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  1. coltongrundy Augur

    We all know by now that jchan said this year's TLP is experimental and if it goes well they could add some of it into the live servers. What kind of TLP ruleset could apply to live servers?

    One example of an experimental TLP rule that has already been applied to live servers is the Agent of Change. Making instanced raids out of old open world raid zones was an experimental change for TLP servers, I think it was first introduced on Phinigel, it was successful, and has been added to Live servers.

    Other things I can think of that were experimental in TLPs and could (but definitely will not) be applied to live, is the random loot we saw on Mischief and Thornblade, and truebox rules.

    But what could they do new this year that might apply to to live servers? I'm too impatient to wait until April to find out, so drop your ideas here.

    I can think of a few possibilities but none of them seem likely or good enough.
    • Raid currency rewarded for all raid content (probably not this because I think live servers already have raid currency after a certain expansion, so adding it for earlier expansions would be insignificant to live servers)
    • ARAC - All races can be all classes - This is one of my top wishlist items but I don't think it will ever happen.
    • All No Trade loot is Heirloom - Nice for gearing alts on the same account, but doesn't really move move the needle much
    • Add durability to gear - This would be a bad change so hopefully it doesn't happen.
    • Dedicated GMs that actually log into the server and enforce the rules - LOL I couldn't even say that with a straight face. Zero chance that ever happens. The cheaters are too profitable for daybreak.
    • Regular GM events - Not actually that experimental, they've had a TLP that did that before.
    All my ideas are things that have zero chance of happening, or would be too insignificant to matter.

    Stuff people want like Beastlords & Berserkers on launch could never effect Live servers.

    What do YOU think it could be?
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  2. Vindar Augur

    Some type of level scaling system perhaps.
  3. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    Account based serverwide AA xp gains. If you get an AA on one character, all characters on the account on that server (including future characters) also gain an AA. Would need to do away with the existing cap on unspent AA. To initialize on a live server find which character has the most "spent" (not assigned, so auto-grant doesn't count) AA and set that as the account's current amount

    Account based serverwide achievements/flags. If you do progression or get a key on one character, all characters on your account on the server also gets it. No more doing PoP flagging for alts.
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  4. Dmitry Elder

    1. Some kind of limited scale PvP flag that you can turn on and off - maybe just to participate in some kind of limited event.

    2, Some sort of a mentoring system that lets you group with lower levels to help them.

    3. Some sort of skill/spell borrowing system where one class can use the skill or spell of another class.
  5. Vicus Augur

    I think both of these are good for the game, but add nothing special as a TLP. There would need to be something else to the server, or it would just be a basic TLP. I would think that if that was the case, they would release two different TLP's this year because of it. One basic, one with a special ruleset.

    The other aspect is, both of those systems don't really need or deserve an entire TLP to test and implement them. Both of those would be universally accepted on live servers and would not need a TLP to test or to decided if they would be well accepted. Who wouldn't want free aa's on alt's or achievements/keys on their alts?

    I think the experiment is going to involve something that actually changes the dynamics of the game play, as that would be a real reason to use a TLP to find out of if it is successful.
  6. Hatchet New Member

    I didn't see this posted in the other thread either but the most obnoxious but likely "experimental" change that could be implemented would be a bi-monthly or quarterly battle/season pass.

    free this time then $10 when rolled out officially, or $5 if you have the all access pass. 100 tiers of mostly potions and low tier cash shop cloned items with two illusions, one mount, and a krono at the end (all non-tradable). I would assume all of the items would be nothing new but recolors of existing items and former LoN loot items.
  7. coltongrundy Augur

    what sort of 'challenges' could they put in a recurring battle pass? lame stuff like kill 200 undead, use a potion, kill a mob in each zone on faydwer?
  8. coltongrundy Augur

    If the rumors of 65/100 PoP start are correct, this could make sense. A normal classic launch with an AA gimmick would take half a year to even see it in action, but a 65/100 AA pop start would see it immediately. Account flagged for 100 aa on launch to give to all characters on the account, and each AA you earn would increase that number by 1.

    I don't think that would be good enough reason to switch to that server though. My alts are on different accounts, I'd only use that AA thing for like a foraging alt or an alchemy alt and they would use very little AAs. The only time I make an alt on the same account is to buy items in cities that are inconvenient to get to and toss them in shared bank slot, like sky & hate stones from erudin & neriak, but those never need AA and a pop launch would make those obsolete too.
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  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Dev team floated that idea a long time ago, and people almost universally hated it.

    The dev team still did it, but indirectly with Powersources, so that is already part of the game as of The Buried Sea expansion of February 2007.
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  10. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    You underestimate the curmudgeonly nature of some posters on this forum...
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  11. Court Elder

    Being able to automatically level up a character to a certain level is not new and already available on Live.
  12. Arclyte Augur

    im cynical

    its probably gonna be loot boxes
  13. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Open world raid mobs force pvp flagging
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  14. Quasii New Member

    Individual/personal loot systems. That way they can sell you treasure keys for more chances at loot.
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  15. trexton New Member

    The ability to take some spells or abilities from other classes. Now before someone flames me, i don't like this idea, just throwing it out there. Example - you can take a couple spells or abilities from another class, not all. Some would be watered down, like Fd from a monk has a 2hr CD or something. Just a thought
  16. Court Elder

    If not free trade (which I doubt it won’t be based on Mischief’s success), fully loot locked kills so no items can be looted if you weren’t in the group / raid or zone at the time of the kill.
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  17. Fables New Member

    Have they ever reduced raid sizes? Like lowered boss HP/Ability dmg etc to make it like 10-20 man groups instead? Could make it a bit more casual friendly and ward against server death.
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  18. Pikollo Augur

    This is something Pappasalt suggested before. I have to agree with both of you because what other system would a TLP have that could go on live? This makes them extra money. I don't think it'd be 5 or 10 bucks if a krono is involved though. My thoughts are $20+. Considering they can probably make the system work on new TLP's too.
  19. Appren Gnomercy

    You'd have to be a pretty stoned dev to think that would be a good idea though, I can't see that happening :)
  20. Bananabread Apprentice

    My worry is it’s going to be something stupid like what they just put in EQ2 for loot.