'm on.

    Edit: I had this big long thing typed out, but I'll sum it up like this. Again.

    The only point in this game encounter locking could POSSIBLY have any benefit is classic, Kunark and velious. and Maybe Luclin. After that, it's fixing nothing, and removing a lot of possibilities in how people can play the game.

    There are more than a few problems with how it's described in the letter, the primary part being that nobody can hit mobs that are engaged. It's like someone took a look at the problem that's been stated of KS-ing and decided to try to fix it in the worst ways possible. Ways that will likely open up griefing, even ignoring the whole "People can tag mobs people want and just never kill them." potentiality.

    Allowing people to beat on engaged mobs, and have the group that engaged the mob first get credit would be the simple way to fix it. Another possibility that's less awful than what's been proposed in the letter would be copying what FFXIV does, and everyone who attacks a mob gets credit. Though that has it's own problems, but likely less than the negative possibilities I see coming from the current stated encounter locking system.

    Also, If this is to stop Powerleveling, It won't. It will just shift it to the "Powerleveling" that's seen in other MMOs, where the people offering their services want you to send them your login credentials and will either level the character, or more likely strip the account..

    So that'll bring some amusing threads to the forums, I'm looking forward to reading about that.
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  17. Komodon Augur

    Yeah that would be my general guess as well. Things just get too potentially muddy otherwise.

    If they really wanted to keep it as clean as possible they should consider locking the ability to loot the encounter to just it's kill credit participants too. Which arguably gets ahead of and essentially defeats the long game driven purpose in a lot of various shenanigans people are otherwise going to come up with before they even happen.

    RIP "WTS loot rights" there of course, but that seeing it's own one server break along with the DPS racing wouldn't be the worst thing in the world by any stretch imo.
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  18. munlight88 New Member

    I am just mostly disappointed with the rule set. Off to mischief I go.
  19. 6BoxerOnCoirnav Lorekeeper

    Are you ok? Seriously, what did i just read. This rant was the equivalent of a downstairs neighbor banging the floor and yelling "SHUT UPPPPP SHUT UPPPPP"
  20. Groz New Member

    Can we hit 200 pages of negative feedback before they release the FAQ?

    Hope they realize how out of touch they are with their player base and make some changes.