Massive tell, channel, and zoning lag on AB server

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Adroxia, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Adroxia Elder

    I tried to turn off my guild tribute just now. I hit the button at 7:20 countdown. It finally turned off somewhere below 6:00.

    Really! :mad:
  2. Uvaa New Member

    Sunday night. Massive zoning lag. Event happening in stops and starts.

    Not going to mention the chat lag, that I can live with. Busted *** server I can't.
  3. Diani Elder

    Just finished the last step of HA, open chest...
    Been looking at an open chest for 17 minutes now but sofar no update...
  4. Imrahil Augur

    Denied zone entrances today: 5 times!
    Chat lag at worst: about 30 seconds (so this is actually BETTER than on many days!)
    144 days counting down...
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  5. Kable Lorekeeper

    It's ******* stupid we get charged for this service. When something happen on a US server you guys fix within the hour. We been complaining about this for months and you FINALLY respond. WHAT THE ****. We should get compensated for this free kronos, free xfer, double xp , double rare just something its utterly sad, but let this been an exploit you guys would have did a patch same day. Enough with the ********
  6. Elenaglar New Member

    And to make it more funny. Again After the guildhalls where delete now also houses where gone with all thropies!!!!!
  7. Deillusional Augur

    The server was totally pathetic yesterday. We also got zero items in the new guild hall, it is so annoying.
  8. Adroxia Elder

    Monday raid time, and the lag is huge tonight. Yay :rolleyes:
  9. Kable Lorekeeper

    another day same **** 5 min zoning,chat lag, server lag. Still nothing but rathe goes down you guys on top of that now huh.
  10. Adroxia Elder

    Half the raid goes LD as we move to the raid zone. Takes us 30 minutes from Guild Hall to Chardok raid with all the LDs and so on.

    And that's not even counting the 1+ minute lag between me unlocking the raid to invite, waiting 1+ minute for people to accept, another 1+ minute for me to lock the raid and then a final 1+ minute for me to move them to a new group.

    Multiply that by every person that goes LD, and the night is almost over before we are even ready to call engage!
  11. Arraden Lorekeeper

    The experience here is bad.
    We're telling you it's bad.

    It's zoning issues, it's login issues, it's channel issues.

    Move us all to a new server with a character copy match and a couple of month's free subscription for the inconvenience.

    It happens when raid time hits..
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  12. Adroxia Elder

    Quite, just give us a new server and ditch AB and use it for parts.

    People have zero lag when they are on any other server. It's only the current AB server, it's not on our side, it's on the server side.
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  13. Beloak New Member

    Please Fix Antonius Bayle, at the moment the lag issue has been hitting us for weeks. Or find a solution.
    I am paying to play a wonderfull game, not to get frustrated days after days because of Lag issues.
    Thank you in advance.
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  14. Vaako_SK Lorekeeper

    So once again server is unstable, massive lag, people all over guild crashing, raid window takes a minute to update, zoning 5mins
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  15. Sheev Lorekeeper

    Its OK mate, Rathe has had issues for about 5 seconds and they get immediate dev attention!
  16. Sashnia Elder

    Please give us a new server, don't investigate it, we don't care for your timeframes, just make a new server and transfer us all, your inaction is tedious to the extreme, if you want us to all quit just shut the server down and be done with it.

    Sick of this now.
  17. douxreve New Member

    Agree with Sashnia, merge AB in The Rathe. TR has a great pop of euros too. AB is completly messed.
    We cant raid anymore in good conditions. A lot of wipes are due to channel lags. A lot of perople are annoyed with the 5 minutes zonings, the 5 minute rez windows. Wewlost people, and raiding guilds are dying step by step....
  18. Bolfo New Member

    AB>>>>LAG LAG LAG - Raiding with that? NEVER, eat my money and thx for nothing.
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  19. eliandra Lorekeeper

    we pay for what ? stop investigation and buy a new server !!! lag since month !!!! on others server dev do job faster !!!!
  20. Margot Heart Elder

    The lag isn't fixed yet? :(

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