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  1. Larsen Augur

    I don't care how guides interpreted things two goddamn decades ago. There's a million things GMs and guides used to do that they don't anymore. Raw game mechanics can't determine what constitutes a "serious attempt" at a mob in a game that is played the way Everquest is, where spamming damage from the first second of the encounter is absolutely not the norm unless you are specifically attempting to steal a mob from someone else.

    Even if we imagine you're right, it'll just play out like this:

    Group A starts out with the tank tagging the mob with a snap-aggro spell/disc, the enchanter tashing it, the shaman slowing it, and the rogue waiting for the tank to get in position.

    Lone KSer B starts by clicking his Wand of Conflagration however many times it takes to lock the encounter.

    Once this has been established as the new meta of Everquest, groups will have to forgo all of that and just start playing the game like Diablo. Insert "And Then I Started Blasting" meme here. Does anyone think that's an appealing compromise for the sake of this bizarre feature? And anyone who has been around the block on TLPs knows that this will become the case.

    If we pretend that the developers had put in some criterion* where a mob only locks once someone has dealt enough damage to where it would start summoning if it were a summoning mob, they've now completely changed the way people have to play the game in order to not get KSed. All this for what? To deal with people PLing in The Deep? Can anyone seriously say, without just lying in order to stick to their guns, that PLing is such a big problem in this game that a feature as intrusive and game-altering as this is worth implementing in order to deal with it? I'm calling B.S. ahead of time if anyone does.

    *in which case, why on Earth would they have said nothing about that in the announcement, let alone after a hundred pages of vehement backlash? Look how carefully they explained the other features of the TLP. They didn't just go "you'll get more XP the more max-level characters you have." They phrased the Encounter Locking mechanic the way they did because it says all that needed to be said about it. There are no nuances beyond that. There is no basis whatsoever for the assumption that they had more in mind for the definition of "engage an NPC" than simply aggroing it.
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  2. Nessirfiti Augur

    ... Wat? I know who you're referencing but I have no idea why daybreak would need to make a comment?
  3. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Wow, talk about reading what you want...

    I play on Live. I play on FV. I did stop playing EQ shortly before GoD launched (nothing to do with that expansion other than the timing of it) and returned mid-2020 (nothing to do with the pandemic lockdown, it was actually related to a broken shoulder healing). I've been playing steadily since. No, I don't generally play 10 hours a day and might not play 20 hours a week or I might play 30+ hours a week, it varies. I also have 3 accounts, 2 of which are currently subbed, and one of 1 has been continuously subbed since I returned and was continuously subbed from time I first played EQ through to the mid-teens when I stopped playing EQ2. In both cases, I had stopped playing the games because they weren't as engaging for me at that time and other things in my life were. The game is engaging again to me so I have been playing again while doing a few other non-work things less. Sometimes my job has me working longer hours so I can't play as much as other times.

    However, from the dripping sarcasm in your response, only those who play 40+ hours a week on multiple accounts that they have kept subbed since 1999 should be considered at all. A prime example of the toxicity that makes me wonder if I should even consider ever playing on a TLP. So welcoming to anyone who might want to try one for whatever reason. I wonder what you would say to the person who was thinking to try EQ just to TLP (which is, of course, with a sub).
  4. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    Actually, depending on what you're using to attack, if you're attacking a mob that's indifferent or friendly and you miss, they don't aggro. Have you even played EQ?
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  5. Trident Elder

    Sadre was banned on foh, so he migrated here to spread his weird .
  6. Nessirfiti Augur

    I had a feeling I was probably making a mistake engaging, but I just can't help myself some times.
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  7. FranktheBank Augur

    And your comment was wrong. You were misinformed.

    Your entire second paragraph is irrelevant to what you quoted from me. You are correct that we don't know the rules. IMO its reasonable to assume either on aggro OR first point of damage. The specifics arent actually important to the argument, because all of those locking have different terrible issues.
  8. Larsen Augur

    That's simply incorrect, unless there are some weird fringe cases where normal game mechanics don't apply. Under any ordinary circumstances, missing an attack will aggro the mob. That has always been the case. Anyone who has ever played a pulling class knows this.


    Please don't start asking people "have you ever played EQ?" when you're actually the one who's wrong.
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    I am not sure what your point is here as I have explained why I made that statement, your continued posting isn't going to change anything about what I said it was like when I last played.
  10. Demetri Augur

    That's bluntly wrong. Literally playing right now in a raid, and just had a L1 alt on a box machine swing at rats until he started off with a miss - still aggroed. Did the same thing with Qeynos guards, same result (and first try with his L1 skills in that case)
  11. Trox2010 Augur

    Go up to a non-aggressive high level mob with a lvl 1 alt using a rusty dagger and swing at it when you miss then mob will not aggro; I know this because I have tried pulling mobs by swinging at it with a low level cleric or caster and have had to swing a couple of times to get it to attack me. Reason why you still get Aggro with the Emp is because you are still hitting him even tho you do zero damage. I am not saying you have to damage the mob to get aggro, but you still have to hit him with auto attack.
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  12. Demetri Augur

    Maybe back in the day with mobs that required Magic weapons to hit is what you're thinking of? Don't recall that specific interaction, but that no longer exists.

    As we've already mentioned, perhaps there's some odd specific oddball cases, but it's not the routine case.
  13. Trox2010 Augur

    I have literally this last week started up a couple new characters and went to pull in the newbie yard and have had to swing 2-3 times in some cases before the mob aggros. Maybe they are coded different there than everywhere else in game since after a bit its either KOS mobs or I am pulling from distance with spells.

    Edit: You know what now I am curious; going to get a 2HB (since haven't leveled it at all on cleric) and see if I can find a high level (around 60+) non-kos mob to see if I can miss on.
  14. Demetri Augur

    Other case I can think of is lag can APPEAR that way. Be it server side or personal.

    As a puller in XP I always dread when I see that "I hit Bellow to pull and it's not moving" indicator for server lag hitting (or rarely ISP lag - mine has been doing some upgrades that causes occasional farts recently).
  15. Arclyte Augur

    please update us on something we already know

    on the edge of my seat
  16. Komodon Augur

    God forbid I simply point out that a non-negligible amount of the complaining about FTE in this thread is coming from a couple of the same posting accounts continuously repeating their displeasure here?

    As for the radio silence that's about the farthest thing from surprising I can think of. I mean give them at least some credit. They didn't make that change choice failing to realize it would generate a fair amount of posting backlash among a few regular posters here. Not sure why you'd think this year would be any different as far as them feeling like they somehow owed the annual boo birds an immediate follow up explanation already. Not like the server is even launching this month.
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  17. 6BoxerOnCoirnav Lorekeeper

    Just refute the points, stop trying to discredit valid criticisms just because it upsets you deep down. I mean.. you dont count beers at partys, do you? Or maybe you do. To each their own i guess
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  18. Trident Elder

    You definitely dont aggro mobs on misses on non-kos mobs at low levels.

    Pretty sure that's the case at atleast a subset of mobs at higher levels as I accidently turned on autoattack doing a quest turnin with a caster last week and was amused that I fortunately missed and continued on my way.

    I'm surprised our resident goat actually thought he was dunking on someone with this.
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  19. Larsen Augur

    I mean, that's simply not true. I literally just logged in with a level 1 character and swung at a guard in my home town. I missed and the guard instantly aggroed. It's possible that there are specific mobs set as not aggressive until damage is dealt, but in any context that pertains to this discussion (i.e. whether or not whiffing an attack will aggro a typical mob inside a dungeon and thereby count as 'engaging' it), missing does aggro. Anything else is a niche exception that isn't relevant to what anyone here is talking about. Personally, I have never witnessed this supposed phenomenon where a mob ignores your attacks if you miss. Never happened to me in my life. It certainly does not happen in "real content," which is what matters here.
  20. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    In EQ2 with FTE, If Group A was first they would have engaged the mob (all of those are active engagement). Lone KSer B could click that wand a thousand times and not take the encounter because it would be locked to Group A.

    In EQ today without FTE, If Group A was doing all that first, and Lone KSer B was able to do more damage with whatever means at their disposal, Group A would lose the encounter.

    I suspect it will work like EQ2.

    I am entirely confident my methods of pulling as a bard with lull to split and magic debuff to pull (no damage, low aggro, easier for the tank to pull it off) will work exactly the same with FTE. The only difference is that someone standing nearby outside of group can't start doing damage to the mob to take it. (As has happened in some areas in current EQ on Live server).
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