No more chaser items please, and here's why

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  1. Kurayami Augur

    That's the confusion I'm having, simply typing or hotkeying a command can now get you banned? I need to finish whatever I found so interesting about this game and get off it if they are just gonna ban people who use commands THEY put in that they have decided THEY no longer like.
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  2. Rashari Elder

    My confusion is - why is my posting gone? oO
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  3. Camou the Persistent Augur

    Omg. Before posting things like that, learn about your client software. It i an ingame option, you can find under alt-o - keys - "cycle nearest corpse" and set a key for it, which has nothing to do with cheating or hacking or manipulation of the ini file :rolleyes:.

    The .ini file is not the property of SOE. Nothing on my computer is property of anyone but me, i can do with that what i want, when i want and how i want. Of course SOE is permitted to download software to my computer as long as i allow it, but not any longer. I can use the interface i want, i can use software that supports me in game. There is nothing illegal, but some techniques can be considered unwanted, like using automatization software - which is not illegal but not according to the policies SOE has defined.

    And this is just another thread, where those that couldnt get the item complain about others who have gotten it. Of course it is a nice cloak, and nice to sell and buy some kronos. I would have done the same and sold it if i had the luck to find one, but wasnt lucky enough. And? I dont care. It is just a few pixels :) The augments of Noble and Maid Isis were also used to sell lootrights for 200K. That ok, cause at least the Noble camp was not very esy to handle, and those who couldnt hold it were thankful and happy they could buy the lootrights.

    @ the moderators: No, you dont need to delete threads mentioning the EQ client options - it is NOT CHEATING or HACKING to use them and describe them here. Learn about the software before you delete postings.
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  4. Kreacher Augur

    /boggle. It's very clear that there are some extremely stupid people who cannot read and form an understanding of others comments.

    The cycle nearest corpses has absolutely NOTHING to do with cheating. The cheating aspect is the command /tar corpse. As I have said for many times.

    The .ini file is created by the everquest client as a game asset. SoE is well within its legal rights to upload that file, just as data from a saved game could be uploaded (e.g Simcity).
  5. bard007 Augur

    very much like you i run alot of accounts at one time .. and i dont use anything appart from the ingame marcos, ...

    im interested in your quote... you have an ingame macro that lets you break out of any game macro... hehe can you explain more..

    i know if i hit my nuke macro, and mob dies, the macro keeps casting lol, id like to be able to break that, or if mid casting and i know the macro going to cast a AE, and break mezz, be nice to stop the macro,
  6. Brosa Augur

    You may be correct in this by the Devs didn't sit around the table saying to each other "hey dude lets make this No Trade so we can rake in the $ from the people having to buy Krono in order to buy this in game". I ask you why make arguably the 2 best drops in this heritage event the only items that are tradable?

    They knew going into this that an overhaste clicky that bumps groupers up from 10% to 17% would be the biggest thing in a LOOOOOOONG time and that people would be selling for big time plat and for krono. That was a given. So IMO there really is only one reason for SOE to make these big time selling items no trade. So people would spend the $18 a krono and trade them for the big ticket chase item. Most people are selling them for Krono.
    Should have been No Trade, Heirloom bottom line.
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  7. Famka Elder

    If you have the macro on a hotbutton, you can rightclick the hotbutton to stop the macro.
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  8. bard007 Augur

    what a pain, no easy x .. hehe thanks
  9. Camou the Persistent Augur

    There is no cheating aspect at all. And no, /target corpse is NOT ONLY available to cheaters, as you have stated above. It is available to every player. And it has nothing at all to do with .ini file, which you also involved. You cant alter oder manipulate anything with the .ini file.:rolleyes:
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  10. Leerah Augur

    They at least could have made them lore to slow down the people who accumulated 20 to sell.

    As to you guys thinking that someone who answers OOC camp calls must be at keyboard, that should be a more simple program to make an autoanswer for than it would be to make all the rest of those bot functions!
  11. Jyve Augur

    Let officers know, if they won't do anything about it, that's a poor reflection on that guild, can't take anything they do later serious if they're happy to condone hackers in their guild.
  12. Tulisin_Dragonflame Augur

    Because this affords everybody the opportunity to get these items, even if they can't personally get the drop within the limited timeframe.

    I never disagreed with their being correlation between a robust economy (due to making items that are actually worth buying) and the sale of Kronos, but it isn't simply causative like you make it out to be. You can make the case that anything SOE does is for the "purpose of selling Kronos" if it extends the life of the game. *Gasp* They're releasing a new expansion, must be for the Kronos they'll sell. They're fixing bugs, must be because they wan't people to stick around and buy Kronos. Class rebalancing? They obviously want Kronos from people starting an account to use the new flavor of the month class.
  13. Piestro Augur

    There are no commands in game accessible without cheating that can get you banned.
  14. Piestro Augur

    If the moderators incorrectly delete a posting you need to forward it on to the forum admin ( rather than post about it. I happen to be the forum admin here at SOE, and I'll work with our moderators to correct any mistakes. If you post about it and don't email us, we don't know and can't fix it.
  15. Piestro Augur

    Kronos don't really make us money like that. If a Krono has been purchased but hasn't been consumed (granting the game time) we can't realize the money in our accounting department. As I understand it essentially the money exists but we can't really do anything with it or claim it as earnings. This seems dumb to me, but *shrug* accounting laws.

    On top of that I'd guess that the majority of Krono are consumed by people who would maintain gold membership regardless. So we're making a small premium to pay for the cost of the system (it requires a fair amount of work on our part), but it's not crazy profit. There are some folks who have gold membership that wouldn't otherwise have it, and that's net gain for us, but the primary benefit is to our players (giving them options). The part I like best is it makes it a ton easier to help a guildmate who is having a rough time without credit card gymnastics and EULA violation. Cause a lot of us have done that over the years and it frequently ends poorly.

    The people who implemented the items don't think about Krono sales particularly, they do so because they wanted to create a specific type of item in the game that hasn't existed for a while; premium items that stimulate the player economy. Give players who have a ton of plat something to spend it on and make it worth their time gathering the plat. It's something that EQ has certainly had before, and matched the spirit of the Hardcore Heritage events.

    Hope that clears some of the speculation in this thread up.
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  16. Cloudia Augur

    The problem with these botters sitting in a zone farming the chase items like this was that they deny access to others that might want to try for ONE. Granted that a group tying up a large number of mobs and claiming exclusive rights to a large part of the zone has the same effect.
    This said, if I choose to spend my time camping a chase item to sell trade or gift to others that is my privilege. Camping an item to use in game as a gift to another person just for a feel good I consider a worthwhile use of my time. I do the same with silly trade skill items (herbed froglegs are such an uber stat food).
    The caveat is that while doing so I don't deny anyone else an equal chance to try for the item by monopolizing the only source. When ONE person or group ties up almost an entire zone up to and including training and ks'ing anybody else that attempts to hunt there, this is a problem.

    As for the other, this was a red herring that was trolled thru this thread.
  17. Tulisin_Dragonflame Augur

    Thank you, this is exactly the point I was trying to make. Krono sales (regardless of exactly how profitable they are) are a happy side effect of a robust economy and a successful game, not a goal on their own.
  18. Triquience Journeyman

    I hate to go off topic... however, I'm not grasping how you guys are looting with those commands.
    For the bats in solb -- they are very hard to target. I created a button that looked like:
    /pause 10,/tar a_

    This brought up a loot box ... it doesn't automatically loot everything and stick everything in your bags. You still have to click each item or hit the 'loot all' button, then verify ... then close the box. Bottom line is ... using the above code you still have to click 2 or more times after that macro is used. It's not automatic and you need somebody at the keyboard.(unless u automate the other clicks also)
  19. Camou the Persistent Augur

    Wasnt mine, but from Rashari, which said the same like mine did. Everything ok. Just a quote of the deleted posting wasnt removed, so i noticed.

    Back to topic:
    I dont think that items like the cloak or the ring from HH should be removed in future events. The cloak for sure is a great item and of high value for everyone, same for the ring. I am convinced that the problem was a simple design failure by making the item tradeable and not lore. I understand the dev did simply take the original cloak of flames and adjusted the stats without thinking of the base design, which was in a time and at a mob, that wasnt really a group mob: long story short: good idea, good mind, bad work.

    Everquest is and shall remain competitve. There shall be items not everyone can get anytime. I would just recommend to overthink and plan the items with more passion and awareness in future events.
  20. Brosa Augur

    What exactly in todays EQ is "a ton of plat"?