Massive tell, channel, and zoning lag on AB server

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Adroxia, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. Sashnia Elder

    Lagging hard again tonight. Channel lag of up to 7 minutes.

    If you wont fix your server then stop making raid events that need quick communication in channels.

    Couple months into expansion you put us back onto a low grade server or something? since the last patch AB has been terrible again.
  2. Adroxia Elder

    It's lagging again, on a raid where communication is quite important ...
  3. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    We currently have 10s or more of chat-lag on AB again.
    Additionally, we have again the wrong passwords (server-side) for our channel.
    We could really use a chat-server reset before raid starts...
    while 10s is better than the 7minutes mentioned above, it's still too much for anything new and only bearable for "old" stuff when you already know blindly what to do when and how.
    In short:
    it's again a bad state - reset the chatserver pls; and FIX the chat-lag issue once and for all.
    Throw out whatever software you bought/changed to in 2016 to handle the chat and get something decent again!
  4. Thoxsel Augur

    Not so fun spikes of chat lag etc. was hoping we could put this behind us.
  5. Jumbur Augur

    Massive lag-spikes on AB atm! :(
  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Raid day and of course chat-lag in the >10s range...
    That's hardly "playable" for anything but trivial stuff!

    WHEN is this CRAP being FIXED????????
  7. Yinla Augur

    THis is getting silly now, when can we expect the chat lag and the long zone times to be fixed permanently on AB?

    Have you finished all the work on it that you started last year? If you have it hasn't worked
  8. Sheev Lorekeeper

    Not this again. I won't go through this crap again.
  9. Sashnia Elder

    Sad Times for EQ if your in Europe.
  10. Yinla Augur

    Any news yet on when we can expect AB to be permanently fixed?

    It has never been completely fixed though we did see massive improvements in October and November but since the expansion lauched the chat lag, zoning, etc have steadily been getting worse. AB has had a bad relapse since the last patch and is nearly as bad as it was back in August last year.
  11. Sheev Lorekeeper

    Once again, AB is pretty much unplayable, channel lag, chat lag, spell casting lag, zoning lag, zoning crashes.

    Good luck bull*****g your way through this again DB.
  12. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    It got better afterwards, but until around 22:00CET chat-lag was horrible.
    Somehow we doubt you still have this on your ToDo at all - it needs more than just a passing glance every now and then, it needs a FIX!!!
  13. Thoxsel Augur

    Continually a problem, now also during weekday raids. Hope to see continual work being done and communicated to us to keep our hopes up that we will get a fully functional server one day.
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  14. Anlak New Member

    Find us a new serverhotel , the crap one you use cant do the job , or get us some hardware that can handle the primetime pressure.

  15. Adroxia Elder

    Yet again on a raid night, the lag is absurd. At best 30+ seconds on tells, locking raid windows, moving groups around, and so on.

    This is really hard when you have to run to avoid a boss walking around with a massive aura - how are we supposed to do this reliably with this amount of lag going on.

    Over a year and this is still not fixed, whatever temporary solution you implemented to placate us has failed already.

    FIX THIS :mad:
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  16. Furking New Member

    It is Sunday and AB Server SUCKS BALLS!

    Fix this bloody thing already!
  17. Kitekat New Member

    Yep, somebody changed AB to the cheap server hotel again, after RoS has been sold sufficiently - "Bail out time"?
    A good method to squeeze out money from the community - this game does not get any dime from me again as long as they are not able to fix the freakin system....

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