More Tuning for Progression Servers: Raids and Player Pets

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Roshen, Aug 12, 2015.

  1. Lorilei Journeyman

    If I'm reading this correctly, the nerf bat doesn't hit until you have 3 pets up, so solo mages working on their own thing over in the corner don't seem to be the targets for this.

    And while +/- 2% per 3 pets doesn't seem like a lot, if you have a mage army with 51 mages, and that 2% is cumulative, it's actually +/-34%, which would make a difference on a boss mob.
  2. Diemond Augur

    The debuff the raid target puts on your pet doesn't start until you have 3+ pets on it. But they are also nerfing the pets themselves for level 1-65.
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  3. Machen Augur

    From what they have posted, they are nerfing just the defense across the board, aren't they? There is no mention of offense outside of the raid debuff in the test server update post where specifics are given.
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  4. melph New Member

    ok here's a thought. why not forget about the damage/mitigation nerf and the raid debuff altogether and instead introduce a 5 minute 'pet mourning' debuff - when your pet dies you can't summon another one until that has worn off? as a soloing mage if i lose my pet it's pretty much zone or die time for me so 5 minutes isn't going to hurt me much. as a raid or group mage (where the pet wasn't MT) i could still contribute to the DPS until i was able to summon another pet to supplement my damage.
    surely this would end mage bot crews and pet walling in raids without ruining the class for us non exploitative (yes i regard 3rd party programs as exploits still) mages?
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  5. Croak Augur

    So you need to learn to play your mage better - old school mages (after recalim was nerfed iirc) used to start casting a new pet and then a second before casting finishes they would kill their existing pet.
    They used to have to do it to kill blue cons...
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  6. Simone Augur

    Just the defenses to be more in line with classic. Pet damage is not being change except on raids where 3 or more pets are used.
  7. Carv New Member

    I'm going to adopt a wait and see attitude. A friend and I play casually, 4-5 hours per week, and specifically decided to each 2 box (Mage, Chanter, Necro, Druid) because we didn't have the time to gear up a tank or have time to spend trying to recruit a tank. If these changes make it significantly more difficult to farm our own gear then I can foresee us cancelling.
    We don't have grand plans to down raid bosses, we've been playing since Ragefire opened and are only in the 20-25 level range, we are just looking to enjoy the game within the limited timeframe we have available.
  8. Lee81 Augur

    It is your fault and the fault of many others who jumped on the bandwagon to play a very imbalanced class. Luckily, many of us decided to ignore creating a box team of many mages and necros. I'm glad that they are adjusting pet classes closer to what they were like within classic eq.

    If they buffed every other class to match a mage's power, then my warrior, enchanter, and cleric would be a powerhouse. Does this seem fair? I don't think so. This nerf is rightfully deserved. Each and every player had to ponder whether he or she should take advantage of this major flaw.
  9. Carv New Member

    Yep, we chose to play those classes, given our playtime we had few other options. All our toons are still in cloth/padded armor and the only reason we are as high a level as we are is because the pets are OP. Can you imagine trying to gear a tank on 4-5 hours of playtime each week? We'd still be in our low teens.
  10. Lee81 Augur

    It's the nature of classic eq. It's a time-sink. That's why many people choose to play on live servers or a game like WoW. Did you really believe that pet classes were going to remain overpowered? I don't think that it's normal for one single class to take down raid bosses. What's the point of having any other class or even playing then? It's not even a flavor of the month or xpac situation. It's a huge flaw that required an adjustment. It was a long-time coming.
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  11. Silv Augur

    It's funny how Mages were considered OP on live and got hit with the Blam Stick last patch and now actual OP Mages on TLP got it this month.

    Which Mage pissed off a dev? :confused:
  12. Fallfyres Augur

    *Noted Lee81 and: the trinity should actually exist once again; if not on these TLP's, then where? And my Rogue just might be relevant in a group instead of the thinly veiled excuses, which actually often mean you aren't wanted because your melee is just gonna mess up that '75% caster group with all their pet action'.

    Isn't EQ where the definition of 'the trinity' was refined???????????????????????????????
    Came back here for fun too with friends too. Some of us are raiding, and some want to make the most of GROUPING while hitting up some stuff some missed group content wise back in the day. Thanks DBG for at least beginning to address the mage and pet issues as well as a nod to a bit more class balance for melee's.
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  13. Lee81 Augur

    What do you mean by refinement of the trinity? I don't think that EQ handled this well. I know that Blizzard eventually refined the concept of the trinity very well. A monk, death knight, warrior, paladin, and demon hunter, can all tank the most difficult bosses. In EQ's live servers, you still use the warrior for them. However, CC depends on the strength of your group nowadays. You can use whatever healer you want as well.
  14. Thornpaw New Member

    I play a necro and enjoy dungeons. I chose the necro, not because I didn't want to group, but because I knew how hard it could be to find groups at times when I wanted to play. The thing that hurts me is I may have to start leaving dungeons while I wait for people to LFG or to find a group. I play one account even though I have 2, I hate boxing and only really do it in order to help level up a character if groups are hard to find. I hate boxing, I am bad at it. I feel this change to pets outside the raid environment could actually force those of us who want to group, but cant find a group at times to have to box in order to play the game. That said, I am well aware of how pets were in classic and know that right now they are way overpowered. but at the same time melee classes are way underpowered. I would play a melee character if there was a positive to doing so, and right now there isn't. A nerfed necro is still going to be a better option than a current rogue.
  15. Lee81 Augur

    You're absolutely right that a necro will be a better option for soloing. It's just going to be more difficult with a nerf. It's going to be slower and riskier. For the rest of us, it is definitely closer to a normal experience.
  16. Numiko Augur

    Has anyone actually pop'ed over to test to see just what the changes have made to pets?
    For one they are not returning them to their 99 stats, just to the stats they had before May 2015...

    They said they would be closer to their classic form (which was still pretty darn good by my memory).. not exactly the same.
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  17. Thornpaw New Member

    I agree that it will be closer, however, when you look at the main issue between caster and melee DPS you can see that the change does nothing to bring them more inline with classic EQ. What it does do is make people who play one account be dependent on groups regardless of if they are available or not. I am all for grouping and I prefer it. Look at all of the bonuses casters get though in the form of focus gear that was not in the game. When you combine that with pet damage, which exceeds melee damage btw, you have a strong imbalance of damage. If you look at the raid targets now, they mitigate damage incoming from players and pets. with pets hitting harder and more consistently, the decrease n damage may bring them more in line, but it will still not even be close to enough to make a player more valuable than pet. Pet dies, resummons, send him in. Player dies, rez, heal, send him in with rez effects so everything is way lowered. I am all for a balanced game, and I feel that this is a step in the right direction, but I feel that the original changes need to be looked as well and altered so player damage is not mitigated as much. The targets have beefed HPs, why do we need to also decrease the damage they receive from players?
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  18. Mulerien Elder

    Last I checked, kiting, root rotting and/or tap tanking don't require a pet :). /\/3(r05 rock
  19. Silv Augur

    Whaaaat?! People are basing their opinion on wild speculation without any testing on how the changes actually affect the game?! Preposterous!

    ps. If they had, they would have already posted numbers. They're too busy complaining to log in. That or they don't know /testcopy is a thing.
  20. Lee81 Augur

    That's true, but like I said, it's going to be slower and more risky. You won't be able to rely on a strong pet for more trivial encounters anymore.

    It's not wild speculation. We're basing our opinions on their intent. If the numbers don't currently work, then it'll be adjusted to align with their intent.

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